Headin' Down Under


It was just after we finished setting up camp when my brother expressed his wish to go on an afternoon hike and swim with me. We had camped along a beautiful river gorge and I was eager to get down into the gorge and get into the cold water, it was HOT that day! So I said "hell yeah, let's go" and I grabbed my day pack that has suntan lotion, a towel, and shades, and we set off!At first the hike was pretty easy, nothing big, no sudden drops or anything, and my brother was leading. He was super-fit, and I had never really spent much time with him when he was in shape. I am not gay, but I have gotten erections before when looking at guys' bodies, and hiking down a gorge behind my brother's ass was making me shift in my pants! His ass cheeks were clenching at every step, and the sweat from his ass crack was soaking through his shorts. . . I couldn't keep my eyes off his ass, I was bothering myself, why was I starting at my brother like that?Well, like I said, it was hot, so I took off my shirt, so did he, and we placed them on a bush to retrieve on the way back up. By the time we made it to the bottom of the gorge, we were both soaking with sweat and ready to get in the water! I was still staring at his ass, though, as he took off his boots and pack and started walking to the side of the river. That's when I noticed that my dick was almost sticking out from the front of my thin white shorts, which were ALSO soaked with sweat!"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, because you could see through my thin shorts and see my thick cock all hard and throbbing. I tried to cover it with the towel and head for the bushes to escape, but that idea came too late. "Well look what we've got here," my brother said. "Been a while for ya has it?""Fuck you, man," I said jokingly as he slid beneath the crystal-clear river water. I decided that this was the best opportunity to go alleviate some 'pressure' behind the nearest brush then join my brother in the river.

As soon as I got my boots and pack and shorts off, I was at full attention. Now, I've seen my dad naked, and I was always scared because his penis is relatively small (like 3" flaccid, about 6" erect). BUT, I was well-endowed at 4" flaccid, 8" erect, and it was all out in the open ready for some fun.

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  I started stroking hard because I wanted to come fast and get in the water quick so my brother wouldn't expect anything more than me pissing, so I kept pumping and pumping. . . then, what I felt next almost stopped my heart! I was almost at my climax when someone grabbed my jacking arm and stopped my climax right before it occurred. I whirled around expecting the worst and there was my little brother, buck-nekkid, and hard as a FUCKING ROCK!Yes, he was well-endowed too, for a 18-year-old, and I would guess he was at a full 7" already! I had no clue what to say, I think an eternity passed with us just looking at each other's naked body, full erect penises and all. . . "Hey, you need a little help?" he finally said. "We could just fuck around out here and no one would ever know. "Something came over me, I don't know if it was his 7" cock, his golf-ball sized nuts, hairless body, his baby's smile, but whatever it was it made me move. And MOVE I did! I walked over to him, held my cock out of the way so I could embrace him, and I held him to my body as hard as I could. Feeling his rock-solid frame in my arms and his throbbing, pulsating cock against my thigh was making me ever harder! We stood there, holding each other, looking at each other's body parts, stroking biceps, quads, buttocks, abs, for what seemed like an eternity. . . "I hope you won't mind what I want to do?" he said.

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  I was quick to answer, "No, no, please go ahead. Do whatever you want to me. I haven't been fooled around with in months!"That was true, just SEEING something naked would almost make me cream, so as soon as he started touching me all over, I thought I was going to blow all in is hair and face.
    He let go of altogether and stepped back a few feet, stroked his cock a few times and grunted. . . I knew what was coming, so I leaned forward with my mouth open, but he missed and shot all in my hair. It was okay, I didn't mind because he came up to me and started stroking my thighs with one hand, my HUGE fucking balls with the other hand. They were almost too big for his hand, so he moved that hand up to my cock, all of which he started stroking up and down, lubed by my gallons of pre-cum!He jerked me off for a few minutes until I knew I couldn't take it any longer. I started screaming as he pumped faster. Jizz shot straight up into the air and landed on our shoulders and chests as we were still standing, heads back trying to catch it in mid-air. . . after I was done, which seemed like 60 shots of cum later, he held me close again. .

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      . this time, my hands were not so stationary. . . I first started down his back, feeling all those little intricate muscles, down to his hard ass, and I stuck out my middle finger into some of the cum on his shoulder to get it all greased. . . that finger made its way back down his back and into his ass-crack. It was still wet from his swim, and that water mixed with my semen was a great lube. It slid right down his crack and right on top of his anus in a quick motion. He knew what was coming, what he wanted, so he spread his legs apart still standing, God, his legs must have been 4 feet apart! I couldn't still stand and do this, so I went around back of him and got down on the ground and knelt behind him. He turned his torso to watch but kept his ass rigid in front of me, legs spread so his bottom half was a perfect A-shape. This naturally opened his ass cheeks and let me gaze right at his little pink hole. . .

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      this hole that was slowly relaxing and getting bigger, bigger, bigger, until it was an open doughnut-hole sized orifice. I could see right up into my brother's rectum, it was clean and pink, he must have sucked up some river water and pushed it out as a rinse or something because it was perfect. . . I didn't even need much more cum on my finger to push it in!I finger fucked my brother's ass for a few minutes until his prick hung fully erect again. I was starting at his HUGE balls the whole time I was finger fucking him. . . they were swinging hard against my hand as he pushed back against my finger over and over again. . . I had to give him a reach-around. . . I had to, so I grabbed his shaft and started pumping with one hand, fingering with the other until he was creaming all over the ground.

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      By that time it was dark, and we had to find our way back to cap in the dark night. We forgot to get the shirts, so we both made it back to camp topless, and everyone else thought that was a little weird. We stayed in the same tent that night. . . we slept on top of the sleeping bags, in each other's arms because we had finger fucked each other all night and jizzed all over the place. I will never forget that first day and night on that trip. . . Now my brother and I have grown up, but every now and then, if we get drunk, or if we're just really horny, we'll fuck each other in the asshole or give each other a blowjob just to take off that extra 'pressure!'--Mountain ManMORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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