Grandpa and Elaine


Elaine was a typical 12-year-old girl. She was a little tall for her age, and very slender. Bob, grandpa, couldn't help but notice Elaine was blossoming into womanhood. Even grandma commented about how Elaine had developed boobs since her last visit. Since grandma helped Elaine with her bath, grandma brought a very graphic first hand report back to grandpa on Elaine's development. Grandma thought of it as a natural part of the child's development, and considered it a normal topic of discussion with grandpa. "Elaine is developing the nicest set of boobs" commented grandma to grandpa one evening as they were getting ready for bed. "Her boobs have a nicely rounded base, stand up straight, and point straight out, not a hint of sag. Her nipples are nicely shaped and her little buds get rock hard when she gets cold. She has a very nicely shaped butt also, and just a hint of pubic hair coming in. " If grandpa didn't know better, he would have thought grandma had the hots for Elaine, the way she described her body in such detail. Grandpa had to excuse himself to the bathroom to jack off just from grandma's graphic description. As grandpa took Elaine's hand he noticed she was wearing very short shorts that showed off her nicely shaped thighs. Smooth, silky, firm, and evenly tanned. Her butt was upturned slightly and very firm. Each cheek of her butt jiggled oh so softly as she walked.

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   Elaine has a tank top on which was cut off short so her midriff was bare. The straps of the tank top were very thin; it was obvious there were no bra straps. Grandpa studied her top very closely when Elaine was not looking and finally figured out she was wearing a tube kind of bra. Actually grandpa was thankful Elaine was wearing a bra since he didn't think he could take it if she were to show up braless and let her newly developed titties bounce around in the free. Walking hand in hand down to the pond grandpa enjoyed the fresh spring air, the blooming flowers, lush green grass. He told stories of when he and grandma walked around the pond when they were young and still dating. "Grandpa," asked Elaine, "what was the favorite thing you and grandma did while you were dating?""Skinny dipping," Grandpa replied without thinking. Oh no, grandpa thought, I shouldn't have brought that up with Elaine. But, it was too late. He said it. "What is skinny dipping, grandpa?" asked Elaine. Grandpa knew she was going to ask as soon as he said it. Now what. What can he tell her. Grandpa looked at Elaine, looked in those innocent big brown eyes and saw Carol when she was but a teenager.

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   His eyes became moist. "Uh, well, its uh, swimming," grandpa answered, "yeah, swimming. ""Why were you so nervous when I asked the question, grandpa? There isn't anything wrong with swimming together, is there?" Elaine asked with a puzzled look on her face. "Why absolutely not," grandpa replied, "nothing at all. Why should there be?" He was beginning to feel relief, maybe she wouldn't catch on. After walking around the pond, Elaine and grandpa returned to the house and the topic did not come up again. The next day, at about the same time, Elaine again asked if they could walk to the pond. "sure, honey," said grandpa, "let's go. " Grandpa waited outside the backdoor for Elaine. Elaine stepped out of the back door and said "Grandma is taking a nap, so we should probably not disturb her for a while. "Grandpa noticed Elaine had a pair of cut-off jean shorts on this morning. The jeans were skin tight, showing every bump, crack, and crevice in her body. Grandpa tried not to look, but the outline of her butt was very noticeable. He started to wonder if she was wearing panties. Grandpa shook his head to put the thought out of his mind.

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   Instead of putting the thought out of his mind, grandpa's thought turned to whether or not Elaine was wearing a bra. Elaine was wearing a full T-shirt that was loose on her, and whenever she turned to slightly face grandpa he would look, but Elaine would always be looking at him too, and he didn't want her to notice him looking at her chest. With all these thoughts running through grandpa's mind, they arrived at the edge of the pond in no time. "Grandpa," Elaine said with a hint of tease in her voice, "I asked grandma what skinny dipping was last night. " Oh, oh thought grandpa. Grandma believed in being candid, if not explicit in answering questions from youngsters. Even questions about sex. "Why didn't you tell me you and grandma were swimming naked?" asked Elaine. She had me there. What could I say? "Were you embarrassed to tell me grandpa?" she asked. Elaine removed her shoes and dipped a foot in the water. "Mmmm, the water feels so nice. " Looking me straight in the eyes, Elaine began to unbutton her jean shorts. Slowly she pushed down on the sides of her shorts, squirming ever so gently as she struggled to slip the material over her slim, smooth, supple, youthful hips. Her shorts hung at the widest part of her hips, low on her frame, unbuttoned.

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   She made an erotic, provocative sight standing there with her shorts almost falling off. Slowly Elaine pulled her T-shirt up and over her head, revealing firm, supple titties the size of full oranges. Her girlish nipples were fully erect, giving away her arousal. Standing in front of grandpa, naked from the waist up, Elaine's titties stood firm with her erect nipples pointing at grandpa, as if beckoning him, calling him to give them attention. With barely a tug, Elaine dropped her jean shorts to the ground, revealing a trimmed bush outlining her pouty lips. Her lips were full, and hung down in a fashion that seemed more like a woman than a girl. Grandpa could see a hint of moisture, dew, honey, at her slit. Grandpa gasped for air as he had forgotten to breathe for what seemed like a full 18 minutes. Elaine looked at grandpa differently. Her eyes smoldered. He recognized something, a look, in her eyes. Years of abstinence from sex had taken its toll. It was as if all the time without sex had been accumulating, building a passion inside grandpa that was now about to be released. Grandpa ripped his shirt off, buttons flying everywhere. In one push his pants were down around his ankles.

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   In one step he was out of his pants and shirt, and had stripped his boxers and shoes off. Without saying a word grandpa stood in front of Elaine, as naked as she was. Elaine was startled by the quickness in which grandpa took off his clothes, but was now completely amazed at the sight of his naked body in front of her. She was not really ready for this. At 58 grandpa was in excellent physical condition. His body was sound, firm. He was an attractive man. But Elaine's gaze was not drawn to grandpa's face, his upper body, his legs, or even his cute butt. Standing between the two of them, between Elaine and grandpa, was grandpa's huge cock. Fully erect, grandpa's cock was a full 18 inches long, and over 4 inches around. Elaine was completely mesmerized by the sight of his huge cock. Grandpa reached behind Elaine and took one of her firm little ass cheeks in each hand, bent over and kissed her firmly on her lips. Their tongues barely grazed each other when grandpa broke the kiss and began to plant kisses down her face and to her neck. All the time he kneaded the firm, smooth flesh of her teenage butt. Kissing down her chest, grandpa found Elaine's titties as her chest was now heaving up and down from her excitement.

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   He circled one of her titties with his mouth and tongue, teasing her nipple until it felt like it was going to explode. Elaine lifted one of her legs to wrap around grandpa, to drag him closer. She put her hands on his head and threw her own head back, her eyes rolling back as her pleasure mounted. As Elaine lifted her leg, grandpa felt his hand slide down her smooth butt crack to the bottom edge of her pussy. Sliding his fingertips up the length of her slit, he felt her wetness, and she let out a moan from his gentle touch. Grandpa used his experienced tongue to flick at her erect nipple, encouraging it to expand even further. Placing his mouth over her tender nipple grandpa sucked his granddaughter's tit causing her to writhe around from the pleasure and pain of his strong grip. Gradually grandpa worked two of his thick fingers into Elaine's 12-year-old pussy, and slid his thumb under the hood to her little clit. Moving to her other titty, grandpa now suckled and rubbed her clit while reaming her tight little pussy with his rough-hewn fingers. Elaine squeezed his head and screamed as each orgasm built to a climax, over and over again. Grandpa let his weak kneed granddaughter down to her knees and he placed his throbbing cock to her lips. Her eyes glazed over, Elaine began to lick his cock and suck on the end of his monster with her girlish lips. She could not hope to take his gigantic cock in her mouth, and worked to please him the best she could with her tongue and lips. Grandpa stroked his meat slowly and let his cum, built up over the years, begin to flow. Ropes and ropes of his hot seed sprayed over Elaine's face.

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   She held out her tongue and opened her mouth and managed to catch several full streams, but much more fell across her face and chin. When grandpa finally finished with his massive load, Elaine's face looked like she had received the cum of at least 3 men at one time. Without pausing grandpa eased Elaine down on her back and began to eat her pussy. He started licking at her puckered ass hole and went up and around. By the time he licked her clit, Elaine was shuddering from yet another orgasm. Grandpa used his fingers to pull her delicate folds of pussy flesh apart so he could run his tongue in and around her young pussy. She squealed with delight as he tongue fucked her pussy. Elaine put her legs on grandpa's shoulders and moved her hips around to meet his active tongue. She was in heaven. Her orgasms were coming so quick they all seemed to run together. Elaine's arms were stretched out, her body heaving, her breathing hard, it was like her sex drive was now in control of her body. On his knees, grandpa wrapped Elaine's legs around his waist and positioned his massive cock head in her tender, wet opening. Her heat felt like a blast furnace. He spread her lips apart as wide as he could with his fingers and pushed with his cock. Plowing away into her tender folds, his cock head managed to wedge its way into her young body.

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   Elaine screamed at the invasion of the monster. Grandpa was now losing control as he felt the warm, vice like grip of her tight young pussy on his cock head. Pushing again, Elaine's eyes opened wide, grandpa dug his heels into the ground for leverage and pulled at Elaine's smooth hips. Elaine kicked her legs helplessly as she was impaled on a pole that was surely going to split her apart. Again and again grandpa pushed against his tight young granddaughter, inch by inch his huge manhood plowed through her tender flesh. Grabbing her feet, grandpa roughly spread her apart as wide as he could and leaned into her young body. His cock now drove the rest of the way home, completely filling Elaine's young pussy. Her mouth opened, but she could not scream. There was no pain, only a pressure from being filled so completely, and the friction on her clit. Instinctively Elaine's pussy began to contract around the huge invader, rippling up and down its length. Grandpa was finally able to work his cock in and out in small, short strokes. Elaine looked down at the monster between her legs and could not believe it was buried completely in her pussy. She was both proud and satisfied that she was able to accomplish such a feat. She also knew working her pussy muscles against such a large invader would be very easy, and she could now lay back and easily milk his giant cock. Grandpa didn't last long.

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   He could not remember ever experiencing such a hot, tight pussy. After a few long strokes he let his seed fly. Walking back to the house, grandpa felt like he was 78 instead of 58. He leaned on Elaine most of the way to steady himself. Walking into the kitchen, grandma smiled and looked at Elaine, "Everything go alright, honey?""Yes grandma," smiled Elaine, "everything went just as you said it would. "Lildebi69@hotmail. comMORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.