Great Summer with my Sister


 Growing up in rural Montana, with the closest neighbors being 18 miles away can be rough on a young boy. Luckily I had a twin sister who was a bit of a tomboy, and always up for a fishing trip or campout. Sis loves fishing to this day, takes her family camping and is still as much of a tomboy as ever. Don’t get me wrong, Sis was and is to this day a looker, and did enjoy some girl activities such as cheerleading, barrel racing and baking contests, which were fairly common in our area. We were close, and I was very protective of her, punching more than one boy in the nose for teasing her.
 As we were growing up, our mother left Papa and moved to Utah, taking my sister with her at the age of 18 Sis would come and stay with us every summer for two months, and we always had a blast. She never wanted to go back home, her step dad was VERY religious and didn’t allow her much freedom.

 One of our favorite activities as children was wrestling, but as we got older I would have to take it easy one her, as she was a small girl. These wrestling matches were innocent, but when Sis came for summer the year we turned 18, some things had begun to change. My tomboy sister had developed a young ladies body, and still wore her cut off jeans and tank tops, as she did in previous years. We were 18, I was 18 and there just weren’t any girls around our ranch during those summer months. I always felt guilty, but I couldn’t help sneaking a peak at her ass as she walked away from me, or her small boobs when she bent down for whatever reason. Yes I know, it’s my sister, but I was a horny 18 year old boy, and just couldn’t help myself.

 I did my best to not think of my twin sister in sexual ways, but she had a daily habit of lying in the sun, wearing nothing but a string bikini. It was hell sometimes.
Around the end of her first month with us that summer, Sis jumped on my back as I was walking to the barn, just like she had always done in years past to get one of those wrestling matches started. 

   We rolled and grabbed for a few minutes on the ground, and I told her I needed to finish my work before Papa got home, so it ended, with me walking off to the barn. . . with a hard on. I had to relieve myself, feeling those tanned legs wrapping around me and those firm breasts pressed against my back had excited me more than I could imagine. As soon as I made it to the barn, I shut the doors and began jerking my rock hard cock. I felt so bad, but I couldn’t help peaking through a window while stroked myself, watching Sis prepare herself to work on her sun tan. I came quickly, put my dick away, and went about my business for the rest of the day, all the while feeling so guilty.

 The days went by with me trying to keep my mind busy, and making an effort to keep my eyes of my sister’s body. It was an abnormally hot summer for Montana, so we went swimming a lot, which was just brutal on me. The damn girl loved to play and splash and wrestle, making it difficult to keep my shameful secret hidden. One morning in August, Sis decided we should go for a fishing trip along the river. She asked Papa if he could get out the tent for us, we would spend the night on the river, and come home the next afternoon. I didn’t want to go, but Sis insisted. It would be fun, and besides we did it every year.

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 I saddled two horses, packed some camping gear, and we headed out to our favorite fishing spot, about 18 miles down the river. The ride was nice, we talked about the good old days, and how she hated to go back home, but our senior year was coming, and she would move back after graduation.
 We arrived at our camping spot, unpacked, and I set up camp. Sis had wandered down the river a bit, and went for a swim. When the tent was up, I grabbed our fishing poles and headed her way. As I approached, I saw my sister lying in the sun along a downed log. Those thoughts came racing back into my mind, and to be honest the image is still with me today. I stood and looked at her, wet and tanned, firm and beautiful. I knew it was wrong but couldn’t help myself. After a minute or more, I walked to the river, pretending not to notice her, and cast my line in the water. Sis grabbed the other pole and joined me.

 We didn’t catch a thing that day, but had a good time, joking and laughing, trading insults and throwing mud at each other. Evening came and we made a nice fire, She cooked ham and beans, and we talked ‘til way past dark.

 Sis was sleepy, so it was time to turn in. We went onto the tent, laid down, and began talking some more.

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   The night was still and quiet, and I hoped to keep my mind off my sister’s body, but she always slept in shorts and a T shirt, and my eyes had roamed a couple of times. Sis asked why I didn’t have a girlfriend, and I asked why she didn’t have a boyfriend. Her step dad wouldn’t allow her to date, she told me, and I told her that the girls in school didn’t want a boyfriend that lived so far away. “Well”, she said, “I know you like girls, because you got a boner the last time we wrestled. ” I was in shock, and insisted she was wrong, but all she did was giggle and tell me it was ok, and perfectly natural. I was embarrassed and ashamed, and looked straight up at the top of the tent, trying not to admit to anything so perverse.

 What seemed like an hour passed, which in reality was more like one minute, before Sis said anything else. I felt like dying when she blurted out something about how she felt my hard cock against her hip, and how feeling it made her wonder what it looked like. I couldn’t believe she said it, and lay completely still hoping I wouldn’t get stiff right at that moment. Sis was giggling, sometime outright laughing, and told me she had never seen one. I didn’t know what to do, I was frozen there on my back in the tent, and I could feel my cock getting hard, and hoped she wouldn’t notice. Five minutes must have passed without a word, and then came a soft, “Can I see it?” I instantly yelled “NO, you’re my sister!” Sis laughed again, and told me it didn’t matter, because she knew I had been watching her while she tanned, and watching never hurt anything.

 My mind was twisting like a tornado, back and forth between guilt and desire. I barely got the words out, but asked her if she really wanted to look at her own brother’s dick. Sis giggled again, and told me she wouldn’t even think of it that way, she just wanted to see one.

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   I can’t to this day figure out how I got the nerve, but I pulled down my sweats and out popped my red, swollen cock. More laughter, and then a loud, but fun, “Why is it hard?!?” What could I say, she already knew I had been looking at her, and gotten stiff during the wrestling. I just laid there with my dick out, looking at the top of the tent, thinking this was wrong, but loving every minute of it.

 “Do you get hard like that when you watch me tanning?” Sis asked. I didn’t answer. She told me it was ok, and nothing to be ashamed of, but I was ashamed, and knew this was wrong. Finally my sister told me I could put it away, and not to feel bad since she’d made me do it. She blew out the lantern and rolled over on her side to sleep.

 After at least two hours, I began to drift off to sleep. I was woken quickly, when I felt my sister’s hand bump against my leg. I lay still, pretending to be asleep, as Sis rolled her body facing me and moving her hand to my stomach.
    I was pretending sleep, and she was too, but we both knew. One more sudden movement and my sister was half on top of me, with the palm of her hand resting on my rock hard dick. My breathing became faster and I felt her tit on my chest with every breath. I didn’t want to, but my body was on it’s own now, and I made a slight thrust up against her hand.

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       Sis squeezed my cock for one split second and released, and I let out a quiet moan. Still pretending to be asleep, Sis threw her leg over mine and now I could feel how warm her crotch was. I began slowly running my fingers down her back and before I knew it my middle finger was caressing her ass crack. Sis moaned softly, and squeezed my cock again, this time for a good 5 seconds. I knew this was wrong and nobody would understand, but it felt so good.

     I felt my sister’s hand go under my sweats, grab my dick. It felt like nothing I’d ever experienced before. It felt good, and I wanted more. I took my hand from her ass and slowly moved it down the front of her shorts. I felt my fingers brush across her pussy, and listened to her breath heavy and make the sweetest little moaning sounds. I rubbed her warm twat and felt my finger slip inside her. Sis was stroking my cock and kissing my chest and I was fingering her pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Her kisses moved down my chest, across my stomach, and I felt her take my dick in her mouth. It felt so wonderful.

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       Warm and wet, and with what I can only describe as tender. My penis was in my sister’s mouth, and I liked it.   She’d never sucked a dick before, and I’d never had a blow job, so I didn’t notice her inexperience. I just knew it was an incredible feeling.

     I knew I was about to cum, and pulled Sis’ head away as I released a load, she jerked my dick hard and fast, all the time moaning softly. I was breathing so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and the thoughts of guilt came rushing back. I felt horrible, but still excited. We laid there for a long moment before I turned her on her back and positioned myself on top of her. I pulled her shirt up and over her head, throwing it to the side, and dropped my face to her chest. I began licking and sucking those small, firm tits of hers that I’d caught glimpses of while she tanned, and then made my way down her tummy. I had no idea what I was doing, but I pulled her shorts off and started licking her pussy, darting my tongue up and down, back and forth, listening to her moans. She tasted better than anything I’d ever tasted before.

     I licked and sucked and fingered my sister’s sweet little pussy for a good 20 minutes. I’d even tasted her asshole, and loved every second of it. Sis used both hands, pulling me up her body on top of her, and finally taking my cock in her hand, which was now hard again.

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       She pulled my dick to move me closer, and I felt it slide inside per wet pussy. I was so excited. I moved in and out of her slowly at first, but I was in a frenzy now, and began thrusting in and out, up and down, as hard and fast as I could. We were both grunting and making sounds we’d never heard each other make before. I knew I couldn’t cum in my own sister, so I pulled my dick out of her and jerked off over her belly. I must have covered her with a quart of cum.

     I rolled off her and we both laid on our backs. We hadn’t spoken a single word through all of it, and had no intention of it now. She moved next to me and we fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.

     The morning was a bit awkward, as you can imagine, but after a few hillbilly jokes on her part, we began to lighten up. It was a long ride home, and half way, in a thicket of woods in broad daylight, I leaned against a tree and watched my sister suck my dick and swallow my cum.

     We never fucked again, and never spoke a word of that night, but on occasion my smart ass sister will send me a letter, ending with “Wanna wrestle?”




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