Grandpa's Lessons


Sara stood at the bus stop holding her suitcase and waiting. At sixteen Sara had been expelled from the last of a line of schools and her parents had enough. Her father had died when she was lttle and her mother had remarried and with her stepfather had several small children. They decided they no longer had the time or patience to del with her disobedience and had arranged for her to live with Grandpa Mike in Kansas. He lived on a farm outside of  smll town and he was willing to take her in. It was summer but she would stay there till she graduated and if she got expelled this time she was looking at military school.
Grandpa Mike was her biological dad's father and she had not seen him since she was little. She had grown up in DC and the thought of living on a small farm did not excite her. Her grandfather she was told would have an old truck for her to drive and she would be expected to find work in the fall. The summer she would help her Grandfather where ever he needed. He was too old now and had rented out his farm land but he did have a small garden and some animals still.
A rusty old pick up truck pulled up and a man well into his sixties with graying hair and the start of a bulge climbed out and came her way. He was  bit gruff but he ushered her into his truck and drove her along through the two street town and out to the nearest farm.  Though the land was rented out there was a small barn ad the old  house with chipped paint. He led her into the house and explained she would be expected to help feed the cats and dogs, pick up after herself and cook for him. he motioned to another old truck outside s hers and told her the store in town had  tab for him for groceries.

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The bedroom she was given she was sure once had been her dads though there was now a double bed but there was a faded cowboy border on the walls and some toys. She was only relieved there was a computer and  small television added though she soon foud out there was no internet and her grandfather only got a few stations.
Her grandfather was a bit gruff but after dinner she joined him for some television in the living room before she headed for bed. She woke up later that night though to find him standing over her. It took her a few seconds to realize the blankets once covering her were gone and her nightdress was hiked up around her waist, and her underwear she realized with shock dangled from his hands.
She tried to cover her crotch area but he swatted away her hands. "No, let me look. "
Sara cringed as came to the bed and she realized he wore only boxers. "What are you doing?"
He did not answer at first but pulled down his boxers and she watched in horror as he knelt down on the bed straddling her legs on either side of her.
She tried to move away. "Grandpa, you can't do this. Stop this Grandpa. "
He slapped her. "You were sent here to learn obedience litle girl. You will learn it as your dad did.

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Reminded her dad had left as soon as he was old enough and never told her or her mother why, she cringed. She fought him but she found her hands being tied with some rawhide to the headboard and before she could protest another piece was shoved in her mouth as a gag.
 Her grandfather tore her nightdress off. "You have been a very bad girl and Grandpa is going to teach you. Yoi learn your lessns well and you and I will get along. You will learn how to please your Grandpa soon. "
He lowered his mouth down over one of her young breasts and began suckling it, sinking his teeth into each nipple and making her cry out against the gag. He cotinued to suckle at the breasts as one of his hands strayed between her legs and his figers ran along the lips of her pussy.
He pulled away as she tried to close her legs. "You be good or I will tie your legs open and tomorrow you will get the spanking of your life. "
She sobbed and tried her best but as one of his fingers slid inside of her virgin cunt and screamed and bucked, trying to get him off of her. This could not be happening. He let go but only long enough to get more rawhide and tie her legs so she was in a spread eagle and helpless.
 He sighed. "Kathy was right, a slow learner.


   We will have this lesson every night and if you don't lean quick you will have a nice taned ass which will make me fucking it even harder for you little girl. "
Sobbing she desperately tried to close her legs but couldn't as her grandfather sunk down between her legs and stuck his face betwee her lips and began lapping at her. Against her protests her body desperately began responding, her body jerking in hugry response to the attention his tongue was giving. He took such pleasure when she climaxed and he lapped up her fine juices.
He positioned himself to take her but whispered. "Your daddy was a bit younger his first time but never too late. "
Even with the gag in her mouth her screams could be heard as he hunched forward and in one swift thrust he buried his cock deep into her, a good eight inches and two inches thick, rock hard for an old man. Her cherry popped the first time and her body jerked up in flaring pain. Her grandfather held still for a few moments but the soon started pumping in and out of her, taking no notice of the pain she was in. Suddenly he was slowing and she could feel his cock pulsating inside of her before it exploded with cum all inside of her. He flopped dow next to her when he withdrew and removed her gag.
He whispered. "We will tan your pretty bum tomorrow in the barn. Little girl better learn her manners quick or mommy will here and you will be sent to that detention camp like school she threatened you.