Helping Mom Three


She stood there looking somewhat astonished to see my penis sticking up so big and hard, delighted, and maybe just a little proud of being the cause of it.
"Is that proof enough?" I questioned, grinning sheepishly.
"Apparently," she answered. "I think that's lovely!"
"Even if I am your son?" I teased.
"It's very special," she told me.
Seeing that she was not embarrassed, but in fact quite happy, I said, "I think it's special, too. You do look sexy. "
"Do you really think so?"
"Well. . . considering the boner I have. . . yes!" I laughed.
Mom giggled and stepped over to slip her arms around me. My arms went around her, and we squeezed together affectionately.

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   The moment seemed to call for that. I felt her breasts and the firm points of her nipples press against my chest, at the same time with my rigid boner thrusting up against her stomach. Our bare skin touching like that felt inspiring and wonderful.
"Mmm. . . " she murmured, pressing against me.
I tightened my embrace and moved my hips a little, making my penis rub against her.
"Oh. . . that feels so good. . . " she breathed.

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"Uh-huh," I agreed.
We stood there in each others arms, the sexuality of the moment inescapable.
Somehow, with neither of us saying anything, we found ourselves sitting down on the bed. Mom gave me a small kiss on the lips. Then she was laying back onto the comforter. My hand was gliding over her left tit, touching her rosy nipple. I felt her hand taking hold of my erection, her fingers curling around the upright shaft, squeezing its stiffness. She sighed. I brought my legs up. I don't, to lay beside her, I guess. But as I did that, I was moving on top of her. Her legs were spreading apart. Easily and naturally, my boner was pushing between her legs, finding her opening, and then pushing into her vagina. There was no objection. We looked at one another, pleased with what we were doing.

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   It felt fantastic feeling my bare dick in her wet sheath.
"Oh. . . Oh, yes!" she breathed again.
I started to slide my stiff length in and out, aware of just how unbelievably hard I was.
It felt so good to be doing this. To be fucking my mother. I loved it, and apparently she loved the thought that she was being fucked by her son. We kept going. My hips moving steadily up and down, her hips moving with mine.
I could hear her breathing and realizing that I was breathing hard, too.
Again and again my boner moved purposefully in and out of her warm, wet vagina.
We both knew exactly what we were doing, and it was perfectly fine with us.
She started to breath even harder and faster, moaning just a little as I pumped her.


The she gasped, squeezed her eyes shut, threw her head back, and thrust her hips up against mine.
I realized that she was having an orgasm.
It was so exciting.
In the next moment I knew that it was going to happen and that I couldn't hold back. I felt it building to that point. I pushed my cock all the way into her and ejaculated. I grunted and tensed as my semen pulsed out. All I could think of was that I was fucking her all the way. That I was fucking her completely. That I was fucking my own mother and how fantastic it felt.
After wards, when we were starting to regain our senses, we both looked a little self-conscious.
"I wasn't planning on taking things that far," she confessed, sounding just a little guilty over her own lack of control.
"I'm glad we did," I said, being honest about my feelings, and having no regrets.
Mom smiled at me. "I'm glad, too.

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  " She paused. "I think that this answers my question about what to do. "
"You're going to get married?" I asked, expected that to be her answer.
"No. On the contrary. . . I don't think that would be for me. Not now. Not after this. "
I was surprised. "You mean . . . you and me?"
She grinned, looking quite girlish.

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   "Sometimes. That would be nice. And I think that I will be perfectly satisfied with that. "
"Me, too," I said.




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