Growing up never felt so good


Chapter 1

Mike was dreading going home. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with his 18 year old sister’s temper tantrums. For 3 days now she’s been staying with him while his mom went on a business trip and she was driving him crazy with her loud music and her constant whining. “you don’t let me do anything” “why can’t I go out with my friends?” he wanted to shut her up most of the time and he really wasn’t in the mood to hear it today. He can’t believe he just got laid off. Dumped one week and laid off the other week. He felt like the most pathetic person in the world and that pissed him off.

Mike grabbed his things, slammed the car door and practically stomped up the steps of his condo. He needed hard liquor he thought as he inserted his keys through the lock. He pushed opened the door and stopped right on his track. His eyes widened as he took in his 18 year old and very naked little sister lying on the couch with her legs spread wide as a one of the lowlife punks from the neighborhood sucked her clit like he haven’t eaten in days. Her eyes close she moaned loudly “ooooh yeah, ooh that’s so good. Ohh God it feels so good” she said as she ground her nearly bald pussy on his mouth. “You like that baby” the boy said as he sucked harder on her virgin pussy “well wait till I fuck the shit out you. ”

Mike stood there shaking with anger but he was rooted to his spot. He was amazed at how responsive his little sister was.

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   She threw her head back, pinched her own tits and ground her hips harder “ooh yes, Ohh God, Ooh” Kyra moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyeswidened as they fell on the angry face of her brother, she quickly covered her budding breasts but she didn’t push Jason away. Tears of shame ran down her cheeks yet she couldn’t stop Jason who was furiously rubbing and sucking on her clit. Jason was so absorbed in eating her pussy that he didn’t notice anything. She was almost there thought Kyra as she stared at her brother who grew angrier and angrier. Why wasn’t he doing something she though as she bit her lips to keep her from crying out. She was so close. So damn close she thought as she began to sob. Her eyes widened and she screamed as Mike suddenly attacked Jason just as she hit her orgasm. Her legs shook and she gasped for hair as Mike threw Jason on the living room floor.

“How about I fuck the shit out of you huh, you little punk” he gritted as he delivered one blow then another. Kyra screamed and tried to run to her room but Mike quickly grabbed her and threw her on the couch. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going you little slut? I’m not fucking done with you yet” he scowled. Jason used this interruption to pick up what he could of his clothes and ran out of the door. Kyra was terrified never had she seen her older brother like this, so she did the only thing she thought would help, beg for forgiveness

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“I’m so sorry Mike, I, I don’t know what came over me, I, I, never do anything like this, please, I’m so sorry” she begged as she sobbed loudly. Mike didn’t know what came over him, he saw her lips moving but he heard nothing, all he saw was a naked and hot teen body ready to be fucked. He has had a rough couple of weeks and deserved a treat, and Kyra was it, thought Mike as he unbuttoned his shirt and quickly removed it. He was horny, and pissed off and he knew that Kyra wet, and tiny pussy was gonna be his oasis. She was still talking, but he was deaf to whatever she was saying, he only noticed the pouty lips swollen with kisses, and the tiny breasts swollen and covered in love bites, and he felt himself getting angry again. “Three days, that’s how long you been here, three days and you already have some punk snacking on your pussy like you’re a certified slut” he roared as he removed his pants.

Mike stood in his boxer shorts with his tattooed covered biceps bulging and his tight packs on full display. Kyra never realized how big he really was until now and she was now trembling. She began to sob loudly but in two giant steps Mike grabbed her 5 feet frame. “Crying doesn’t work on me honey so don’t even think about it. What you thought and you were grown huh? Is that it? You’re a big girl huh?” he said this tine pinching her tit. “You’re wanna act like a big girl? He said slapping her soundly on her ass and cupping her cheeks. “well I’m gonna treat you like a big girl” he growled pulled off the boxer shorts. Kyra eyes widened at the size of his manhood and she ran quickly down the hall but before she could get to safety of her room, Mike grabbed her from behind. He pushed her against the wall and reached in between her legs and stroked her already wet pussy.

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   “ummm you’re ready for some cock huh? Look how wet you are you little slut” he said as he pinched her clit with one hand and cupped her tiny breast with the other.

“Im gonna tear that sweet little cunt of yours” he said as he lifted her ass and pushed all 7 inches of his thick cock inside her tiny pussy tearing her hymen. Kyra screamed in pain as her brother’s big cock violated her virgin hole again and again. “You’re a big girl now” Mike growled as he bit her neck and drilled her tight hole “How does it feel so far, huh?” he mocked as he continued fucking her. Kyra sobbed loudly at her brother’s harsh punishment, she was in so much pain but Mike didn’t seem to care, he crushed her against the wall and increased his speed as he tight pussy loosened a bit. The slooshy sounds and her whimpers turned him on even more and soon he was drilling her like a maniac as he groaned loudly. “oooh you’re so fucking tight, God oooh it’s so fucking good, oooh you like that huh, can’t handle it can you?” he furiously rubbed her clit. Kyra was starting to burn, somehow pleasure took over the pain and she was starting to feel good. She bit her lips to keep from moaning. Mike was in fucking heaven, fuck his girlfriend and fuck his job he though as he continued to fuck that sweet cunt. Kyra’s pussy was gold and he needed better access he thought as she bent her over, grabbed her hips as he forced her on and off his huge cock. Kyra couldn’t hold it in anymore,

“Ooooh, ohhhh, ohh” she moaned as pleasure took over her body. This encouraged Mike and he fucked faster and harder as he smirked in satisfaction. “you fucking slut he said pulling her long brown hair, you like this huh?”he said slapping her ass hard. Kyra held the wall for dear life.

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   “Answer me you bitch. You like this huh? Tell me how much you love this cock” Mike watched in amusement as Kyra fucked herself on his dick. “Ohh yeah, I love it, It feels so good, I love your cock” she answered. “You wanna cum, huh, baby, wanna cum on this dick?” he asked as he slapped her once more. “ohh God yes, oh I wanna cum, I’m so close” Kyra sobbed. Mike quickly pulled out and flip her around to face him. He lifted her leg, entered her hard and smirked as Kyra gasped loudly at the sudden intrusion. “I wanna see your face when you cum” he says as he kissed his lover for the first time. Kyra kissed him shyly at first, then as the pleasure grew more intense she kissed him with more passion. Never before had a kiss been more perfect, thought Kyra. Mike sucked on her tongue and fed her his which she gladly accepted. No corners of her mouth went unexplored as he continued to milk her tongue and nibble on her lips, and the kiss threatened to push her over the edge. Kyra’s thighs quivered and she moaned loudly as her orgasm neared, “oooooh, oooh yes, it’s coming, I’m cumming, oh God I’m so close, ohh, ohh oh Mike, I feel so goooooood” she screamed “oooh make me cum. ” Mike orgasm was nearing too, He ground his hips and thrust deeper. “Oooh got you’re pussy feels so good, baby, you’re gonna cum for me,huh? Cum for me like a big girl” he said grabbing her tiny hips and thrusting faster and faster.

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Kyra held on for dear life and shrieked “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” on top of her lungs as she hit her climax. Mike quickly pressed his hands over her mouth, he knew for sure his next door neighbor wasn’t home but he couldn’t risk anyone hearing her scream. A few more deep thrust into Kyra’s slick tunnel then he hunched over and groaned loudly as she spilled his warm seed into her battered pussy. Kyra gasped and cooed as the warm liquid ran into her satisfied cunt and reeled down on top of her brother on the hallway floor, his cock still deeply planted deep inside her. Kyra look at her handsome brother through adoring eyes as tears ran down her face. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just, I couldn’t help my…. ”Mike whispered only to be interrupted by the thrust of his sister’s tongue in his mouth. He gladly indulged on this sweet treat and sucked on her tongue. The kiss seem to last forever as Mike caressed her body and cupped her ass. Kyra suddenly broke the kiss and widened her eyes as Mike’s dick hardened inside her. “You didn’t think I was done with you yet did you?” Mike asked pulling down Kyra’s torso, until tiny breasts were accessible. He sucked one then the next and Kyra moaned and ground her his on his hard dick. “yeah that’s it baby, ride this cock, yeahhh, that’s it” he said as he returned to his feast. Mike noticed the tiny love bites from her earlier encounter and sucked harder, as if to mark her as his territory. Kyra winced in pain as he sucked harder and harder.

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   “”oww that hurts. Oh ow stop it” she said wiggling a bit to dislodge her tiny breast from his mouth but that only made him bite down and suckle harder.

He held her torso with one arm and switch from one breast to the next ignoring her protest and circled her hips with the other forcing her to ride him fast and hard just as he like it. Mike leaned back and admired his work. Her nipples were red and swollen with his marks and bounced lightly as she rode him harder, “ummmmmm oh, ooh” she moaned as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Mike wanted to fuck her pussy raw, so he pulled her off and positioned her on her hands and knees, before Kyra had the chance to take a breath her pushed inside her with brutal force, grabbed her hips and pierced her gaping hole with his massive tool. “oh oh oh my God, Oh my God, Oh God, Oh God, hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed as he continued to drill her dripping cunt. Mike growled like a beast and slapped her ass leaving his handprint behind. Mike always had an insatiable appetite for sex and he loved it rough, that was always the problemwith his relationships. He could never find a woman that would put up with his needs and poor Kyra had to put up with all his pent up frustrations. He felt bad, he really did but her pussy felt too good and Mike couldn’t stop even if his life depended on it. Mike grabbed her by the hair and did as he promised before they started fucking, he tore that sweet pussy to shred. Kyra’s pussy was on fire and tears ran down her face as pleasure crashed through her body over and over. She experience one orgasm after the other yet Mike never lost his stride. She was beginning to think it would never end and she didn’t know if she wanted it to.

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   “Ohh, ooooh, Ohhh,

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed as she came once more gripping his cock as she squirted her juices all over his sweet rod. “ooh shit you’re a fucking squirter, let me see that pussy squirt again” Mike whopped as he spread her cheeks and drilled her even more for a repeat of the last performance. Mike groaned as his pleasure built, “oooooohhhhhh, shiiiiittttttttttt, I love your fucking cunt, my fucking cunt now, isn’t that right baby?” he asked as his cock twitched. He slapped her ass and screamed “answer me you fucking slut. Who does this pussy belong to from now on, huh, whose is it?” Kyra couldn’t take anymore pleasure, and she could feel her orgasm nearing. “yours” she whispered as her eyes rolled back. “slap slap slap slap, slap, slap, slap”was all she she heard as his balls hit her clit over and over. Mike smacked her ass once more harder “louder, who do you belong to?” he asked. “you, you you, you, all you, my pussy’s yours all yours ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s for you, all for you” she screamed as she squirted once more. That was enough to push Mike over the edge and he groaned “oooh yeah oh yeah oh” as he spilled his warm seed into her belly in a few deep strokes. Mike lay on his back, pulled Kyra’s limp body to him and stroke her damp hair, “oh God baby, you’re so good, you have the best and tightest pussy in the whole fucking world and you do things to me that …. Baby, Kyra?” he said as he shook her only to realized that somewhere along the way, she completely passed out”




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