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Jeremy Lemure was in his early forties; he was an erotic and adult writer, quite successful and well-off, having published numerous best-selling works and screenplays. His wife had died in an auto accident six months ago, and ever since her death he had been watching his daughters and growing hard at the sight of them. His oldest daughter Connie was eighteen with long raven hair, dark eyes, and a starlet's body—indeed Jeremy thought she resembled Catherine Zeta-Jones. His other daughter Ginger was sixteen, auburn-haired and green-eyed, with a face and body that reminded him of Jessica Simpson. Jeremy home-schooled both his daughters, and they knew about his work, for they had read his books and screenplays. He had made no secret of his work to them; they knew he was a porn writer. Now he watched them and rubbed his cock. He got his daughter Connie in the swimming pool. She was in her bikini in the pool, and he dived in and came up to her and grasped her around the waist. He pressed his crotch up between her legs and swept his hands down on her ass. "Why, Daddy, what are you doing?" Connie said. He didn't say a word. He just slid her bikini top up and feasted on her breasts, licking and sucking them. He rubbed and squeezed her ass as he pressed his hard throbbing cock on her pussy. He slid her bikini bottom off and lifted her up a little, and thrust his prick up into her cunt. "Gonna fuck you, baby," he rasped.

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   "Gonna fuck your pussy, honey. " He drove his dick up her cunt, jamming it deep. "Ah yes," he huffed. "Fucking you now, baby, umm yes—fucking my daughter. " "Oh Daddy, ahh!" she gasped. "Oh ah, umm. " She wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust back at him, humping her cunt to meet his thrusts. He pumped her pussy, screwing her fully and strongly, jabbing his cock up and down. "Ahh—sweet fucking pussy!" he gasped. "Ah yes, fuck, daughter, fuck!" "Oh god--ah--ooh ahh yess!" she panted and jerked and hunched. "Fuck, Daddy, fuck!" she cried. He speared his prick up her pussy, jamming every inch of it in her, and then let her have it. He pissed a stream of sperm deep in her cunt. "Goddamn yes!" he cried. "Ahh yes—hot fucking cum deep in your cunt, daughter.

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  " "Oh ah—ooh Daddy!" she gasped. "Sweet fucking pussy, I'm gonna fuck you every day. " "Ooh, Daddy, I want it—every day. " "You're gonna get it, honey," he replied. He had her next in her bedroom. They were on their knees on the bed, facing each other. He clutched her head and pressed it down. "Suck my dick, honey. Suck it good. " He slid his cock into her mouth and began sliding it back and forth. "Yeah, that's the way, baby," he huffed. "That's the way to suck. Umm yes—you're sucking your daddy's dick now—yes—I'm fucking your mouth!" he panted and gasped. He pumped his prick in his daughter's mouth, thrusting it down to her throat. "Ah, you sweet hot sucking cocksucker you—umm yes—fuck! Fuck! Here it comes—here it comes in your mouth—down your throat—yeah—cuming in your mouth, baby—squirting cum down your throat.

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  " He spewed semen in her mouth; she sucked and gulped and swallowed it down. "I'm not through with you yet," he huffed. He laid her down on her back, lifted her legs up and spread them, and went down on her pussy. He licked and lapped it, and then jammed his tongue in. "Oh, ah, oh Daddy!" she gasped, clutching his head and thrusting her cunt up. He licked her clit, and then sucked her cunt. "Oh god—oh ahh—oh yes!" she cried out. "Oh god yes, I'm cuming!" She thrashed and hunched and jerked as her hot cum gushed up her pussy. He flipped her over and drew her up to her knees, and got up behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and thrust his cock up her cunt. He gave her a dozen good jabs, and then slid his dick out and pressed it on her rump. "Gonna fuck your ass, honey," he rasped. "Gonna screw your sweet ass good. " He pushed and thrust his prick forward, digging it in her ass.  "Ah yes—up your ass, honey, up your sweet-fucking ass.

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  " "Oh god—oh Daddy!" she gasped as he dug his dick up her ass. "Goddamn, you're tight," he hissed. "Tight fucking ass.  Screwing it now, baby, screwing your ass now. " He grabbed her tits and squeezed them good and hard as he began frigging her. He sawed his cock back and forth, drilling it up and down. "Umm--buggerfucking you, daughter, ahh yes—screwing my daughter's ass—umm yes. " "Oh god—ahh buggerfuck!" she cried out. "Ooh yes!" He gave a mighty heave and drove every inch of his dick up her ass. He cried out in lust as he spurted a glob of cum in her rectum. He began fucking his daughter every day, and it was inevitable that his other daughter Ginger would see him fucking her sister. He happened to be fucking his oldest daughter one day, when he looked up and saw his daughter Ginger. She stood in the doorway watching as he fucked Connie. He continued to pump it in her pussy as he looked at his daughter standing there watching him. He had a look on his face that said: "Yeah—I'm gonna fuck you too.

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  " It wasn't long before he did fuck her. He heard sounds coming from his daughter's room. He went to her room and looked in. His sixteen-year-old daughter was lying on the bed naked. She had her legs drawn back and was stroking a tit and rubbing her pussy. His cock stiffened and ballooned out—hard and throbbing. He went to the bed and got on it and fell atop his daughter. "Gonna fuck you now, honey," he rasped as he thrust his prick into his daughter's cunt. "Umm yes—gonna fuck your sweet pussy, baby. " His daughter wrapped her arms and legs around him and thrust her cunt up. "Ooh, ahh—fuck me, Daddy, fuck me," she panted. He thrust his prick deep in her pussy, and began fucking her good, jamming his dick in her cunt. "Fucking you now, honey," he rasped. "Fucking your teenage cunt. " "Ohh--ahh—pump it in me, Daddy," she gasped.

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   "Ooh yes—pump your prick in your daughter's cunt. Goddamn sonofabitch, fuck me! He pounded her pussy, pumping his meat deep in her cunt. "Ahh yes—here it comes, honey," he hissed. "Here comes hot cum deep in your cunt. " "Ooh ahh—squirt it, Daddy, squirt cum in me—squirt it deep. " He shoved his dick deep in her pussy and squirted a gob of sperm in her cunt. "Ah, you sweet hot fucking pussy you," he huffed. "Gonna fuck you every day--you and your sister too. " And so he did. He fucked his daughters every day. So much so that he soon got his oldest daughter pregnant. But that didn't stop him from fucking them. His youngest daughter Ginger was particularly hot to fuck, and he plowed her both day and night. He pumped his meat in his sixteen-year-old daughter, and she pumped back at him. "Fuck me Daddy!" she panted.

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   "Fuck your daughter, pump your cock in your daughter's cunt. " He fucked her strong and full and fast, drilling his prick up and down her teenage pussy. "Ooh ahh, yes, Daddy, yes!" she cried out. "Umm, ahh, knock me up, Daddy, squirt a baby in me. Like you did Connie. I want you to get me pregnant, Daddy; I want to have a baby. Ahh yeah—knock me up!" "Yes, I'll give you a baby, honey," he huffed. "I'll knock you up, you sweet hot fucking pussy you. Here it is, honey, here's a baby for you. " He thrust his dick deep in her cunt and pissed a stream of sperm in her. "Ahh yes, here it is, honey. " Needless to say, he knocked her up. Both his daughters had babies, and he kept fucking them. And they were all satisfied, for his daughters wanted more babies, and he was happy to oblige them. And he could afford it, there was no problem with that; he was well-off.

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   So he fucked both his daughters every day and every night.



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