Hanna and Daddy - Part 1


I live alone with my daughter, now 18 years old. Hanna and I have been our mutual support systems since her mother walked out on us when Hanna was 6. I have seen Hanna through her schooling so far, and am proud to say that she is an honor student. I have bathed her, dressed her, seen her through a broken heart due to lost friends or lost boyfriends; I have bought clothes, measured her for bra sizes, counseled her when life seems to be dealing her a rotten hand, and discussed sex, periods, birth control, and all the things that girls sometimes want a mother for. We don’t walk around the house in the nude, but both of us has caught the other in the nude fairly often through the years. Neither of us has any problems with the other seeing him or her dressed in underwear, and I’ve often seen her boobs through a thin sheen of a nightie.
One day, Hanna was riding with home with friends, when a drunk driver hit their car. The collision was horrific, but thanks to seat belts and air bags, no one was killed, though all were injured. Hanna had her lower left leg broken in two places, and her left kneecap was broken as well. Surgery was performed that night, and she was in a cast from ankle to thigh; for a while, she had to make her way around in a wheelchair. This meant some changes in our lifestyle, but since I work out of my house, work wasn’t affected to any great extent. I brought her home shortly after the surgery.
The one thing that did change was how Hanna handled personal habits. When it came to brushing teeth, washing her face, or brushing her hair, it was more comfortable to perform those tasks from her bed with a hand-held mirror. But when it came to bathing, Hanna found that she had to rely on dear old dad for a lot of help there. Since she was in a cast, she could not get her left leg wet at all.

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   So I ran her bath water, then lifted her into the tub. She kept a pair of shorts and a shirt on until I left the bathroom, then removed the shirt, but when she tried to wash under and around her shorts, her butt slipped in the tub, moving her injured leg, and she shrieked with pain. I ran into the bathroom, afraid of what I might find, and Hanna only sobbed with pain.
“Daddy, please help me. If I don’t hold on to the tub, I’ll slip again. ”
“OK, honey. Do you want me to cover you with a towel?” I asked.
“No, thanks, Daddy. I think you’ve seen me naked before, so there are no secrets. ” That took a lot of pressure off the situation, and I soaped up a wash cloth, and began washing her. Even though I had seen her naked before, each time was very brief, and I didn’t really have an appreciation for how beautiful my little girl had become. She had shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, flawless lightly tanned skin, and lovely 36B boobs that had no sag to them. The nipples were a light brown, and both were fully erect with ¼“ nipples. Her tummy was as flat as any I’ve ever seen, and she had just a little bit of pubic hair on her mons, obviously the result of trimming.
I started washing her neck, then worked my way down as she braced herself on the sides of the tub.

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   I washed around her boobs, though the cloth dragged over her nipples as I did so, causing them to stand at attention. Next was her midsection, then below her waist. “If you want me to wash your bottom, you’ll have to stand up now” I suggested.
Hanna replied “I think I can get my bottom, but will you please get my back for me?” Of course, I agreed, and gave her back a good scrubbing. When I finished, she washed her pussy area, then worked her way down her lovely right leg. Now that she was through with her bath, I put my arms around her and lifted her to her feet (or rather, to her foot, since she could stand on her right foot only), and could feel her boobs resting on my forearm. I was glad that she couldn’t see my cock, since it had long ago become erect. I got a nice view of her sexy 34” ass as I lifted her out of the tub. I then put an arm around her again, before picking her up and carrying her to her bed.
“Daddy, thank you for your help tonight. I guess I’ll have to get your help when I bathe for a while now, if you don’t mind. ” Hanna was still sitting naked on the bed, looking sexy yet innocent. Mind? How could I mind seeing a naked girl night after night, and touching her naked body. “But I’m getting cold--can you dry me off now?”
I reacted quickly. “I’m sorry, honey, I’m just not used to this yet.

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  ” I grabbed a towel from the bathroom, and quickly began drying her back. I couldn’t help but gaze at her naked body, and began to fantasize about what I could do with her body.
“Daddy, are you OK?” she asked.
“Yes, I guess I’m just tired” I lied. I swiftly finished her back, then handed the towel to her so she could dry the rest. “What do you want to wear?” I asked, as I walked to her dresser.
“I just need a pair of panties and a night shirt. Will you help me put the panties on, please?” she asked.
“Sure, since you asked nicely” I joked. I moved to her feet, and couldn’t help but glance up her legs to her pussy. The soft red hairs looked so inviting, I could barely keep from running my fingers through them. ‘I have got to stop thinking like this!‘ I said to myself. ‘This is sick. You are her dad, after all. ‘ As I slid the panties up her legs, they became stuck under the cast.

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   I lifted her injured leg up a bit, and she lifted her ass with the other leg, I noticed two things: first, I saw her pussy lips between her legs, and second, her pussy lips were clean shaven. Not even a hint of hair could be seen. When I looked up, I thought I saw her staring at my crotch. Or did she catch me staring at her pussy? But then, I thought I saw the faintest smile on her face. Little wonder, since my cock was standing stiff as a flagpole, and was trying to peek over the waist band. I finally got her panties over her ass and pussy, then she sat up and pulled her nightshirt over her head.
“Anything else I can do for you, Hanna?” I asked.
“I have a small bag in my nightstand--will you get that for me?” I opened the drawer, located the bag, and when I removed it, noticed a small vibrator under it. ‘Well she is growing up’ I thought to myself, then closed the drawer. I handed the bag to her, then went to take a shower.
I thought of Hanna’s naked body, those soft but firm boobs, her red pussy hair, and the feel of her ass and pussy as I began stroking my cock. I imagined fucking my own daughter, and the speed of my hand increased. Soon, I felt my cum rising, and suddenly, I was shooting all over the tub and shower wall. I could hear myself groan as my orgasm built and passed, and was surprised at the intensity of my cum. I must have shot 8 times before my cock was finally spent.

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   Even when I was first married, I couldn’t do that. Finally, I soaped off and removed all the evidence from the tub drain before turning the water off. I dried off and slid a pair of PJ shorts on sans underwear. Thankfully, my erection was finally gone.
I checked on Hanna once more, and she was busy painting her toenails, having already done her fingernails. I guess girls can’t ever be caught without some color on their nails. She had just finished the right foot, and was reaching for her left, when she realized what a challenge that would be.
“Oh, Daddy, I’m glad you’re here. Can you help with my left foot, please?” she begged. “I could probably do it, but it’s going to be hard. ”
“You could always leave your left nails nude” I joked.
“Y-U-U-CK! No way” she replied.
“OK, I’ll help” I said. When I sat down at the end of her leg, I saw her draw her right knee up, and noticed that her panties had drawn to one side (probably due to her struggling to keep her balance when doing her right toes), and I had a clear shot of her pussy lips again. I didn’t know whether to say anything or not, but I was enjoying the view too much to tell her.

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   As I carefully painted her nails, she spread her legs a bit further to allow her right leg to hang over the edge of the mattress, and I got a clearer view of that shaven pussy. Her lips were beginning to spread, and it was getting difficult to concentrate on her nails. It was also impossible to control my ever-hardening cock, and I was just praying that she didn’t notice that the head was trying to move past the waistband of my shorts. I tried keep my eyes off her pussy, but it was impossible.
Then I noticed that not only could I see her pussy lips clearly, but her inner lips were beginning to protrude, and there was some light reflection there, meaning some moisture was escaping from her pussy. Was Hanna getting turned on? Could she see the outline of my cock that clearly? Or was it something else? I glanced down at my shorts, and found a small wet spot of my own had been deposited just below the elastic band. Maybe Hanna had noticed it also. I glanced back up at her pussy, and her own wet spot had gotten bigger, and was trailing downward. Finally, I was finished with her nails, and after she thanked me, I hurriedly left her room, hoping not to embarrass myself any further.
I went to the kitchen to get a drink, and tried to get the night’s events with Hanna out of my mind. I sat on my easy chair, trying to convince myself that I wasn’t a dirty old man, but not having much luck, when I heard some noises from Hanna’s room. I walked down the hall, thinking that she might need another pain pill. But when I looked in her room, pain seemed to be the last thing on her mind.
Though her panties were still on, it was obvious that her fingers were buried between her pussy lips. I stopped short in her doorway, and watched her as she moved her first two fingers in and out of her pussy, making squishing sounds with each movement.

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   The sounds I heard from the other room were not sounds of need, but sounds of desire, and she moaned again, a long, low, guttural sound, before burying her fingers as deeply as she could and holding them there as her right leg clamped tightly against her hand. She was pinching her nipples with her left hand, then suddenly her breathing became as rapid as a runner’s, as she obviously was cumming. After a short while, her leg relaxed, and Hanna pulled her fingers out of her cunt. They were obviously wet, coated with her pussy juices, and I imagined them being my cock just pulled from her pussy. I stuck my hand down the front of my shorts, and massaged the head slowly, and before long felt my cum begin its unstoppable rise. I crept down the hall and closed the door upon entering my bedroom. Still keeping her bald pussy and her glistening wet fingers in my mind, I dropped my shorts to the floor, sat on my bed, and began stroking my cock again, quickly shooting my cum all over my hand and my stomach. I nearly passed out upon having my orgasm, but managed to keep control until I came down a bit.
Again, I began to ask myself some questions: Why is Hanna showcasing herself like that? Does she want me to see her finger-fucking her, or did she just assume that I wasn’t there? What if she knew I saw her--what then? Above all, am I just a dirty old man for even looking?
The next night at her bath time, she used her crutches to get herself into the bathroom, but since I was going to see her naked in the tub, didn’t bother with putting any clothing on. I helped her into the tub gently, getting a good look at her pussy, boobs, and especially her ass as I slowly lowered her into the water. Once again, my cock began its upward rise, and once again, I struggled to keep it from her view. This time, she asked me to stay so that she could talk to me about various questions about life in general. While we were talking, she put her good foot into one corner of the tub, again giving me an even better look at her pussy, since her left leg was already spread out. I could see her inner lips, and her slightly swollen clit, which caused a little more swelling of my own. When she washed between her legs, her inner lips swelled to their fullest, and her clit was in even plainer view, as was my fully swollen cock.

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   Just as I was beginning to want to reach out and touch her, she asked me to help her out of the tub. I wrapped one arm around her again, and helped her stand up. I helped her onto her bed, with one arm wrapped under shoulder under her boob, and helped dry her back. As she dried her boobs, her nipples stood at attention at the ends of her gorgeous boobs. She reached out for a nightie that she had left out, and pulled it over her head. I noticed two things quickly: first, that her nightie was very sheer, and second, that she didn’t worry about any panties. My cock continued to point toward the sky, held in only by the gym shorts I was wearing.
Hanna began using alcohol to remove the previous day’s nail polish from her toes, and she pulled her right foot toward her in order to reach the toes more easily. I was sitting on the end of the bed again, and her position made it much easier to get a clear view of her pussy. I still had to believe that this was intentional, since as I looked at her naked lips, her inner lips began to swell, and fluid again began to leak. Just as the night before, she asked me to remove the polish from her left foot, and as I did so, put her right foot on the sideboard of the bed, spreading her pussy lips even wider. As they spread, I heard a small ‘smack,’ again revealing some wetness inside her pussy. Her spread legs afforded me a perfect view inside her pussy again, and once more, I could see her wetness growing by the minute.
I found an excuse to leave the room at that moment, and even offered to close the door for her, but she declined. I went to the bathroom, and quickly jacked off into the toilet.

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   My cock was already at its fullest length, so it took only a minute of rubbing around the head to cause it to shoot again. When I had recovered and cleaned up, I quietly went back up the hall toward her room, knowing I should have headed toward mine. I looked around the door frame, only to see Hanna completely naked (except for the cast), and this time, I heard a humming noise from her room. It only took a second before I realized that it was the vibrator I had seen in her night stand, and half of it was buried in her cunt. Only seconds later, her right knee drew up and she lifted her magnificent ass off the bed. Simultaneously, her moans increased in loudness until her breathing finally caught in midstream. As her ass fell to the bed, her breathing rate fell, and she took her hand away from the dildo, leaving it in her pussy. Finally, it slipped out of her, still vibrating. She almost seemed to pass out, but reached out to turn it off. Finally, she reached over to turn off her lamp. As she did, she noticed me standing in the doorway, and smiled, saying “I hoped you would be there, Daddy. Why don’t you come in?”
I hesitated, then entered Hanna’s room, getting a good look at my nude daughter. Then came the bombshell question: “Did you enjoy my show?”