Happy Families


Thus it was that when Nicky slipped silently into my room one night, I knew what she wanted but I knew that we would have to be quiet ‘cos Mom was sleeping only feet away in her own room. Nicky wanted cock, and she wanted it large. As usual, she wore only a loose tee-shirt and when I signalled wordlessly to her, she pulled it over her head, her breasts tumbling forth, two perfect globes, two small but perfect melons to which I immediately bent my head as she cupped them for my kisses, her head thrown back, hair falling loosely over her golden shoulders. She was naked now and I kicked off my skivvies to stand pressed against her body as we kissed. My erection grew, my cock now jutting forward, seeking the softness of her belly, twitching to her touch as she dropped her hands to hold me firmly, stroking me, cradling my balls as she thumbed the head of my cock. I dropped my hand between her legs, felt her legs open as my fingers slid into her cunt, felt her moisten as I rubbed her clitoris, heard her gasp as I inserted first one finger, then two, then three before beginning to rock her backward and forward on my thrusting hand. Our lips were still locked and her hands were grasped my cock, now swollen to its full length and thickness. Still wordless, I pushed Nicky backward, to sit on the bed as I stood before her, my cock swaying inches from her mouth. I pushed her legs apart and held her head as she began to fellate me. Her head rose and fell on me as she savoured the taste and feel of my cock in her mouth and I saw her drop one hand between her legs as she began to frig herself as she sucked my cock. I could hear liquid sounds, both from the motion of her hand in her pussy and from the in-an-out thrusting of my cock as she took me deeper and deeper in her throat. I dropped my hands from her head to squeeze her tits, pinching her nipples and causing her to take an intake of breath, heightening the intensity of her sucking of my cock. I was about ready to cum in my sister’s delicious and willing mouth when I heard the click of the door handle behind me and saw Mom’s shadow fall across the bed. I looked up to meet Mom’s eyes but I made no effort to stop the in-and-out thrusting of my cock in Nicky’s mouth. Nicky’s eyes were closed as she anticipated a flood of cum in her mouth. Mom stood in the doorway, half-light falling on her from the dim light of the hallway.


   I could see that she was naked too, save only for a pair of high-heeled black shoes which gleamed in the dim light. Her hand on the door handle, she took in the scene. I still made no move to break away from Nicky’s mouth – in fact, I dropped one hand so that Mom could see her son’s cock deep in her daughter’s throat, her daughter’s hungry mouth swallowing her son’s mighty cock, his balls bouncing against her throat, Nicky’s hand deep in her own cunt as she frigged herself to the rhythm of my surging cock. I saw Mom’s own hand drop from the door handle to touch her own vagina. Surprised, I could gaze upon Mom as she began to rub her pussy, her other hand to her mouth as she sucked on her fingers in simulation of Nicky’s sucking of my cock. Mom stepped silently over to stand behind me then, pressing her breasts against my back, her belly against me, sliding her arms around my waist. “I guessed something was up when I saw Nicky wasn’t in her bed”, she whispered. “I’m glad to find you together at last, now we can share”. Hearing Mom’s voice, Nicky glanced up but did not miss a stroke. Eyes now wide open, she went on sucking my rigid cock. Mom stepped around me then and sat on the edge of the bed beside Nicky. Gently prising Nicky’s fingers from around my cock, she continued Nicky’s stroking of me but leaned forward to kiss Nicky full on the lips. I saw Nicky’s lips open and her tongue meet Mom’s and I saw Mom’s smile as she tasted my juices on Nicky’s lips. “Let’s do this together, baby” I heard her say. Nicky nodded and together they turned to me again.

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   My mother and my sister then began an epic blowjob, alternately sucking, stroking, kissing, licking and loving my cock. I saw Mom’s hand slide down Nicky’s breasts, lingering to caress before slipping between Nicky’s legs and into her pussy. I saw Nicky do the same to Mom, Mom’s legs opening to allow her daughter’s fingers into her cunt. This was the greatest ecstasy for me, two of the best fucks in the world worshipping my cock at the same time, a shining strand of my pre-cum linking them as they swapped mouthful for throbbing mouthful. How long I could enjoy this I did not know but it did not matter, Mom and Nicky were going to decide for me as they intensified their sucking, as well as their own finger-fucking of one another. I could stand it no longer and with one last might thrust, one almighty surge, I allowed my cum to burst on their faces just as I heard them both gasp simultaneously as they came together. I watched as my cum shot across their faces, saw their open mouths as they received my flow, saw it splash on face and lips, felt them dip their heads once again to suck deeply of my throbbing cock, to drain the last drop of my cum from my cock then turn to one another and kiss, exchanging flow and counter-flow of my cum from mouth to mouth, saw their tongues as they laughed and licked one another’s faces, still grasping my cock before Mom pulled me down between them and they both began to kiss me on the mouth turn and turn about. “Did you know all along?”, Nicky asked Mom. “No, I just guessed that sooner or later our cover would be broken and you would find out about Johnny and me”, said Mom. “But I kind of guessed that maybe you already knew and I wondered whether you’d want some of Johnny too, I know I would have, if I were you. This cock of his is something else, isn’t it?” “It sure is, Mom”, said Nicky, with a big smile at me. We lay there for a while, Nicky and I, cradled on Mom’s breasts, and dozed for a time. I woke a short while later to the feel of two hands caressing my penis. I opened my eyes to see both Mom and Nicky running their fingers gently up and down my stiffening cock. This was looking good, I thought.

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   A whole new vista was opening up and I intended to take full advantage of it. I positioned myself between Mom and Nicky as they lay side by side, just my torso between them as I knelt between them.
    I quietly told them what to do – to bend their legs, to open wide, to hold my swelling cock– and I began to methodically finger-fuck them both, one hand in each cunt. Slowly and carefully I masturbated them, feeling them loosen and grow wet, seeing warmth and pleasure grow on their faces. “Let’s give Mom a treat, Nicky” I said as I pulled her down to lie beside me between Mom’s legs. We began to eat Mom’s pussy, dipping alternately, kissing by turn, probing with our tongues, each with up hand up to Mom’s tits. Mom’s legs were wide, wide open now and we had a glorious up-close view of her glistening wet cunt. Her clitoris was enlarged, swollen, throbbing as Nicky and I sucked on it, feeling Mom’s hands on our heads as we licked her hot, wet pussy. We felt Mom’s excitement rise, felt her hips lift to meet our mouths. Our mouths were close together now, our tongues meeting around Mom’s clitoris, and I felt Nicky’s hand on my cock again as she began to masturbate me. I ran my hand down her body to her open cunt and began to masturbate her too as we continued to eat Mom’s pussy. Overhead, we could hear Mom’s husky voice: “Oh babies, my little babies, that’s so good, that’s so good, that’s right, eat Momma’s pussy, eat Momma’s cunt, come on babies, come on, eat me, eat me, make me wet, make me cum, oh yes, fuck me, babies, fuck me” I looked closely at Nicky’s face so close to mine. She was intent on sucking Mom’s clit and I edged away, to see her take up the full space between Mom’s legs, her face buried deeply in Mom’s cunt, her hands under Mom’s ass, lifting Mom up and into her face. I slipped off the bed and stood behind Nicky as she continued to wallow in Mom’s cunt. Stroking my cock, I looked down at my two favourite fucks. 

       I saw that Mom still wore her high-heeled black shoes and that her eyes were watching me but she still pulled Nicky hard into her groin, pushing her vulva up into Nicky’s hungry mouth, a tight grip on her daughter’s long blonde hair as she pulled her into her own dark matted thatch. I lifted Nicky’s ass from behind and pushed her legs apart. Nicky’s face was still glued to Mom’s cunt, loud slurping sounds rising from her mouth. Her own cunt glistened as I fingered her from behind. Standing, I rammed my long hard cock into her soft wet cunt and felt her push back hard to meet my thrusting penis. I saw Mom lift her legs and put them over Nicky’s shoulders, the sharp heels of her shining shoes digging into my chest as I pushed forward into Nicky from behind. Mom’s hands were twisted in Nicky’s hair as she pushed her pussy into Nicky’s face, pulling Nicky hard into her as she did so. Her eyes were fixed on mine as I fucked Nicky from behind. With each thrust of my cock, Nicky pushed back onto me, Mom rammed her pussy up into Nicky’s face, pulled Nicky down into her gaping cunt, dug her sharp heels into my chest as Nicky licked harder and harder, faster and faster. Between us we achieved and maintained a relentless rhythm, building towards a mighty orgasm and when it hit us, it hit us all three like a tidal wave and I heard Mom scream, Nicky gasp, then scream, as the flood of Mom’s orgasm hit her mouth, the heat of mine hit her womb and her own orgasm flooded over my cock and down her legs and mine. I shuddered as I drained my cock into Nicky’s cunt and felt her body shake and shudder too as Mom’s whole body trembled and shook to the last drop of her orgasm, before I fell forward to join Mom and Nicky in the lake of cum in which we lay and slept. One happy family, I thought as I drifted off to sleep. ©THE AUTHOR, 2003. .



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