Helping My Mother-In-Law


Topic: Helping MomMY mother in law came to live with us about 5 years ago. She is in her late 60s and you can see that she was (and still is) a striking woman. She is Hispanic and has dark hair that has grey highlights that make her look really lovely and not old. She is a little buxom and has a 38DD chest, her waist is a little more than the pics I have seen of her in her yunger days and her hips are a nice firm 42. She is short and it has always been a problem not to look down her blouse that she still wears as if she is younger. Her cleavage is nice and she is still firm even though in her 60s. My wife travels some with her employmen and goes to Atlanta for confrences every couple months of so. She is small and has no where near the build of her mother but is nice with firm 34B breasts and nice hips and waist. She is light skinned and her mother has a darker tone.
The times that Sandra goes to Atlanta I have always avoided any personal contact with Mom but I have noticed that there have been noises from her room and they sounded as if she was having sex but it was only her I knew. One week Sandra was on a long trip and her mother, Jade, was around the house and was making it a habit to wear low cut tops and dresses that were slit up the thigh.

She bent over in front of me a lot and smiled as she saw I was uncomfortable. One evening I was watching TV and she came over in a low cut gown and kissed me good night saying she was of to bed. The sight of her cleavage was disturbing but she went on to bed and the light was low in her room. She did not close the door all the way and her bed was visible from the hall.
I began hearing the sounds as before and knew something was happening that was not the norm.

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   I got up and walked to the hall and saw her on the bed, laying across it with her hands on her body, her gown half off and one hand holding her breast to her mouth sucking her very dark large nipple hard and her other under her gown massaging her pussy. Her hips were moving and got faster as she tried to get an orgasm but seemed not to be able to reach it. Her eyes opened and she looked at me in the door and said, "Please, Steve, help me with an orgasm, please. " I found myself next to the bed and my hands on her body. I moved her legs wider apart and pulled the gown open and it fell all the way open exposing her lovely body and her hard nipples standing out from her titties.
I kissed her slowly and she drew my tongue into her mouth and moaned. I kissed her nipples and went down her body, the thin hair on her pussy wet with her juices. I found her lips and spread them with my tongue and she moaned louder and her hips moved up to meet my mouth. The taste of her pussy was sweet and she began moving her hips in circles. MY fingers slipped into her and she sped up more and my other hand found her tits massaging first one then the other. She was now moaning louder and speaking Spanish and all I knew was that I was hard as a rock.
    "Oh yes, Steve, I am so close. " she was saying over and voer and suddenly she soaked my face with her juices. She rode my face untilshe had finished and began pulling my body up but I stayed at her hips, "Mom, I am still hungry. " "Oh yes," she moaned again and I ate her through another orgasm.


    Now she pulled me up and she was surprised to find I had undressed already and she guided me into her pussy. Her heat was more than I had ever felt and she slipped me into her. Her pussy massaged me and her hips were not even moving. "Fill me up. " she said and was now moving her hips. Her legs moved around me and pulled me deeper into her and we were moving slowly and then she was wrapping her arms around my neck and going as if she would pull me into her body all the way. My cum filled her sudenly and we lay there breathing hard. Finally she rolled me onto my back and her mouth found my half hard cock and she slowly sucked me back to hard. Her mouth was not taking me all the way in and yet it was the best sucking I have ever had. Her tongue was massaging me and slowly drew me to total hardness and then she was running her tongue around the head and rim of my cock until I filled her mouth. She slowly swallowed my juices and came up next to me and kissed me. We slept all night and then she woke me up riding a hard cock that she had brought back to life while I slept.
    Since then we have found time to be alone almost every week, filling each other with passion.
    Thanks for the other incest accounts. I thought I was the only one.

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