Grandpa's Little Girl


"well sure I guess so" was my uneasy reply. " I'm all worried about you, my friend told me it's not good for a man to go without a woman and I know you havn't been with anyone since gram died"" Oh, and you have an answer to this problem I suppose" I figured she wanted to fix me up with a friends mom, aunt, grandmother or something. " well, yes I do" was the reply. She stood up, and dropped the robe, and there before me was the lovliest young woman you could imagine. Her pert breasts stood pointing straight at me and just the tiniest bit of blonde hair covered her teenaged cunt. " Stacy what the hell are you doing?" I yelled. "Pap somebody has to be my first and I decided it would be the person I love most in this whole world" her words left me speachless. " Besides if you won't I swear I'll let the first guy who asks take me and you know it won't be as special as it should be". With this threat she slid up beside me on the bed and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue first asking then demanding entrance to my mouth. I was stunned as her tiny hand went to my crotch and began to rub my rapidly hardening cock. " Stacy I'm a bit big for you don't you think?" I'm ten inches hard and fairly thick. " I know you will be gentle with me, and thats more than the boys in school would do" was her answer.

"But I'm your grandfather" I managed to stutter as she released my now completely hard cock from my PJ bottoms. Her smile told me I was lost as her soft lips went to my cock. " I want to taste you" she said and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her tecnique was untrained and although I had to warn he about her teeth I was soon on the edge.

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  " Stace, I'm about to cum" I told her, she raised her head for a second, smiled and went back to sucking. It took only a second till I filled her mouth with two years worth of pent up cum. As hard as she tried a bit dripped down onto her tits. I fell back nearly unconcious. " OK you rest for a few minutes and then I get what I want" she told me. As i rested I reached out and touched her breasts, and then bent down and licked and sucked on her nipples tasting the drops of my cum that had fallen on them. As iI did she moaned and began to thrust her hips, I knew I had to taste that sweet virgin pussy before I did anything else. I lowered my face to he cunt and began licking the lips gently, then worked my way to her clit. I tongued and sucked on her love button for only a few minutes before she experienced her first screaming orgasm. " My god pap, that was so intense, I cant believe it" Stacy said breathlessly " Can we , you know, can you take me now?"At that point nothing could have stopped me. I placed her on top of me so she could control the penetration. She took my cock head and put it to her sweet cunt hole and slowly started to lower herself on to my again hard rod. " God it's so big" she cried out. I felt her hyman against the head of my cock. " Baby we can still stop" I said.

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   Stacy smiled and then thrust herself downward, I felt my cock tear thru her cherry, and bottomed out fully inside her. As I hugged her close and kissed her tits she began to move up and down. Within a few minutes she had climaxed again and her third pushed me over the edge, I flooded her tight teen cunt with my cum. I had a vasectomy so I knew pregnancy was not a worry. " Oh gramps I knew it would be wonderful" she told me her beautiful face glowing. I lifted her off, put her on her back and licked her pussy tasting our combined juices and her few drops of virgin blood. " You know I love you" Stacy said " and now you ruined me for other guys, they could never measure up"We made love every day and night for the remainder of her visit, she wanted to learn it all. Her sucking technique became second to none and she even decided I should take her ass cherry also but thats for another story. My little lover called her mom and dad and told them I wasn't eating right and she thought she should be allowed to stay with me at least fot the rest of the summer. Thank god they agreed. And what a summer it was!!!!.



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