Having my mother in law


This all started on Monday morning. My wife, maria and I stayed at her mother's place for the weekend. I was off from work but my wife had to leave early. My mother in law, Denise, was on vacation so she was just going to relax all week. My mother in law is a very sexy curvacious latina woman. She is 42 years old with sexy brown skin and black eyes. 34C breasts, flat stomach, juicy ass and hips like you wouldn't believe. It's hard sometimes not to sneek a peek when her bedroom door is cracked open a little and she is getting dressed. What can I say I'm a man. So my wife went to work and I tried to go back to sleep. But that morning my mother in law was up early to making breakfast and I she was wearing a sexy nighty so my mind was racing. She let's me know when breakfast is ready by waking me up. I was just day dreaming about how kinky it would be to fuck my mother in law. I guess I'm just weird like that. My mind just comes up with the most random things some times. I would never do that but I love to dream about it.

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   So I was dreaming about going downstairs and quietly going behind my mother in law and just taking her. I would grap her and take her to the couch and say, "I'm going to fuck you now so shut up. " I wanted to lift up that nighty and see if she shaved or kept it natural. Either one gets me hard as a rock! I always tell my wife to switch off. Anyway, I would rip off that thong and start to eat out that 42 year old pussy. As i'm tongueing her wet latin pussy i would start to massage her breasts with one hand and with my other start to play with her ass. As i'm getting into it, i hear a voice. "John breakfast. " That woke me up and out of my perverted dream. I go downstairs and she is wearing that sexy nighty that i love. I couldn't tell if she was wearing a thong or not but definitely no bra. Just seeing her got my cock hard. I tried to adjust myself without her knowing but i think she saw but she didn't say anything. So i sat down and she made scrambled eggs, bacon, and orange juice.  "Thank you Denise.

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  ""How many times do have to tell you to call me mommy. ""ok i'm sorry, mommy. "So we both ate breakfast, talked a little bit. I didn't say much because I wanted her to keep reading the paper so i could stare at her nipples that were peeking through her nighty. God she is hot! I wanted to suck on those tities so badly. I finished my breakfast and cleared my plate and took hers too. "thanks john. "I went over to the couch and started to watch some cable. There were a few good movies on. I started to watch this one about sex and murder. The movie was alright. A lot of action and sex around every corner. My mother in law started to watch it with me. "what are you watching?""some movie, never heard of it before but it's alright so far. "So we watched it together on  the couch.

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   Now everything is fine but when the sex scenes came on it got a little awkward. I felt like changing the channel but i just sat there. I started to get hard because my mind began to think about my mother in law again. I just needed that ass! "Do you want me to change it?""No, that's ok leave it. "Fine with me. I enjoy the breasts and guns at every corner. So did my mother in law apparently. I noticed at the steamy sex scenes she had the pillow between her legs and was bucking just a little. I could not take my eyes off of her. It looked like my sexy 42 year old latin mother in law was getting turned on by this movie. She looked at me and then i quickly smiled and quickly looked back at the tv. She got up from the couch and said, "i'm going to go take a shower. ""ok. " My mind began to race again because I was picturing her getting undressed from that sexy see through nighty and those big beautiful tits pop out. As she steps out of that thong and her sweet pussy  exposed to anyone who was lucky enough to see it drove me mad.

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   I just continued watching the tv. The movie was going nowhere so i flipping the channel when i hear a noise. I heard it again and again. I thought she was singing or something but i was curious so i went upstairs. I was getting closer to the noise. It was my mother in law in bathroom, moaning. Oh my god!!! I think she is masturbating! I stayed  there for a while and just listened. I was getting so hard now. I finally built up some kinkyness and tried to open the door. It was open. I slowly cracked the door and tried not to make a sound. I was successful. The noise was louder now. I was right it was my mother in law and she was masturbating in the shower! I never wanted to leave that spot. I could only see alittle because the shower glass was that foggy type.

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   But when she occasionly got close to the glass i saw what i needed to have at any cost! i knew it now. She was so sexy and i was so horny! I thought to myself as I saw my beautiful mother in law denise pleasure herself, fingering that beautiul latin pussy and squeezing those big wet tities; I have to have her soon. Like a creep I went to her room and went to the closet. In my mind I was going to wait in the closet and just spy on her. I wish I had the video camera. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. I waited and waited. I finally heard the shower turn off. Shortly after that she came in her bedroom wearing her robe. I guess she dries off in the bedroom and blow dries her hair. I couldn't breathe. My heart was racing and all my blood went to my cock. I didn't move one inch. She took off her rope and let it drop to the floor. She grapped the towel and started to dry her curvacious body.

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   My mother in law started drying her arms and her neck. My cock was coming out of my shorts. Something came over me. Looking was not going to be enough. I needed it all. I quietly took off my shirt and shorts. I was still wearing what i wore last night. I'm glad i did because it was fast and easy. I was only in my boxers now. I stood there for a while and thought to myself. I can't do this, this is my mother in law. She's family. My wife's mom. No. I started to forget about it.

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   I will just wait until she goes in the bathroom or something. I couldn't rape my mother in law anyway. Too many problems would happen later. No. But, just then I started to change my mind. My mother in law bent down and was drying her long tan legs. I saw her tits hang and sway back and forth as she did this. Her now big no tan line wet ass was directly in front of me. It looked like she was grapping her ankles. That is what did it for me. I tooked my boxers off and now I was completely nude; just like my mother in law. I opened the closet door and as i was coming out she was standing up and I surprised her to say the least. With my momentum I pushed her on her own bed. I was now on top of her. My 8 inch rock hard cock was just resting between my mother in law's ass cheeks.

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   She started to scream but I said, " shut up mommy, this is going to happen. " She didn't say anything. I was horny I didn't know wear to start but i decided to start where i was. that sexy big tan ass of hers. I didn't know if she was use to anal or not. My wife says i'm too big for her so now her mom is going to take me. Lucky for me her ass was still wet from the shower. My cock just slid in like nothing. "ahhhhhh!" my mother in law screamed but not too loud though. "I'm going to fuck your ass for a little bit. " I started to slowly pump the head of my dick in my mother in law's ass. After awhile I stuck all 8 of my penis in my mother in law's ass. I felt like i was in heaven and i was going to cum right there inside her ass! I thrusted rapidly for a few minutes. But nothing more than a few  noises from mommy. Weird I thought.

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   "You like your son in law's cock in your ass don't you denise. " I never wanted to leave her ass but I decided to get more in the moment and have her whole body. I took my big cock out of her and said, "now you are going to try a little ass to mouth action Denise. " "On your knees bitch now. " I couldn't help it. I was not myself. She took awhile to get on her knees. When she finally did I slapped here across the face. "Next time you better do it when I say. Now you will give me a blowjob right now or you are going to get it something harder than a slap. "She opened her mouth and started to take my in. I helped her and put my hands behind her head and fucked her mouth with my dick.   I wanted to cum all over her but i wanted to save some. "Keep sucking mom. You know I love that.

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   Suck you daughter's husband dick. " She never really said no or screamed through all of this. I was curious but I was so into this I didn't care. "Easy Denise I don't want to cum just yet. " "Lie on the bed. I want to eat that beautiul cunt of yours. You've been hiding it from me for years and now I'm going to have all I want. " She did as she was told and lied down. I forced her legs up and placed them on my back. I started to go to town on that pussy. I ate it like it was watermelon. It tasted like strawberries though to me. I was so sweet. She began to moan. Just like what started this whole thing.


   "ahhhhh" "ooohhh" but this was all quietly done though not too loud. She was just letting me do all this to her. I fucked her ass for a little bit, she sucked my cock like a pro, I was currently eating that latin pussy out with no restraint. But now I needed that taco. "ok denise I think that is enough. It sounded like you like that. " "Well if you liked that, you are  going to love this. " "l'm going to fuck that wet pussy with my big cock. What do you think about that?" No response. So with that I still had her long tan legs up and just played at the opening of her cunt. But I was soon tired of waiting and I just shoved all 8 of me in to my mother in law. She was so wet from me just eating her and her own juices as well, I had no trouble pumping her. I was thrusting like there was a time clock. Faster and faster. Her big titties were moving up and down rapidly with every pound.

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   "Your cunt is so wet i love it. I can fuck you all day. I can't believe it my wife came out of you and now I'm fucking you. " "How does it feel denise?"She finally said something, " I keep telling you to call me mommy. "Oh god! My mother in law wanted me to keep fucking her. She loved it. I started to rape my own mother in law and she was in to it. She was moaning like crazy now. Louder and Louder. She was screaming as I was thrusting and pounding her cunt with all my might. "Fuck me son! Fuck your mother in law! Give it to me! It's been a long time! AHHHHHH!!!!! I FEEL IT, IT'S COMING, I'M GOING TO CUM. HARDER!!" With that I couldn't hold out any longer. I buried my seed into my mother in law as she dug her nails into my back and came with me. I just stayed inside her until every drop was inside. I thought to myself I can't wait to do this again because I didn't do everything to her yet and this has been my dream for a long time.

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   "thanks mommy. you are the best. we should do this again sometime soon. "she said, "How about tonight. " "Maybe Maria can join us?" To be continued. .



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