Happy Birthday Samantha


I looked at her sheepishly and tried to come up with a quick explaination,"Well. . I. . . uhh. . . the door was unlocked. . yeah. "Samantha rolled her eyes and threw a face cloth at me. The wet cloth slapped my face wiith a loud smack. Not to be outdone, and fuled by pure sibling competitivness, I threw it right back at her. The cloth took her off guard and she stumbled in the shower, pitching forward and holding onto the shower curtain for support. However, the shower curtain and it's plastic rings were not meant to support someone hanging onto them and they bent and fell off the metal bar.


  I looked up from the curtain which was on the floor now, and my eyes got their first glimpse of my sister's beautiful nude, 18 year old body. It took her a minute to realize what had happened and when she did, she noticed me looking at her body. She quickly used her arm to cover her tits and her other hand to cover her pussy and shrieked at me to get out. I ran from the bathroom, even though I knew her shriek wouldn't bring anyone, both my parents had gone on a 3 week 25th anniversery vacation. I took shelter in my bedroom and lay down on my bed with a good book. Although, no matter how hard I tried to focus on the storyline, my thoughts kept drifting back to the gorgeous form I had beheld not but 5 minutes ago. My sister, was growing into a beautiful woman, and I always teased her about breaking some poor guy's heart one day. She was 5'7" with dark brown hair and 36C breasts. She was completely shaven, and her pussy was a vision of beauty. I had to tell someone!I reached over to my bedside table and grabbed the cordless phone. I dialed and my best friend Mark answered,"hello?""hey markus! what going on man?""Mike. . . it's 7:30 in the morning. .

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   what the hell is wrong with you. . ""oh you know me. . early to bed and all that. . ""uh huh. . well now that im up, what do you want?""Ok well, your never going to believe this but I saw Sam naked today in the bathroom"". . . what is this about?. . . are you trying to torture me, you know damn well I've liked her for two years.

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  . "I stopped suddenly, he was right, he had liked her for two years, and I didn't think this was helping his hopes for ever being with her. . but, he's a nice guy so i decided to end the convo there. . "oh yeah, you got me man. . just. . yankin ur chain""screw you man *laughs* im going back to bed, unless the world is going to end, dont call me until noon""yeah yeah. . cya"I hung up and was left with a dilema, the only other person I could talk about this with was Sam, but was that even an option??I had little time to think about it, as Sam walked into my room wearing a white fluffy towel. Her wet her was matted against her bare shoulders. "Mike, you ok?"I sat up on my bed and looked at her,"Yes, im fine, are you?"She seemed to relax a little, and sat down beside me on the bed. "yes im fine, look, im sorry for yelling at you before, it's just.

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  . . well your the only guy who's ever seen my naked, and your my brother. . it was awkward, you can't blame me. "I was trying to look her in her eyes and pay attention but my gaze kept drifting away to her shoulders and her bare legs, knowing she was naked under that towel was killing me. "mike?"I snapped back to attention and replied"yes?"she looked confused,"did you even hear what I said?""oh course I did, and I completely understand"Her smile came back, and what a beautiful smile it was. "great. Now umm could I ask you something?"Taking on my brotherly duties, I straightened up and said,"of course anything. . "She twirled her hair, which meant she was nervous about something,"Well, as I said before, you are the first guy to ever see me naked and Ive always been a little self-conscience and. . "I interrupted her,"oh you don't have to worry about that Sam," I said blushing, "you have a beautiful body that any guy would love Sam""It's not that Mike. . but Ive been thinking of persuing a relationship with someone and If things get serious I don't know.


  . what to do. . "My eyes grew wide and my cock began to stiffen. "Well, didn't you and mom talk about this?. . " I asked. "Well yes, but talking and showing is a whole different thing mikey. . "She moved closer to me and placed her hand on my knee. Ive always loved my sister, in ways that may be considered illegal or immoral by some, but it didnt change my feelings. Not wanting to waste this moment, I leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. She didn't resist and pushed closer to me, as your tougues, fueled by formidden love, explored each other's mouths. She placed her hand on my chest and broke away from me. Standing up she loosened the towel and it fell to the floor, revealing her beauty to me again.


   "wow. . " was all I could say. . Sam smiled and began to pull my clothes off while moving her hips, which intranced me totally. Since I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts it didn't take her long, and I heard her gasp as my fully erect 7 1/2" member stood there waiting for her. "My god Mike. . " she said"Haven't you ever seen one before sis?" I said with a smile,"well, only dildos, but never this big. . "These words filled me with want and desire and I pulled her on the bed with me. "Now sis, " keeping with some formality, even though we both sat there nude. "This is called the 69 position". . I lay down and told her to lie so her ass was in my face and her head was down by my dick.

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   She seemed to know what she was doing from this point on because she took my dick into her mouth and sucked. I put my head up to her slit and gently licked. Me having been more expierienced than her. She moaned with pleasure and let out a stream of "oh my god"'s . She suddenly sat up and told me she wanted to do more, and climbed on top of me. I helped her guide my dick into her pussy and she moaned as her hymen broke and blood trickled down. I told her it would feel alot better soon, and to keep going and she did. "oh god mike, it feels so good" Not hearing her I thought out loud"fuck, your so tight. . . I love it"She smiled and her tits bounced as she rode my cock. She announced that she was going to cum, and so I pulled her off and layed her on her back and lay down on top of her and entered into her again. As I built up speed she pulled me close to her and we kissed again. Though, the kiss was cut short as she let out a loud moan. It was a good thing our parents weren't home.

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   I pulled out and lay down beside her rubbing her soft skin with my hand. We lay there and kissed and fondled in silence for an hour, until I finally said,"Happy Birthday Sam" She looked at me strangly and then back over at the calander on my wall and smiled. "Well so it is. . thank you Mike. . you've given me the best present ever. " She kissed me again and stood up and walked towards the door, not bothering to put on the towel again. I stopped her at the door and asked. . "Wait, who was it you wanted to persue a relationship with?"She looked rather embarrassed and said, "You friend Mark. . " she said blushingI smiled slowly and nodded as she walked from the room humming her favourite song. I lay back on the bed and chuckled to myself. "so mark," I thought.

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  . "well. . good for him. . "I reached down and picked up the book and started reading again. ******So it did turn out that Mark and Sam did get together and her and I never did just full out fuck each other anymore. Although on occasion she would suck me off or I would lick her off. When school got back in session my friends asked me if I had gotten a job, I told them I didnt, thought surprisingly I said with a large grin on my face, and they never found out why. Comments Please!.



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