Golfing with Grandma


It was summer, so as usual Alex had nothing to do and planned to sleepuntil noon as usual. Alex' mother, however, was tired of his lazinessand knew what he could do to fill his time. Alex' grandmother wasstarting to pick up golfing as part of her retirement. Alex was apretty solid golfer, so he got up to give his grandmother somebeginner's lessons. When he got to the course he saw his grandmother, a woman who was slightly overweight but had some gigantic breats. Alex had always realized this, but it never really turned him on. However, today he couldn't help but notice how hard she had made his cock. Her watermelon sized breasts were practically coming out of her tight tank-yop. She was also wearing a pink mini-skirt which had beautifully shown off her shining, plump legs and her exquisite ass. Alex thought it was unnatural, so he tried to fight the urges. First they went to the driving range. Alex got behind his grandmother to help with her swing. He felt her sweaty thighs and he knew that he couldn't resist the urges. They went to the putting green. Once again Alex got behind his grandmother so his hard dick was rubbing up against her round ass.

He was satisfied and knew he would just jerk off thinking about this experience, but he wanted more.

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   Once his grandmother made her first putt, he knelt down to take the ball out of the hole just so he could catch an upskirt glimpse of her red cotton panties. Alex wanted to get home so he could jerk off with these memories fresh in his mind. It was a hot day, he knew his grandmother would want to leave soon. When she did, however, she did not take Alex directly home. She knew he was hot too, so she offered to let him go swimming at her house. Alex accepted. They got there and Alex immidiately went into the hot tub where he knew jerking off would be much more pleasurable. His grandmother went inside and Alex did not expect her to come back out since she wasn't much of a swimmer. But when she came out in her black swimsuit that perfectly showed her large cleavage, alex was excited and scared. He knew that his grandmother had just caught him jerking off. She played it off as though she had no clue and got right in the hot tube with him. She took of her straps so her nipples were almost visible and then layed back and closed her eyes not saying a word. She didn't need to. Alex leaned over and revealed one of her mammoth breasts. He quickly started to suck on it.

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       All she could say was "Oh Alex. I had no idea. Mmm, well you're a little hard, aren't you?"She grasped his cock and began to jerk it while it was submerged in the warm water. He then stood up while she lay in the water and put his dick right between her monster tits. He began to thrust like he was a first-timer. Eventually, his grandmother said "Let's go inside, get more comfortable. "Alex sat down while she sat on his cock. After just a little while she couldn't help but yell, "You're so much better than your grandfather. " Alex didn't hear any of it. He was just concentrating how good his grandmother felt. Soon, they switched positions to doogy-style. Alex leaned over to grab her boobs. Right ther, he knew he was about to cum. However, he knew he had to keep going when she said, "I haven't ejaculated in forever. " Alex kept going until he felt her cum lubricating his cock.

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      He pulled out and stuck it in her mouth. He had never felt something so magical. His grandmother's tongue massaging his cock was like heaven. He shot his load in her mouth and she choaked it up. He lied down next to her and all he could say was, "Same time next week?"For more great stories check out the forums http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. php?or our new story site www. bluestories. com.