Heathers Homework


We were both beyond the point of no return but I sure as hell didn't want eighter of us to get introuble. I asked her to go and see how much longer dinner would be. I also needed time to let my cock rest. before I put him to work. . She was soon back and i asked her to close the door because she said dinner would be about another hour. I was in my glory but knew deep inside I shouldn't be feeling this way about my daughter. I told Heather to stand in front of me . My hands went right up the back of her skirt and she helped by holding the front up . I just had to smell her sweet nector and as I inched close to her pussy she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her pussy. I just licked and kissed her sweet little pussy through her panties. I could smell and taste her sweat from practice earlier. It smelled a little salty and tasted that way also. As I was licking Her I was inching her panties down her pretty legs. Heather helped and soon they was off and my head replaced them. My tounge seemed to be in overdrive as i lapped away at her pussy lips entering her little cunt.

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   She was vibrating so I thought that my tounge would reach her belly from the inside. She must have came 2 or 3 times I couldn't tell. I wasn't even thinking about the trouble I would be in and heather if her mom entered the room. I just knew I needed to continue with heather no matter the cost. I grabbed both cheeks of her little ass and sat her on the table and stuck my tounge right in there again and she wrapped those beautiful legs around my neck and pumped until she was dry. Iwhen she subsided and calmed down she was between my legs before I knew what was happening My cock was out and in her mouth. She licked the head and all the way up to my balls and back again she stuck the tip of her tounge in my piss hole and back out like she was fucking my cock. I knew I wanted to explode but before I could tell her I did. Heather drank all my love juice and didn't miss a drop. I knew that i had to ask her some day how and where she learned how to suck cock that way. Her mom sure didn't suck that well. Heather was laying up top of the table I stood up and slid between her little legs I pulled her sweater over her head and started to suck her nipples while she was trying to get my cock hard again by jerking me off. Now here we are my pants and underwear down to my ankles Heather half naked with my cock in her hand. That would have looked great to my wife.
    I was soon hard just from the taboo thought s of it all.

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       I pushed slowly as heather guided my dick towrds her opening telling me she was still cherry seemed to make me grow even more than It was. I put my hands back on her ass cheeks and pulled her to me. Shae cried in pain a little and I had to quiet her with my lips. Soon I was passed the obstruction and my balls was smaking her ass as I kept pushing and Heather kept pushing back. My finger entered her anus and she was writhing harder with both holes filled. We boith came again and I came violently came for the second time. We slowed down and cleaned ourselves up got dressed and promised that this had to continue only sometimes when my wife wasn't home. Heather agreed and the next thing we heard was that dinner was ready. I know we both already had dessert.