He Fucked Me Over, My Sweet Revenge Pt3


“Oh yeah, come in”Joshuah wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him, and whispered in my ear…“Today all I could think about was you, here all alone”He kissed me on the cheek, took off his jacket, standing there in front of me in a tight black t-shirt defining all contours of his muscles, and when he turned around he might as well have been wearing nothing the definition in his abs and chest were to die for, all I could imagine was licking him from the lips down to the tip of his package that I was Ohhh so willing to receive. He knew I was checking him out, he even asked me if I liked what I saw. Joshuah sits down and flips on the stereo, and tells me to come over and talk to him, that what he needed to tell me I should be sitting down for…“Jenica, I don’t even know where to begin. ”“Start at the beginning, that always works” I thought that it was going to be the usual spill I know what my brother did and that’s not me, but I’ve wanted you since I first met you kind of thing. But to my surprise that’s not what happened…“Jenica, this is hard for me to explain, I don’t want you to be hurt by this, and I don’t want this to affect you and I in any way. ”“God damn it Joshuah, tell me already”“OK here goes, Brian hadn’t been good to you for a while now, I know what he’s been doing all those late nights that he wasn’t here and what he was doing while he was a way…”“Joshuah, get to it what was he doing”“Okay one he was and has been cheating on you for the past year now, I couldn’t tell you, I wanted too but I just couldn’t. There’s something else even worse than that…”What? What else could be worse than the man I loved, cheating on me for a year that I didn’t catch on about?”“Sweetie, Brian has been making porno’s, making them of you, you didn’t know about any of them, he’d get you really fucked up and the more fucked up he got you the sluttier the videos would be, and he sells them on the internet, and down in So Cal. ”“No, he wouldn’t do that, he couldn’t, there’s just no way. How do you know?”“Okay here’s how I know, the last video he talked about was his b-day party he got you really drunk, drunk enough that you couldn’t walk, he carried you up stairs and put you on the bed, he blind folded you, and told you that it would be a night that you would never remember”“A night I would never remember. That’s odd. Why wouldn’t I remember?”“Do you remember his B-day?”“Yeah, we drank, laughed, I met a bunch of his friends, we danced and hung out, and then we went upstairs while the party was still going, and had sex, I remember him blind folding me, the rest of that night was a little fuzzy”“See, I figured you wouldn’t remember, he said you were so messed up you could barely have sex with him. Here’s what you don’t know… Jenica, he blind folded you so you couldn’t see, he took you to your room, laid you on the bed stripped your clothes off, and invited about 8 of his friends in the room to watch him fuck you, and show them how he could make you into his little slut, and put on a show for them…”“Joshuah, he didn’t, why are you doing this to me, that didn’t happen i’m not a slut, I would never have sex in front of his friends…”“I know sweetie, he put something in your drink like a pain killer or something, that’s why you were so out of it. It gets worse, do you want me to tell you the rest of it?”“Yes, I wanna know all of it, every thing. ”“Okay, after he invited them in he, played with you, he touched you every where, he fucked you, and they watched in silence he made you beg for him to fuck you, he told you he wanted you to be a slut for him, that if you didn’t he would punish you, I guess what ever he gave you worked, because after he fucked you, he had his friends take turns fucking you, and taping it while it happened. ”“NO… I couldn’t have… I would never… He didn’t do that to me… What did I ever do to him… how could I be so stupid… how did I not know… Joshuah how do you know all of this, and why didn’t you tell me”“Jenica its no big secret that, I’ve wanted to be with you, all the times I’ve walked in and watched you have sex with him, he knew… He knew I wanted you, and he loved the fact that I couldn’t have you because you were with him, and he knew I loved watching you fuck him, so he gave me the tape of the birthday party, He said he didn’t need it. He said it was more than enough for him to be there when it happened”“Where’s the tape now, and how long have you had it, and why didn’t you tell me when you found out?”“Jenica I couldn’t, I needed some money for school or I would have been kicked out he loaned it to me, it was a lot of money, and all I had to do in return was be in one of his videos.

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  ”“One of his videos that doesn’t sound like it would make you not tell me. ”“Jenica, It was of us fucking the Deans wife, and 18 year old daughter, he made me fuck the Deans wife right next to him fucking the Deans daughter, and while he was filming it I didn’t know that he filmed my face, and he threatened me that if I ever told anyone he would show the dean, and id be kicked out of school. I couldn’t risk it until now I have my degree. ’“So were you ever gonna tell me? Or were you going to wait, and now that he’s beat the shit out of me, and dumped me that you think it’s the right time to tell me?”“Jenica I couldn’t until now, and I thought you should know, I don’t want to see you hurt ever again, and I thought that you might go back with him if he came back into your life, I don’t want to see you hurt. ”“Hurt this doesn’t even come close to hurt, I don’t even know what to think? Where’s the tape? Have you watched it?”“Yes, Jenica I’ve watched it…”“Do you have it? I want to see it. ”“I’ll have to go back to my place and get it”“Go, you go get that tape, I want to see it for myself. ”Joshuah left for his place to get the tape, all I could do was sit there in disbelief did what he say actually happen for real? What am I going to do if it is real? How many more tapes are there?I ran back in my room tears welling in my eyes, streaming down my face, how could this happen to me, I fell onto the bed, my fists pounding into the mattress, I wanted to scream, but no sound escaped my throat, all I could do was cry, I tried to get up but what for? I just laid there thoughts racing through my mind trying to remember his birthday or any part of it, all I could remember was that night I drank too much felt really funny and he carried me to bed, the next morning he said we had the best sex ever, I thought it was just his funny way of getting wake up sex, I guess I was wrong…Josh came back an hour later, again I dint hear him come in… “Jenica? You here?”“I’m in my bedroom… Come back here, do you have it?”“Yes I have it, are you sure you want to watch it?”“Yes, I want to see what that asshole did to me. ”Joshuah put in the tape, and asked me if he should leave the room I told him no that he already seen it, so he might as well stay…It started playing, I guess Brian was into making porno’s that oh so typical early 80’s music started, and the title popped up, and read. . . SLUT GIRLS AND THE GANG BANGS THEY BEG FOR…As I sat next to Joshuah, and the scenes started playing, it was like Joshuah said, Brian carried me up stairs, laid me on the bed, stripped my clothes, and coaxed me in to being blindfolded using his charm of course… He walked over to the door shushed his friends and led them into the room… he got on top of me, and started to work on my tits licking and biting sucking my nipples into his mouth, ripping my shirt off of me tearing it in half and tying my wrists to the bed rails while his friends watched, panning the camera over to them seeing them pull at their cocks through there clothing, adjusting and waiting in anticipation…“Jenica, It’s much worse, are you sure you want to see this?”I looked at Joshuah through the tears in my eyes, and all I could say to him was, “It looks like I was enjoying it…”“No he put something in your drink, you had no idea it was going to happen. ”I looked back, just as he slid my skirt off, and spread my legs for them opening my pussy wide, getting a closer shot… Brian began tracing my pussy lips with his tongue slowly licking and playing with my clit, sliding his fingers inside me, asking me if I wanted to be fucked like the dirty little slut I was, just as I began to answer him he shoved his fingers inside me hard, I screamed yes… he moved up positioning me on his lap the camera moved in closer… he put his cock at the entrance of my hole all I could see was the size of his massive cock pressed close to the tight hole he was about to abuse, instantly he rammed his cock inside me, over and over, deep and hard, taking no mercy on me, slamming down on my hard, and fast, normally I liked it a little rough, and I enjoyed it I never cried there was never any pain, and the camera did a close up on my face tears covering my face, my cries that it hurt, and to stop, with my cries it only made him fuck me harder, he stopped after a few minutes…Only to lift my ass onto his lap, and reposition me so his friends could see, he slammed his cock deep in my ass with no warning, pounding me down on his lap, over and over again, my cries got louder, and louder, he told me to be quiet, and enjoy it, to relax and it would feel good, that he would make sure he fucked me like he never had before, I felt his body tense, the camera went back to the group of friends that came in the room, some had their cocks in their hands stroking themselves off watching, two of them walked out of the room, and wanted no part of it, the camera came back just as he pulled out of my ass and shot his load on my chest, stream after stream of his cumm hit me splashing onto my face… He untied one of my hands to turn me over, and retied me, on my hands and knees with my ass in the air he told me that he’d be right back that he was going to go get a toy… he got off the bed and went over to his friends, he whispered something to two of them, and came back next to the bed, he said he bought some new toys that he wanted to try, and for me to relax and he’d take it easy on me…The two guys that were stroking, he motioned over to the bed and offered me to them, one was about 6’2, 190 lbs, muscular, with a huge cock must have been 18 inches and thick, and the other smaller about the same size as Brian, the bigger one got on the bed positioned himself on the bed, brain walks over and sticks two fingers in my ass, and furiously starts fingering me, actually he was telling the guy with the huge cock to fuck me in my pussy, and motioned for the other guy to stand over me and fuck my ass… Brian tells me that it’ll only hurt for a second, and to relax after a minute or so it would feel good, the bigger guy wastes no time he plunges his cock in my pussy and starts fucking me deep and hard, all I heard was the scream from my mouth as he slid inside me, Brian quickly stuffed my skirt in my mouth, and told me to relax, just as I began to relax the smaller guy slid his cock into my ass slow at first working his way in then slammed the rest inside me, my body looked as if it were going to collapse and I had to turn it off… I couldn’t watch anymore…“Jenica, are you okay?”“Yes, I’m fucking okay, Get out I need to be alone! Leave me here, just get out.
    ”“I’m not leaving you like this, I can’t your not okay. ”“How did you guess I’m not okay, I just found out my boyfriend had been cheating on me for a year, that he’s been making porno’s of us having sex that he, and his friends drugged me, and fucked me, no not fucked practically raped me, and I’m sitting here watching the tape of it, given to me by you after you’ve watched it a few times, and I bet you got off stroking that huge cock of yours too, didn’t you? Yeah, you could say I’m not okay…”“Jenica, I didn’t know you were drugged I thought that you knew what was going on, the way you were talking in it, it seemed like you were enjoying it, you know playing along, I didn’t know anything about you being drugged until Brian told me that he got rough with you when you guys broke up, that’s why I’m telling you now. ”“What did I do to deserve this?”“You didn’t do anything, and you don’t deserve this, I’m not leaving you tonight, and I’m off tomorrow, I’ll stay as long as you want…Come here let me hold onto you, you need to rest, you found out a lot really fast.

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      ”Joshuah laid next to me, arms wrapped around me just listening to me cry I couldn’t believe this happened and now after seeing it with my own eyes it made it a reality…All I did was cry in Joshuahs’ arms, I cried myself to sleep, the bad part I had dreams that night that scared me I woke up screaming at about 3 am, Joshuah grabbed me and held me close he asked if I wanted to talk about it, my only response was that I wanted revenge, the pain and hurt I was feeling subsided, and now I was pissed, I was determined to get him back, The dream I had was of my sweet revenge…“Joshuah, I want to get him back I want him to feel the same pain I’m feeling right now. ”That’s all I said, and I knew Joshuah saw it in my face that I was serious… He pulled me close, and held me there looking into those bedroom eyes, I was safe, and no one could ever hurt me again, while I was in his arms, that night I hoped Joshuah and I would start our own love affair… “You’ve had a rough night, lets get some sleep, and we’ll talk about how to get him back, for both of us, I don’t want you to hurt and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. You are the only girl in the world that I would give my life for…I fell asleep in his arms, and the next morning well you’ll have to see where that goes…I’m open to all feedback, constructive criticism welcomed if you just don’t like the story, I cant apologize this is just my writing style, you cant please everyone.



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