Granddaughters like to play #3


That evening we returned to the house and it was the girls who suggested that we return to where this all began, the hot tub. I talked the girls and said that from now on, as long as it was just us, there was no need to wear bathing suits. I slipped into the tub and while watching them undress I once again had an erection. We lounged in the tub for awhile and the anticipation of what I was going to do overwhelmed me. The girls were quiet and seemed to be looking to me for direction. I decided I couldn’t wait.
“Girls, would you like to go upstairs and see the surprises I bought for you today?”
They all nodded and quickly climbed out. They toweled off and I followed them through the house and up to my bedroom. Watching their bare backsides while I thought about what was going to happen aroused me further. I so desperately wanted to fulfill the next part of my plan while also wanting to prolong the adventure.
The girls entered my room and stood together waiting. I walked to the bed and pulled back the covers. “Come girls, make yourselves comfortable. ” My 3 willing participants climbed onto the bed and assumed various poses as they reclined. I smiled at them and could see the looks of question and anticipation. I opened the drawer of my nightstand and took out “the package”.

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   Their eyes followed it as I opened the bag and produced our new toys. They looked at the 2 dildos. One was a 7” long thin vibrator and one a 6” penis. I sat on the edge of the bed and said “I listened when you said that you sometimes play with your mother’s toys. I guessed that toys like these were what you were referring to. Was I right?”
They nodded. The girls were so quiet now, waiting for me to do whatever I wanted. This only increased my desire to do more!
“I’d like you to show me what you like to do when you play with them. Would you do that for me?”
The girls didn’t react quickly so I offered “Don’t be shy . . . or would you rather have me tell you what I’d like to see?”
They looked at each other, then back at me and nodded.
“Okay, I don’t mind. Jenny, would you choose one and show me how you use it to pleasure Amy?”
She reached over and selected the long thin vibrator. Amy said “No, use the other one.

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  ” as she lay on her back.
Jenny moved between her sister’s legs and lay on her tummy. She watched as her sister started to rub and finger her lips and clit. When Amy moved her hand away Jenny leaned forward and started to lick her sister. She moved her hand in and slipped a finger between her sister’s lips, and slowly pushed it in.
Kellie was moving across the bed towards me. When she was beside me she reached out and put her hand around my erection. “Can I suck on it now grampa?”
Oh what the fuck! It’s what you really want, isn’t it? “Okay honey. . . ”
She opened her mouth and moved to me and slowly slipped her lips down and her moist small mouth felt wickedly wonderful. She moved up onto her knees and I let my hand slowly slide from her hair down her back until it reached her bottom. I gently stroked her backside, tempted to go further.
Jenny was pulling away from her sister and I could see that she was preparing to penetrate her with our new toy. She used the head of it to separate Amy’s lips, and moved it up and down, lubricating it, before slowly putting it inside of her.

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   Amy had her eyes closed and was making soft sounds of pleasure.
Kellie asked “Am I doing it right?”
“Yes honey, you feel wonderful. . . ” I was caught up in the moment and couldn’t resist. While I watched Jenny begin to stroke our new toy ever deeper into Amy, I let my hand slide lower. As it slid over Kellie’s cheeks I moved it between her cheeks. My finger lightly grazed her anus and lingered, with just a little pressure, and then I moved it down and began to finger her lips. She moaned and the result was wonderful. She had stopped moving her head and just sucked her breath in and out. I found her little hood and searched for her preteen clit.
Jenny had pushed her penis all the way into her sister and was now beginning to pleasure her with her mouth. Amy brought her hands to her sister’s head and was running her fingers through her hair.
I was losing it and started to penetrate Kellie with a finger. I pushed it in to the first knuckle, she was so tight! I slowly stroked in and out, in and out.

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   She was responding by moving up and down on my cock. I knew I had to remove my hand from Kellie’s pussy or I wouldn’t be able to stop. I withdrew my finger and she protested as I gently pulled her off of me and laid her on her back. I looked at Jenny fucking her sister and reached for our other toy. I put it in my mouth to make it moist and moved down towards Kellie. Without hesitating she opened her legs and I put the tip against her. She closed her eyes and I slowly moved it forward, spreading her virginal lips and held it there without penetrating her.
Jenny was working on Amy, slowly working her penis in and out while tonguing her sister. I broke the trance and said “Amy, trade places with your sister. Pleasure her like she’s pleasuring you. ”
Jenny slowly pulled her penis from her sister and rolled over onto her back. She handed it to Amy who moved between her sister’s legs and returned the favor. She began by going down on her, licking her, sticking her tongue between her lips and moving up to her clitoris. She pulled back and began to tease her sister with the penis, sliding the tip up and down her lips. “Put it in me!” Amy pushed it forward, and slowly kept pushing until it was all the way in.

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   She began to stroke it into and out of her sister.
I looked down at Kellie and she was watching me watch her sisters. I asked her “Are you ready?” She nodded in ascent. I began to penetrate her with my toy, slowly pushing it into her. She closed her eyes and I could see a slight grimace on her face. But I persisted and proceeded with the penetration. When it was about half of the way in I began to pull it out and her hands moved to mine and stopped me.
“Don’t pull it out!” she pleaded.
“Don’t worry honey, I won’t. Why don’t you hold it and do yourself?”
I took my hand away and she now held it and began to fuck herself. I so wanted to move between her legs and lick and kiss her bare young treasure but lust for her was not overcoming my desire to take her sister.
I moved to Amy and ran my hand down her back. My hand went between her legs and a finger went between her lips. I brought it to my lips and tasted her. I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

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   “Please, let me take over. ” She pulled off of her sister and I reached down and began to work the dildo in and out of Jenny. I could feel the pressure that her cunt was applying to it as it struggled, trying to stay in and resisted as I pushed forward. My lust had grown strong and I couldn’t wait any longer. I told Jenny to take hold of the dildo and pleasure herself.
I moved Amy aside and had her lay on her back. I licked at her lips and worked her clit. I raised my head and kissed my way up towards her breasts. I was kneeling between her legs and my dick was twitching as it brushed her thigh. I reached down and held my cock as I guided it towards her opening. “Let’s see if you like a real one more than you like a toy. . . ” I pushed forward and entered her. I was beyond all hope as I felt her velvety insides accept my member.

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   I slowly pushed forward and her reaction was to throw her head back as she moaned. I entered her completely and held still. Then I began slow deliberate strokes as I fulfilled what I thought was my deepest desire. My god it felt wonderful! I thought that I wouldn’t be able to last long but I was wrong! I continued to fuck, but now that I had achieved this goal I discovered that it wasn’t enough! “Oh honey, you feel great! But I don’t want to be selfish. We have to share with your sisters. ”
I soon realized that the devil has only been toying with me. . .
I looked over my shoulder and saw Jenny watching us, her hand between her legs. And next to her was Kellie, wide eyed and looking at me. I withdrew from Amy and moved towards them. I heard myself say “Now it’s your turn. . . ”
I went to Kellie and stroked her leg from her knee up her thigh till I reached her young pussy.

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   I leaned down and took in her beauty as I began to lick her. I pulled out her toy and set it aside. I knew I shouldn’t but the lust was in control. My hands spread her legs as my tongue spread her lips and I knew that I was more lost than ever! I put my hands under her and drew her bottom up off of the bed. She was so small, so light! I used my tongue to enter her! I wanted to be inside of her! Then I didn’t know what I wanted . . . I searched out her little clit and made love to it . . . was it for her pleasure or mine? I didn’t know if she could climax or not, but I was going to do everything I could to find out. I let her down to free my hands and used my finger to enter her again. This time I didn’t stop the penetration until my finger entered her fully! I worked it slowly in and slowly out while my mouth was concentrating on her now engorged little clit. I don’t know how long it took but I could feel her tense as she had what I guessed was her first orgasm! I kept my finger deep inside of her as I held my tongue to her. Then I felt her go limp.

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I rose up and looked over to Jenny. Without a word I moved to her and was determined to have her next. As I moved towards her she pulled out her dildo and spread her legs. I brought my mouth to her little cunt and tasted her arousal. I inserted a finger and began to work her clit with my tongue. Emboldened I went to two fingers. She was so very tight, much more so than Amy. The thought of that took me over the edge. I moved up and said “Now it’s your turn!” I moved my rock hard cock to her virgin lips and moved it up and down to get it wet and then aligned it with her opening. I slowly pushed forward and she let out a gasp as the tip of my dick penetrated her. Oh man, she was so fucking tight. I took small strokes, working more and more of myself into her. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, the lust was overwhelming! Then I was all the way in, holding still, savoring the moment. I pulled almost all the way out and hesitated before pushing hard, entering her again. I began long slow strokes, all the way in and almost all the way out, and then I began to quicken my pace.


   There would be no holding out now . . . I was so keyed up I knew that I couldn’t last. It only about 20 long strokes before I climaxed! I pushed myself in as far as I could and held it there as I felt spurt after spurt enter her! The feeling was spectacular! I hadn’t experienced this kind of excitement and satisfaction in so long! I pulled out of her and rolled over onto my back. I just closed my eyes and savored the feeling.
Kellie said “What about me grandpa, do I get a turn?”
My penis was shrinking, thankfully, so I smiled and said “I would give you a turn honey, but look what happens after a man cums. I’m not hard enough to do it to you. ”
“Can you make it hard again?”
“I have to get aroused, you know, turned on. ”
“Would it get hard again if I played with it?” She crawled towards me and took my limp dick in her hand. She stood it up and leaned forward, lips open, and was able to get it all in her little mouth. She sucked on me and began to raise and lower her head, willing me to grow. Well, that did it. I started to get hard again.
          End of part.





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