Helping Mom Two


"I don't know. . . " I said, not quite knowing what to say exactly. It was kind of embarrassing to be discussing whether or not I would find seeing my mother naked a turn on. It wasn't exactly like something I had ever consciously thought a whole lot about. Maybe not in the way that some boys have, I suppose.
She smirked playfully, as if suddenly finding all of this just as amusing as I had.
"Besides," she teased, getting back at me for teasing her, "You would be too embarrassed to tell me if you were turned on, if you saw me naked. "
I felt myself blush just a little bit, in spite of my best efforts not to.
She laughed. "Of course, if you had your clothes off too, then I could see for myself. "
This time I did blush.
"Of course that would only be fair. . .

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  if I was going to have my clothes off, that you have yours off, too," she said smugly.
"I wouldn't want to make your boyfriend jealous," I excused.
"Well, he wouldn't know," she said quickly. "I certainly wouldn't tell him that I was naked with my own son. "
"No. I suppose not," I conceded.
" I mean, I wouldn't want anyone to know," she said, "if we wanted to do something like that, even if just for fun. "
I grinned. She grinned back modestly.
I laughed. "You mean, if just wanted to practice?"
"Something like," she replied demurely. "It would at least be one way of seeing what type of reaction I might get. "
"I suppose we could give it a try. No one would know," I agreed.
We were both still grinning.

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   The whole thing was so silly.
"I'm game if you are," she said.
"Sure. If you want to," I told her, trying to sound quite nonchalant about it.
"We could go into my bedroom," she said, considering how to do it. "And we could take our clothes off for a minute. "
"Okay," I said, being carelessly brave about it.
We both hesitated, and then we got up from the kitchen table and walked through the living room to her bedroom. There was no need to close the door since apartments tend to be just naturally private and safe from prying eyes. Suddenly we were both aware of why we were there, and shyness overtook us. Still, we had said that we would, and we both figured that we would go through with it. Mom kicked off her sandals and turned slightly as she began to unbutton her blouse. It was summer and warm, and I was wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. I followed her example and kicked off my flip-flops, and then started to tug my t-shirt over my head. As I got that off, she was slipping her blouse off, and reaching around to unhook her bra.

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   I concentrated on getting my shorts of underwear down and off, and she quickly was out of her slacks, and suddenly she was naked and so was I. We had actually done it.
It didn't seem nearly as embarrassing at either of us feared.
Mom looked great naked. She's blonde, fairly tall, trim. I could see that she had quite an attractive figure. Her breasts were a bit on the small side, but with pink nipples pushing out.
    She had a quite a bit of sandy pubic hair. She smiled shyly, but triumphantly, as if saying, here I am! I smiled back. It was sort of strange standing there naked with my mother. I mean, that was something that we had never done before. It was kind of thrilling at the same time. I don't know. . .

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      daring and exciting and special all rolled into one.
    "So. . . what do you think?" she asked expectantly.
    "Great," I said, quite sincerely meaning it, too.
    She looked pleased by my assessment.
    As I continued to stand there, I suddenly felt my penis responding.
    Mom noticed and watched as my length began to grow, curving visibly off to one side, and then becoming sufficiently stiff enough to swing upright. I felt naturally embarrassed. There I was, having a boner right there in front of my own mom. Gees. . . it was really stiff, too.

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       Something that did not escape her attention.
    "Oh, my!" she gushed at the sight of my boner.
    I felt myself blush again.
    "Does that answer your question?" I said.
    "Well, for the moment," she said.