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Stranger than that however, Josie started to realize, especially in recent months, that she was getting to like sitting on his lap too. Oh sure, she'd always liked snuggling with her nice old Grampa, but there were now 'other' reasons, reasons that weren't clear to her. All she knew was she liked it and Grampa liked it, so she did it more and more. "So! How's my favorite granddaughter tonight?"As he waited for her reply, Josie's grandfather took another long look at her young blossoming body. His 'littlest' girl was growing up fast. She was rapidly turning into a highly attractive young woman, but she still had that sweet, innocent childhood tenderness about her. He took note of the light traces of hair around her 'special place', and reasoned that her sexual abilities were probably developing. Josie could see the way her Grampa was looking at her, and took a little extra time to come over to him, exaggerating her movements so as to be sure he got a good look at every part of her body. She had been a bit embarrassed about her developing body, but the way her Grampa--who was her favorite person in the world; loved to look at her, she felt that she must be normal and that she must look ok. "I'm good Grampa! I'm really happy you're looking after me, but really, I don't need anyone. I'm old enough to take care of myself," she stated with authority beyond her years. "Weeeelll!" he replied with a hint of amusement, "it sounds like you are ready to take on everybody. My, how they grow up so fast, one minute they're a baby the next they're having one of their own," he teased. "I'm not quite ready to have a baby, I don't even have a boyfriend!" Josie said, visibly a bit upset. "Don't worry my girl, soon you will have boys knocking down the door to get at you. But tonight, you can let your old Grampa enjoy your prettiness.

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  ""Would you like to be my boyfriend, Grampa?""Why surely! I do dare say there's never been a luckier man!"Josie's lips spread into a huge smile as she threw herself onto her Grampa and wrapped her arms around him tightly. It would certainly have been an odd scene to any passerby. A young naked girl sitting on her grandfather's lap, their arms around each other, as she pressed her mound against his growing erection. Josie noticed the way her Grampa was pushing that lump in his pants against her, and when she pushed back he let out a small groan. "Are you ok, Grampa?""Just fine sweetheart. You're really growing into a beautiful young lady. "Josie rolled off of her Grampa, sitting down next to him and said, "Now don't get off of the subject! What is this lump in your pants, and why did you moan when I pushed against it?" Josie was highly curious, but this particular flame of curiosity was being fanned by a new arousal she felt 'down there'. Her Grampa was obviously a bit uncomfortable, but figured he'd better not make this out to be as big of a deal as it really was, "That's just my cock, it wants to come out and play with you. ""With me? How do I play with it?" Josie's interest was peaking, especially thanks to the nice feelings she got from rubbing herself against her Grampa's cock, she wondered what new exciting 'play' she could have once it was out of his pants. "Well, you can touch it with your hand, that would make Grampa feel really good. ""Lemme do it! Lemme, LEMME!""If you want to play with Grampa's cock, you have to also let me play with your pussy. ""My pussy?" Josie's parents hadn't told her a thing about sex, and her mother had only once or twice told her about her vagina, using ridiculous euphemisms to describe it. Her Grampa directed her to lay back against the arm of the sofa and spread her legs, "This is your pussy," he said, pointing to and then gently caressing it with one or two of his fingers. "Ohh I see," Josie panted lightly at the intimate touch. Then Josie relaxed and let her legs fall wide open.

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   Her Grampa knew he had her, he could do anything he liked with her. So he continued his caresses, ever so lightly tracing around her little cunt lips which were slowly showing signs of arousal. His touch was like a soft feather, making her more and more excited even though he didn't start pressing any harder or probe into her, the tease was more than enough for the virginal girl. Josie sighed as she closed her eyes and began to make small movements with her hips, wriggling side to side and pushing against her Grampa's hand. The first hints of moister also started to lubricate the area and her Grampa's fingers slipped all around, then found their way to her slit, which they stroked up and down. "Mmmmm," Josie moaned. She'd never done anything like this with her pussy before, but she planned to in the future. For the time being her Grampa was making her feel better than she'd ever felt before. Just then he stopped and moved so that he was partially lying down, then he got her to lay on top of him between his legs with her back against his chest. This way he could cuddle her and caress her breasts at the same time that he played with her pussy. Her Grampa snuggled her against him and gave her a warm kiss on the cheek. Then one hand encircled one of her little tits, while the other found it's way down to her increasingly stimulated cunt. Now as he started to slid his fingers along her slit, his other hand began massaging her breast, rubbing over her hardening, very sensitive nipple at the very some time he pressed against her clit for the first time. Josie jumped as the sensations from both touches shot through her body. As she relaxed again, she noticed that her breathing had become more labored and she once again closed her eyes as she focused on the wonderful pleasure her sweet Grampa was giving her.

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  As things continued, her Grampa alternated between each of her breasts, exciting her nipples as he went. His other hand gradually rubbed her clit faster and harder, especially as she started pushing down against it. Then, rather suddenly, he stiffened one finger, slipped it between her cunt lips and penetrated her pussy for the first time. As he did he pressed against her clit with his thumb and gently, but firmly pinched one of her nipples. "AHHHH!" Josie groaned, then she pushed herself down hard, trying to get her Grampa's finger as deep into her as possible. He let his finger slip back out and teasingly stroked her inner lips, "Please, put it back in Grampa! PUT TWO IN!" Josie begged. Following her request he inserted his middle finger, pushing until it came up against her hymen. Not wanting to take her virginity this way, he backed off a bit. Now he slowly pulled his finger out, Josie was afraid he was going to take it out again, but was relieved as his finger disappeared deep into her again. He began pumping his finger in and out of the young girl's cunt as it gripped him tightly, and as she started moaning in rhythm with his stroking, he smiled and shook his head in disbelief. Finally, he was finger fucking his beautiful granddaughter, like all those times he'd fantasized about it. Josie was now fucking herself on her Grampa's finger harder and harder, panting and grunting as she tried desperately to get it deeper. Her juices were following freely, dripping down her Grampa's hand and making his finger slid in and out easily. Her Grampa sensed that she was about to cum, so he held her tight and squeezed her breast as he made one last push with his finger. At the same time, as the heat spread and her body prepared for orgasm, Josie made a sudden jerk, plunging her cunt downward, and despite his efforts, her Grampa's finger broke through her hymen.

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  "AAAAAAAAW!" Josie screamed in pain and pleasure as the breaking of her hymen caused her to explode into her very first orgasm. "Shit!" Her Grampa thought; he never wanted this to happen. Josie humped against her Grampa's hand and groaned "ahhh!" with each stroke. Her orgasm slowly subsided and she lay heavily back against her Grampa. "Thank you so much, Grampa, I love you!"Her Grampa was still pissed about accidentally taking her virginity, but did manage to smile and find some happiness in giving his favorite granddaughter so much pleasure. "Now can I see your cock, Grampa?"Josie sat up and turned around, meeting an agreeable look on her Grampa's face. To this, she reached out and unzipped his pants, looking in all she saw was his underwear. She fumbled around with those for a moment, until her Grampa helped open the flap, unleashing his large, thick, swollen prick. Josie gasped and jerked back in surprise, but as she looked at it throbbing in front of her she felt more stirrings in her pussy and immediately realized that his cock was supposed to go in her pussy. She looked doubtfully at it, then at her Grampa, then down at her cunt. "Your pussy can stretch to fit my cock in," her Grampa assured when he noticed the way she was trying to put two and two together. Josie wrapped her fingers around the big cock and gently rubbed it, "Oooh yeah," her Grampa moaned. "Let's try it in my pussy Grampa!"He undid his pants and pulled them down, along with his underwear and directed Josie to straddle him with her pussy just over his cock. Unfortunately, just as he was about to tell her to sit down and bury his cock in her cunt, they heard her parent's car pull in the driveway and they didn't get the chance. The End.

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