Helping Mama


The two nineteen year olds pushed through the back door and Jan yelled out, "We're home mom, is everything all right!?!" Jan's mother, Doris, waddling into the kitchen in an old house coat and a pair of pink slippers replied, "Thank god you two kids are here, I think I'm going to explode!!!" On the front of Doris Atkins house coat were two large wet circles that obviously came from lactating breasts! "Oh, mom," Jan said soothingly, "Scottie and I will take care of you right away, isn't that right Scottie!?!" "Uh, sure, Mrs. Adkins, we'll take care of them right away!" "Let's go into the living room and settle down on the sofa," Doris said, as she led the two nineteen year olds down the hall. Doris settled down in the middle of the sofa, opened up the front of her robe, and then offered each of them a large nipple to suck on! Scottie and Jan each took a place on either side of Jan's mother and lay their heads in her lap, where upon she guided a nipple into each one of their mouths! "Oh, god, that feels good," she sighed, as the two youngsters began emptying her massive bosom of her excess milk! As they sucked, Doris made quiet conversation, while occasionally giving encouragement to both of them! "For your information," Doris opined, "my bra size is up to a 42DD!!!" Jan pulled her mouth away from the distended nipple she was nursing on and said, "That's up two inches this month alone, that is really amazing!!!" "Mmmm, yes it is," Doris replied, "and another thing I've found is that my clitoris is almost always erect and in need of sexual relief, I had to masturbate twice today just to keep from going crazy!!!" "Uh, Scottie," asked Doris quietly, "could I ask you for a favor, please!?!" "Sure Mrs. A.," Scottie replied, "anything you need!!!" I knew I could count on you Scottie," she responded warmly, "you're such a good friend to me and my daughter!!!""What is it you want me to do," asked Scottie seriously??? "Well, dear," she went on, "would you please stand up and show me your penis, my clitoris is on fire and in dire need of sexual relief!?!" Scottie let the big nipple fall from his mouth, stood up, unbuckled his belt, and let his jeans and shorts drop to the floor, leaving his half erect cock just a foot from Doris Adkins' hungry mouth!! "Oh, Scottie,"she cooed softly, "you have such a beautiful penis, Jan has told me so often how absolutely wonder fully hung you are, but this is the first time I've ever seen it for myself, exactly how large are you, dear!?!" "Eight inches, ma'am," he replied proudly! "And how thick," she pressed on!?! "Oh, about six and a half inches," he replied, "give or take a quarter inch!!!" "Scottie," she asked in a barely audible tone, "may I suck you off, please?!?" By thrusting out his pelvis, Scottie gave Doris Adkins the answer she was looking for, and in one smooth motion, she let Scottie's huge head slide into her warm mouth! Almost in unison, both Scottie and Mrs. Adkins let out deep satisfying sighs, Scottie because his pecker was being royally sucked off, and Doris because having Scottie's penis in her mouth was having a dramatic affect on her clitoris!!! For the next five minutes or so, all three of them did what had to be done, Scottie offering his erection for Doris' hungry mouth, and Jan suckling on her mother's massive bosom!The only sounds that could be heard were the slurping and licking noises coming from the mouths of the two Atkins women, and occasionally a soft moan coming from Scottie! Doris was now delirious with lust, and in great vain she tried to press her thighs together in a futile attempt at putting pressure on her now fully erect clitoris! Finally not able to take it anymore, Doris caressed her daughter's head and begged, "Could you please do mama's clit for her, dear!?!" Jan looked up at her mother and replied, "Sure, mom, anything you need!" Sliding down to the floor, Jan took up the space between her mom's plump thighs, and as usual, her vagina was bulging obscenely with her overly large clit sticking its head through the mass of tangled pubic hair!!! "Do me, dear," her mother exhorted, "mama needs a good sucking!!!" Jan lowered her mouth to her mother's dripping organ, and with a few lazy swipes of her tongue, she made her mom's body stiffen with the slightest contact on her erect clitoris!!! "Does mama want me to suck it harder," asked Jan mischievously!!! "Oh, jesus, yes," Doris moan through gritted teeth, "take care of mama's vagina, please, honey?!?" Chuckling to herself at her mother's desperation, Jan took the plunge and buried her face into her mother's swollen crack, which of course caused her mother to convulse with pleasure as a shock wave of lust swept through her body!!!As Jan sucked on her mom's pubis, she remembered her promise to Scottie that they would only be half an hour, so much to her mother's excitement, Jan began working her mother's clit with almost brutal abandon! Doris pushed her crotch hard into her daughter's face, while at the same time her own mouth was making love to her boy friend's erection!!! When Jan felt that her mother was right on the edge, she pulled away for just a second and ordered, "Okay, all together now, let's cum!!!" Diving back in, she quickly found her mother's clit and using her tongue, she flicked back and forth across the little bulging head until her mother bucked against her face and flooded her mouth with sweet pussy juice!!! Scottie couldn't take much more of this torture, and seeing the older woman cream his girl friend's face, well that did it, and his thick pecker unleashed a torrent of hot cum into Doris' hungry mouth!!!Scottie pulled on his pants and was halfway out the door before Jan realized he was leaving. "See you tomorrow, right," she called after him!?! "Tomorrow," he yelled back!!! Now turning to her mother she said softly, "He's a good boy isn't he mom!?!" Patting her daughter on the cheek she replied, "One of the best, dear, one of the best!!!THE ENDMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER