He Fucked Me, Over... My Sweet Revenge...


Maneuvering through the sea of men wasn’t easy, the dance floor packed with people, typical men in the crowd, I couldn’t count how many hands managed to get a feel of my ass, as I made my way to the bar, I admit I liked it, I liked the attention. The feel of other men’s’ hands on my ass, I’d almost forgotten how good it really felt… What felt even better, was my way of thinking… This was how I was going to fuck him, like he fucked me… Who could have thought, that one song could create so much hate in a matter of seconds…Playing, “Walking on, walking on broken glass. You were the sweetest thing that I’ve ever knew but I don’t care… Since you’ve abandoned me my whole my life has crashed. ”Yeah…for the last three years, walking on broken glass…I gave all of me to him. My mind my soul, and my body, oh how I gave him my body. I waited 18 years. . . 18 years to give up my virginity, he was special, almost perfect, and he was the one man I trusted with my life… He was so suave, so convincing that we’d live a fairy tale, every little girls dream… Right, every little girls dream was what it was all right, his hand crashing across my face, waking me from a dead sleep…“Slut, wake up, now! Get your fucking ass up.

”Disoriented, and now dizzy, scared, and afraid…“What… what’s going on, what did I do?”Another blow to my face this one harder than the last knocking me to the bed, I tasted the blood from my lip. What was happening to me, why was he acting like this? That’s when he just yelled and kept yelling at me. “Where were you? What were you doing last night? Where were you when I called? Why weren’t you here like you were supposed to be?“I fell asleep” Just as those words slipped my lips his hand crossed my face again. “You’ve been cheating on me haven’t you?”“ No, I never…”“ Don’t lie to me…”“No, I never cheated on you I Love You!”“Oh, you Love me so much…”“Yes, Yes I do Love you”“I don’t believe you, if you love me… Why don’t you ever show me you love me?”“What do you mean I never show you?”“Here I’ll show you, how you never show me…Bitch”Another blw to my face knocking me to the floor, and he just left. He walked out, not another word. I had never seen him like that before, he would never hurt me, he couldn’t, but he did, why…I found out why… His brother called me that same night, He couldn’t bring himself to tell me that he found someone else… what a man, brave, and fearless, and he couldn’t tell me… Yeah he’s my Knight in shinning armor… My fairy tale ended, not so happily ever after… That’s okay though, I’ll show him what he lost…I found myself at the bar drowning in self-pity. You know it’s at your lowest moment when amazing things happen… Across the bar, beautiful arms, bedroom eyes, and no ring on his finger… Perfection… for tonight anyway… Making sure to lean my perfect tits over the bar, just to see if he was watching, and he was, I walked over, with the thoughts of how well he’d fuck me.

sex and the city of athens 

   He didn’t say a word, just looked me up and down, I wondered what he was thinking, when his eyes stopped at my tits, and he said hello… Yeah, he was the one that was going to fuck me… He was perfect, Tall, Dark, and so fuckin sexy… my pussy throbbing, for his cock, I wanted him to fill me, but not here, not now, I want him for more than just tonight. I’ve seen him a few times before. . . “Hey, how are you?”“Shhhhh, skip all that, your gonna fuck me, and fuck me good”As I spoke my hands traveled over his package, and pulled him behind me, motioning him to follow me, his hand managed to slip around my waist and the other onto my ass, he wasn’t shy at all, he knew what he wanted…Rubbing the soft fabric over my ass turned me on more than I let on, my panties getting wet, and my pussy throbbing even more I wanted relief, and I wanted it bad.
    . . Out the door to the parking lot, time to give him a little taste of what was to come…Outside, he showed me to his car, opened the door, he leaned in to kiss me, his lips tasted so good, his hands fell to my ass cupping my ass firm in his hands spreading them, pulling me closer to him his cock already fully erect in his pants, he pulled me to his waist, he sat me on the hood of his car. His hands caressing my legs, my thighs, kissing me, tasting me…I grabbed his hand, and pressed it against my pussy, he locked eyes, and lips with me, as he slipped his finger under my panties. He wasted no time, when he found that my pussy was wet and ready for his fingers to penetrate me, he worked his finger inside me, slow and easy, then another, feeling my pussy stretch accepting his fingers deep inside me felt so good, rocking back and forth onto his hand fucking his fingers, every motion of his hand made me want his cock even more. God I wanted to cumm right then in his hand, his hand traveled its way up to my chest, he started licking my nipples, gently pulling my nipples with his teeth. It felt so good I wanted more…“Make me cumm. ”He continued his attack on my pussy, sliding his fingers deep inside me, teasing my clit with his fingertips; he came up for what seemed like a farewell kiss. He took of my panties, and threw them in the direction of the front seat. My legs spread wide, pussy lips moist, and anticipating an orgasm, he slid his fingers deep inside me, getting them wet, and covered in my juices.

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       The intensity building inside me, my muscles tightening, my sweet juices exploding on his hand from the finger fuck he just gave me … I want more… “Enough, enough of this are you going to stand there or are you going to fuck me like I know you want to?”“Not here, Not now… I want to fuck you right… back to my place, and ill make sure you cumm in more ways than one…”Yeah, I want to be fucked, that’s why I’m out tonight checking it out, looking for a good fuck…What I didn’t realize was that tonight would be the beginning of new sexual experiences…I’m gonna get my fuck, but the best part of all this, at the same time I get revenge, I never was told about the person he met, he never had the balls to tell me, I guess if he wants to know… He'’ll just have to ask his brother, how well he likes fucking me…. this story will continue. . . wait til i tell you about the first time I experienced his brother. . . Let me know your thoughts. . . there's always room for improvement. . . .