Happy holidays


Stepping off the plane I was looking forward to two weeks of sun, sea and a little relaxation, okay so I had other things on my mind too, I had to find the place where all the girls my age hung out.
My mum and dad put the cases on the bus and Nicola, my 18 year old little sister and I headed to the back and found four seats.
After an hour on the coach we were glad to get to the hotel and get settled in, I had promised Nicola that if she didn’t bug me too much I would even get her a few drinks without our parents knowing.
My dad signed us in and we headed to the room to put our stuff in before heading out to sight see, although Nicola and I got a bit of a shock, my dad had booked a room with a double bed and a room with 2 singles.
What we got was 2 double beds, after much arguing with the hotel, they claimed that the booking through the travel agent requested 2 double beds, my dad asked for our room to be changed.
The girl told him as this was the height of the season, they didn’t have any other rooms available, to my surprise Nicola took my dad aside and told him not to worry about it as she didn’t mind sharing with me.

My mum seemed fine with it, my dad seemed fine with it, so no matter how much I protested they weren’t going to listen to me.
The first couple of nights were fine although the third night I woke about 3am and realised I was cuddling into Nicola; I had my hand on her small soft breasts. I slowly slipped my hand away and rolled over.
I thought Nicola was asleep and hadn’t noticed although later she told me that if I didn’t buy her a proper drink she would tell mum that I was touching her up, when I challenged her, she turned and looked at me and said “Hand on my boobs” need I say more.
That night I agreed to watch Nicola while my mum and dad went out for a romantic meal at a restaurant near by, Nicola kept insisting that I got her drink from the bar, by midnight Nicola was drunk and I had to help her back to our room.
Nicola staggered into the toilet and pulled on a long night dress, and climbed into bed as I went down to the bar again, when I finally arrived I climbed into bed drunk and rolled over and cuddled into her as I drifted asleep.
About 4 in the morning I stirred slightly out of a nice dream as I realised that I was hard, although to my disbelief I could feel a hand working my cock I lay there stunned, my sister was giving me a hand job in her sleep.
The more she worked my cock the more I wanted to slide my hand over and touch those soft breasts, I moved slightly to get a better angle then heard Nicola whisper “Do you want to lie on top” she asked as I nodded turning my head and seeing her eyes in the pale light of the street lights outside.
“Do you want me to” I whispered back watching her nod softly
I slipped my hand down to the bottom of her night dress then lifted it slightly to see if she was wearing panties, all I could feel was her pussy hairs as I stroked them gently.

    After a minute or two of touching her and realising that she was moist to the touch I rolled over and climbed on top, as I guided my cock to her sweet moist pussy, I felt my cock press against her as she opened to accommodate me.

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       My sister was really tight, I loved the smell of the perfume she was wearing as I placed my head to her neck and snorted the scent as I slowly started to work my cock into her.
    Nicola let out a quiet moan as I continued to work myself deeper into her.
    “Ssshhh, mum and dad will hear us” I said as she whispered “sorry”.
    “Lift your nightie, I want to see your tits” I whispered as she wriggled under me and pulled up her nightie.
    I lay there in the faint light looking at those small well formed breasts as she smiled up at me, as I started to quicken the pace a little.
    Nicola let out another gentle moan although this one wasn’t as loud, as I felt her pushing her hips into mine, within a minute or two Nicola was driving up harder than I could drive down.
     “Oh I’m Cumming” she whispered as I felt her going tense under me. Nicola lay there rigid for a few seconds before relaxing as I kept pumping away into her sweet pussy.
    “Can I cum inside you” I whispered as I watched her nod.
    As she stopped nodding I felt my cock tense and fire my hot juices into her tight little cunt. I let out a light grunt as I shot into her.
    I lay there on top of her as she smiled up at me.
    “Did you like what we done” Nicola asked as I lay there still moving my hips back and forward as I nodded.
    “Would you like to do it again tonight” she had a dirty little grin on her face as I smiled back and nodded.
    “On one condition, you give me a blowjob” I said trying to push my luck.

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    “Deal” Nicola replied as I climbed off and let her head to the bathroom and clean.



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