Grandson seduces prudish Grandmother


It was the start of summer just before my 18th birthday. Ann and I had been going steady for almost two years and she was leaving the next day for summer vacation with her parents.

We planned on making love for the very first time and I had asked my grandmother, who lived across town if I could stay with her that Sat. night, because I knew I could stay out later then my curfew. Unfortunately Ann and I ran into some good friends that evening as we were driving around and we couldn’t break away from them as the evening drew to a close. She had to be home earlier than normal due to leaving the next morning.

We were so frustrated that nothing was working out for us. The big plans were falling through.

It was midnight when I arrived at grandmothers. It was the house that dad grew up in. My grand father had died about 8 years before and grandmother wanted to continue living there.

The key was in the same place, under the lamp base so I let myself in. As I walked down the hall I could see the open door and the light still on in her room. As I passed by I said hello and she asked me how the evening went. We had a great relationship. As I proceeded to tell her the hole story I could tell I was more disappointed than I had thought.

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   I told her I was in the need of a very cold shower and walked down the hall to my dad’s old room where I was spending the night.

My grandmother was around 5’7" athletic build, but carried some extra pounds around her midriff. She was a very proper and somewhat prudish woman. I remembered several years earlier when I had accidently walked in on her while she was dressing and been amazed at the fullness and firmness of her breasts. They weren’t large like 40’s but were full and rounded like something that you’d see in a Playboy magazine. She kept her hair short and blond and continued to be very active at her golf club.

I slipped off my shirt and shorts and socks and got into to shower, starting with hotter water than I slowly turned it into colder water. I heard a sound so I pulled back the shower curtain slightly just to take a look. WOW it was grandmother bending over to take a towel out of the bottom drawer cabinet. Her night shirt that would usually cover her had risen up and exposed her soft white ass along with everything else. I froze for the moment not to embarrasses her. I quickly closed the curtain and call out "Thanks for the towel".

Now, that gave me something else to think about, besides not getting laid earlier. MY erection and any thoughts of an erection were dismissed by the icey cold water running down my ball.

I dried my self off and slipped on my outer shorts I had worn earlier, gathered up my shoes and stuff and took them into my room.

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As I walked down the hall again I could see that the door was still open and that that the light was still on, so I walked in. She was sitting up, reading in bed with a sheet covering her, so I asked her about her day and what she’d been doing. She rolled over on her stomach looking in my direction and continuing to talk. Now, as a kid, I was always giving back rubs to the family which they always enjoyed. I remembered reading that back rubs was a great way to start the mood for sex.

So as I sat beside her on the bed, and said "Grandmother, How would you like one of my great back rubs? She said no, that’s ok, it’s late and you’ve had a very distressing evening. But before she could finish her sentence, I began to rub her shoulders and neck as I sat beside on her bed.

She began sye and grown softly, which was turning me on. I asked how was I doing. She said she always loved my massages. I was wondering the entire time if this could possibly lead to anything. How was I going to let her now I was getting aroused, and was she going to tell my family that I had tried to seduce her. I felt my hands getting colder.

I said "I could do a lot better if I had some cream to cut down on the friction. She said it was in the bottle on the nightstand so I walked over and got it.

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   As I walked back, I thought what the heck so I didn’t sit on the bed next to her again , which was very awkward. I straddled her sitting on my knees just below her covered ass. She raised her head and look back at me with a surprised and a shocked look. I thought – this can either be very innocent or it’s going to lead to something.

I continued rubbing and messaging. . She continued to sye and groan as as I scouted back on by knees rubbing her lower and lower. The sheet that was covering her was also moving down lower and lower on her body until her entire ass was exposed. I was getting really excited and couldn’t contain my erection. It’s now out of the leg on my shorts. The only way she is going to sense that I had a hard on is to lean my body back up toward her neck and shoulders while continuing to message her. So I leaned forward and now my cock was laying on the crack of her ass. She kept her eyes closed the entire time, but asked me softly " Are you getting aroused. I said in a soft whisper. "Honestly, when I saw so bending over the bottom cabinet drawer to get me a towel I became aroused.

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I wondered "What is going to happen now? Should I stop? Should I apologize? What the heck am I going to do or say now?

She said "Can you scoot down a little bit?" and again as I scooted down it lowered the sheet that was separating us. Then I felt her raise up her ass as if the say, Here is what you need. Slip it in. I wasn’t sure, so I did nothing.

She raised it up a little more and put pressure on my knees with her legs, as if she was trying to spread her legs outward. I lifted one leg and she spread her leg outside of mine and then I lifted the other. Now, I am kneeling on my knees between her legs and she raised her ass again a little higher.

I am so hot, my heart is pounding a mile a minute, my cock is jumping around.

I still had a little lotion left on my hands so I spread it on the head of my cock which was dripping.

I placed the head between her legs and hoped for the best. As I went back to massaging her back and shoulders, I could feel her moving, positioning me to enter her. She continued to groan and sye softly.

Just as the head of my cock slipped into her wet pussy, she let out a cry. I said "Am I hurting you"? She answered "Oh no. It feels wonderful.

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   Just go slowly and be gentle". I said "OK"

She began to rotate her hips around and around while holding her ass up and having me just hold still. A couple minutes later she said "Put it in a little more" So I did. It was like putting on a condom. She was so tight that I could feel the skin around my head slide back of forth over the ridge. Then she yelled and cried out as she came crying and shaking almost violently.

I could see in the light that her back had become moist with perspiration and that her breathing was faster and more intense. She said "Wait, don’t move for a while". She needed to regain her strength. Then after a few minutes she began grinding her ass in to me and said " Give it all to me".

So with that, I ran my entire 8 plus inches into her, and was holding on to the beds’ head board as I came, while she gave me the ride of my life. She came three times and then laid there exhausted and soaked.


I didn’t know what to. Do I lay in bed with her and hold her all night, or get up and go into my room?

I decided to go back to my room. So I gently pulled out of her and covered her up, turned off the reading lamp and closed the door, and said "Good night".

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I slept like a rock that night. I didn’t even move or turn over.

I woke up hearing the water running in the shower but rolled over and went back to sleep like a typical teen. The next thing I knew, I was awakened to the smell of bacon, and coffee. So I got up, slipped on my shorts, went the bathroom and stumbled into the kitchen, where grandmother had prepared me a great breakfast.

As we sat at the kitchen table, it was hard for us to make eye contact at first. She began by saying " We must not speak of this again. " In my mind I thought – what a shame, but I said "OK"

As I looked at her, she was wearing a sleeveless dress that covered her from head to toe. She was barefooted, and as I looked at her, I was getting turned on again.

As she walked toward me, bringing the coffee and breakfast plate to me I was going to turn the chair I was sitting in, around facing her and pull her down on me while she had both hands full. I decided that wasn’t such a great idea, but it started the hard on in my shorts.

We talked about stuff in general and then she started clearing the table. I helped her to show my appreciation. She was standing at the sink rinsing the dishes so I came up behind her and hugged her around her waist. She said " I can tell that last night wasn’t enough for you, right?".

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I squeezed her tighter and said "I’m sorry, last night was the greatest night in my life".

She wiped her hands and turned facing me. We kissed. She opened her mouth slightly and sucked on my lips. And then it started all over again.

I pulled my shorts down until they fell to the floor, and then slowly lifted up her dress to her waist, found both sides of her panties and pulled them down as she wiggled side to side out of them. We took a couple side steps over to the open counter top and with her arms around me I lifted her up onto the counter.

I watched her eyes as she looked at my cock. She said "No wonder you wore me out last night". We kissed as she wrapped her legs around me and guided me into her. Now it was time for me to do all the work.

I held her legs over my forearms as she leaden back against the kitchen cabinets.

She was still in control. The delight on her face as I pushed in and pulled out, told me she was loving my cock. She said "Go a little faster" I did and then she said "Go a little faster".


   I could hear the sounds of her wetness and smell the juices between her legs. She had another orgasm

I asked " Can I eat you"?

She said " Wait a minute. Gently move back and come out of me and let me down". Then she took my hand and lead me into the bedroom.

She laid down on her back and I laid between her legs, lowering myself down so that my tounge could easily lick and flick her wet pussy. Her moans and groans grew more intense which made my cock harder and longer than it had been. I kept licking her like I just couldn’t get enough. She tasted sweet and smelled like soap from her earlier shower.

I knew it was time so I lifted up and laid on top of her holding her legs apart.

She reached down and grabbed by cock and slid it into position at the entrance of her pussy.

I pushed into her slowly while watching her face. After the first 4 inches had entered her, she smiled and said "Are you ready" . I said "I am". She said "Give me the best you have".

I did and the rest is history.

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Over the past 18 years from that time, Grandmother and I had many very intimate moments.