gypsy man, his wife and her sister


(i originally posted this story as 'annoymus' by mistake. here it is under my own name)

what I am about to tell you is true. my name is Jimmy and I am a gypsy, a Roma as some call us.
now I don't live in a wagon or a trailer, I have a nice home in new York and I make good money. not by stealing, although somegypsies do, but by working hard.

I got married when I was about 18, my wife was also 18. now my wife was always gorgeous, she was a bit short, maybe 5' 3", had shoulder length black hair, skin like porcelain, and even then had 36 D's. she had 2 other sisters, one was only a year younger then her, but when I married her I always wished I could fuck her sister. she had the same features, though smaller breast she was maybe a small-to-medium c. she was always thinner and had a figure
anyways skip ahead 12 years. I had not seen her sister since she ran away with her VERY wealthy husband about 5 or 6 years ago and moved to Vegas. one day I decided "I need a vacation to get away from this fucking shitty city, I may never come back" reason being people were spreading rumors that my wife was fucking one of my closest friends while I was not home. thing is, I told him to go to my house and pick up some old tools I was not using anymore so he can have them.

So, our flight lands in Vegas and my wife's sister and her husband pick us up from the airport. Val (my wife) and her sister Tiffany hug, I shake her husbands hand (who I got to know very well over the phone, he's a bit of a good-natured rich douche if you know what I mean, he's a good guy just he has so much money it went to his head) and give Tiffany a hug too. I notice her breast had gotten slightly larger then the last time I saw her about 6 years ago.

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   she also dyed her hair bright blond, which looks good on her considering she always had blue eyes. the girl is hotter at 28 then she was at 16,18,and 21, comparing to the fact that my wife never changed (not a bad thing mind you)
finish getting our bags andas I am picking up our rental car Ron (Tiffany's husband) tells me that they booked a hotel with us at the bellagio since they live outside the city, which is basically a desert and don't want to leave us alone

we drive to the hotel and check into our suites. I take a quick nap while Val starts cleaning up. when I wake up she's wearing sort of an emerald green ball gown, It shows off her cleavage and arms really well and flows all the way down to the floor. she looks amazing. "good your up, I'm gonna go downstairs and meet up with tiff',Ron had to leave right away or something about an emergency buchee the gasho wanted to fix so he left her here with us" "OK but before you go down, I need to fuck you!" not really paying attention to her "hey, no. I gotta go, besides I'm gonna mess up my makeup if you cum on my lips!" "how did you know I want to do that!" she just smiled and left me there with a boner. I noticed she left me my black Brion suit and white silk brioni shirt, no tie. if she tells meno tie means she wants to fuck later. I go into the shower, shave, jerk off (thinking of her sisters tits pressed up against me, and cumming on my wife's lips all at the same time) get dressed and head downstairs. it takes me a while to find them but finally I do. Ron had left for unexpected business and Tiffany was pissed "fuck Ronny, I am gonna have the best time of my life with my sister and my brother-in-law" was what I heard her saying as I walked toward them. she was wearing a tight black dress, with a hole cut out showing her cleavage, with rhinestones around her cleavage. as she seen me she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

we hung out for several hours, ate,drank, gambled, caught up, flirted, joked around.

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   normal stuff.
at about 3 AM I was starting to get tired. I didn't drink as much as the girls. we were at the craps table, and the girls were losing miserably. "can we go upstairs now" I started complaining like a little kid. "bray tu shut up already!" Tiffany told me, my wife whispered into her ear, but just loud enough for me to hear her "he wants to have sex since all night, that's what's his problem" her sister just grinned, "op then thay doubesa on the next hand, guav tu MAY hi VI mehe pay" (if we win the next hand me AND my sister will fuck you) thinking she was joking, I laughed and told my I wife she would have to help me bang her sister. and, what I thought was a little too serious, she agreed.
I decided on their next bet, field, and hard 18 out of the blue, for no reason other then FATE, I rolled a hard 10, two 5's. I looked at the girls and smiled. Tiffany leaned in and kissed me on my neck, I freaked out a little and thought that Val would be upset. . . . seeing she was not, I thought "yoy they was serious!" we collected out chips, and went upstairs.

in the elevators we were alone, heading up to the 21st floor and both the girls start making out with each other! I was thinking in my mind "yoy devla chay prekazza gela" (what a bad luck/very bad thing) and "chay dothe gela" (what a hot/sexy thing) all at the same time.

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   the elevator stopped andmy wife rubbed my hard on and pulled me all the way to the room. I pulled the key out of my pocket, opened the room and sort of stumbled in. Val walked in, and then tiff' behind her.

someone closed the door, all I know is that it wasn't me. then my wife kissed me on the lips, rubs her hand over my dick and whispers very softly into my ear "I know you've wanted to fuck my little sister since you first saw her. I want you to make her yours. . . "that was all I needed to hear.

I reached around to Tiffany, brought her close to me, and started French kissing her, while feeling up her ass. I then kissed her neck, and slowly, alternating between a kiss and a lick, made my way to her cleavage. I then took her by the hand and lead her to the bed. "hey, musi chas laki meesh, ga lako rom chee chal meesh!" (honey, you have to eat her pussy because he husband won't eat pussy!) I knew this by listening in on their phone calls sometimes late at night when Val would think I was sleeping, I would listen to her talk to her sister about their sex lives, and then wake up the next morning and fuck her brains out. man, I would cum so much thinking about this girl, imagine what kind of load I would blow now that I am fucking her!.

so I slowly start kissing her ankle, and work my way up her long, sexy legs.

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   when I get to her count, she's wearing black, lacy underwear. I move them to the side and lick her shaved pussy lips from top to bottom, she's already wet, so I continue licking up and down, she moans and rubs her tits through her dress and bra. I stick my tongue inside her pussy hole, and I can feel my dick get harder as she lets out a gasp. I look behind me and see my wife pulled up a chair and is watching me eat out her sister. I got back to Tiffany's count, licking and sucking it like a man who had not eaten in a year and found himself at a buffet. I slowly slide my left index finger into her pussy, while licking her fully exposed clit. "yoy, eat my pussy you. . . you fucking fuck. . . . . .

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  oh dodi. . . . oh god. . . " she starts cumming on my face, feeling her pussy get a little wetter on my face.

"don't stop, lick my clit, yoy don't stop. . fuck yourself harder" only then did I realize the faint humming sound behind me. while fingering Tiffany's red-hot pussy, I turn around and look at my wife, she's plunging a vibrator in and out of her pussy. her underwear is on the floor, one of her leg's is wrapped over the side of the chair. one hand moves the huge, vibrator in and out, the other playing with her tits, which are just hanging out of dress.

"get over here" I tell my wife.

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   without removing the vibrator she comes to where I am on the floor. "if you could make out with your little sister, you can eat her out" I half expected an argument to erupt, instead she dived head-long into her sisters count! I crawled up on the bed, kicked off my pants and shoes and stuck my dick in Tiffany's mouth. I slowly moved it in and out as she licked my shaft and head. I started playing with her hair, and for one reason or another I could not stop thinking about how pretty her hair looked. maybe I was just always a sucker for a blonde, especially now that this one is sucking my dick.

I feel like I'm getting close, so I pull out. I pull the vibrator out of my wife's pussy, stick my dick inside her, thrust no more then 3 or 4 times, and pull out. now I'm TOO close. I tell her to sit on her sisters face, the same way I did, only face towards me. as my wife mounts her own sisters tongue, I notice this is not my wife's vibrator, it must be her sisters. . . they planned this, but for how long? the thought of it that turned me even more.

so I shoved the vibrator all the way into her cunt in one fast motion (it was one of those jack-rabbit that move back-and-forth by itself) she screamed "OH, fuck you Jim!. .

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  . . oy,. . uff" while the crazed sex toy was fucking her hole, I started licking her clit, looking up every so often to see my wife touching herself from head to toe, her eyes closed, getting her clit licked by the one girl I had always fantasized about--my sister in law. Tiffany just kept cumming every few minutes, under the pressure of my tongue and the fake, plastic dick fucking her.
after keeping this up for about 30 minutes, my wife collapsed, and fell on top of me, while I was eating her sisters pussy. I got up off the edge of the bed, pulled the vibrator out, put it in my wife's pussy, and was amazed at what she started doing, she was just making sounds, in between the occasional "fuck me, fuck you, fuck her, bitch, fuck, bastard" and made sounds I never heard before out of ANYONE . it was the most erotic moans I had ever heard.
I then slowly started fucking my wife's sister, while her face was mere inches way from the girls pussy. "lick her pussy while I fuck it" I was not even sure she could hear me. "yoy Val, your such a hot fuck!' my sister-in-law mumbled while licking her sisters pussy lips and vibrator,
while I'm fucking her, I feel like her pussy is pushing me out, her lacy panties only shoved to the side of her thighs, I pull out and remove her underwear, my wife not slowing down on eating the pussy. I stick a finger in her and something I thought I would never see outside of porno's happened. the woman squirted all over my $700 shirt and my wife's face! I licked the pussy juice off of my wife's face and looked in my sister in laws eyes, the girl was ecstatic, shaking, rubbing her hands up and down her legs, I guess the sight was too much for my wife, because she did the same all over her sisters bare chest. watching the two hottest women I know, shivering from sexual pleasure made me want to cum.

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I turned Val on her back, picked up her sister and propped up on top of her back facing me, and started alternating between fucking each of them. after about 18 minutes I want to cum, and I don't want to keep it inside "hey, mongov mekav mon anday che pay!" (honey, I want to cum inside your sister!) "do it" I threw Tiffany onto the bed, picked her legs up as high as I can, sucked on her tongue, then each of her nipples, then started pounding the slut as hard as I can, while my wife watched and cheered us on while fucking herself with the dildo something fierce, "fuck my little sisters count, cum in her twat so I can lick it all up. . . yoy. . . . guav meha day (fuck my mother)I'm cuming again "yoy Valerie so am I paya (sis) jimmy fill me with your cum you fucking bastard"
well, I came for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a minute or two. I pulled out and sat on the chair, the girls however were not done, and rolled into a 69 with my wife on top.

after watching them for about 20-30 minutes, I was sort of hard again, but wasn't too sure how long I would last. I got behind my wife, slided my dick inside her, and started fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. my sister-in-law then started sucking on my left nut, and I came in my wife's hole almost as hard as I did her sisters. I pulled out, and saw the cum drip from her pussy into her sisters mouth.

I then knocked out from exhaustion.

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  . . and that's only the first day I got to Vegas!


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