Going Natural


Nudism was my husband Tom's idea. A colleague at the college where Tom teaches had told him about his family's experience at a nudist resort and Tom thought we should try it. I was a little dubious. We have two teenage children, Lisa, 18 and Jimmy, 18 I was really unsure of the effect such an experience would have on them. Nevertheless, Tom brought the idea up at the dinner table one night.
Lisa went ballistic. "You expect me to walk around naked in front of a bunch of strangers? No way! Forget it!"
Jimmy's reaction was milder. "Seems kinda weird," was his only response.
"Well, we should try it on our own first," Tom patiently explained. "I think everyone will be surprised how natural it feels once the initial embarrassment wears off. "
"Oh great!" Lisa retorted. "What are we gonna do? All of us run around the back yard naked? The neighbors will think we're nuts and call the cops!"
"No, nothing like that," Tom said. "You all remember Fred Anderson that used to live across the street? He has a cottage up by the lake that sits off by itself. It's very private. He's said we could use it for the weekend. Of course, I didn't tell him exactly why we wanted to use it.

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"Terrific!" Lisa said glumly. "Bug bites all over me!" But she raised no further objections and finished the meal in silence.
We had decided to drive up to the cottage on Saturday morning. I packed on Friday night and found that everything we needed fit in one small bag. After all, we really didn't need any clothes other than what we were wearing. I guess the reality of it really hit me then.
"Are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked Tom as we got ready for bed.
"It will go just fine," he assured me. "You'll see. "
The drive up to the lake was a quiet one. The only one who even occasionally spoke was Tom. Both the kids looked out the windows and seemed lost in their own thoughts. It occurred to me that, since Lisa and Jimmy had become teenagers, everyone had become more careful about keeping doors closed. I hadn't seen either of them without clothes in at least five years, nor had they seen Tom or me naked in that time. Well, I didn't really think they'd EVER seen us naked, except for an occasional glimpse.

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We arrived at the cottage and found it to indeed be very private. It was completed surrounded and screened by pine trees and approachable only by a long twisting driveway or by boat. It was really a very pretty setting.
Things were awkward just after our arrival. The kids and I found all sorts of little things to do around the cottage, obviously trying to avoid what we knew we needed to do.
Tom broke the ice. He went into one of the bedrooms and soon emerged completely naked except for sandals. His long thick penis hung loosely over his very large sac and swung slightly as he walked. "Ahhh," he said. "That feels better!"
Lisa turned beet red. "Oh my god!" Jimmy let out a nervous laugh.
I didn't say anything. I went into the bedroom, unbuttoning my blouse as I went.
I tried to keep my mind blank as I undressed. As I tossed my panties onto the bed, I turned to look at myself in the mirror on the wall.

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   For 38, I think I still look OK. My breasts sag a little but my nipples still point forward. The small tummy I have was just proof that I'd had two kids. I was glad I hadn't trimmed my pubic hair before the trip. The thick patch of hair between my legs concealed my vaginal slit and provided a small measure of modesty. I returned to the main room. Tom saw me and smiled.
Just then, Jimmy emerged from one of the other bedrooms with nothing on. I guess I should have been more prepared for his manhood. A very respectable penis hung just below his flat stomach. It had a much more prominent head on it than his father's but the shaft wasn't quite as long.
The door to the bathroom opened and Lisa emerged nude. The sight of her sent a pang of jealousy through me. She was lovely. Her slim athletic body moved with a natural grace.

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   She had high, firm breasts capped with nipples the same pinkish tan as mine. She's a 34B as compared to my 36C. The narrow strip of hair on the mound of her pussy was light brown showing that, while the blonde hair on her head might look natural, it wasn't. Her buttocks barely quivered as she walked, making me all the more conscious of my more ample behind.
She put her hands on her hips and said sarcastically, "Well gee, this is fun!" But in a moment, her expression changed. "Oh shit! Do I have to look at THAT all weekend?"
She was looking at her brother who I saw had a complete erection. Jimmy's face reddened slightly as he said, "I-I couldn't help it. It just happened!" I couldn't help but notice that his boner pointed upward more than Tom's usually did. The skin on the head was so tight that it gleamed. It looked to be at least seven inches long.
"Well, honey," I said lamely. "It's sort of a compliment. " Lisa just rolled her eyes and turned and walked over to the window. The sight of her firm bottom didn't help Jimmy's condition at all.
Tom had said nothing and I suddenly realized he too was struggling against his basic nature.

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   He lost the struggle and his cock soon stood erect too, showing its full eight and a half inch length.
He said nervously, "Well, I think we have to expect some of these reactions until we get a little more used to this. " I mentally agreed because I was having a hard time keeping my eyes off Jimmy's stiff organ. And I wasn't comfortable with the slight tingling that had begum between my legs.
Lisa turned and saw Tom's erection and rolled her eyes again, but not before I noticed a fleeting look of frank admiration at her father's endowment. She laughed a little and said "Wow, Mom, no wonder you always seem to be in a good mood!" That made us laugh and broke the tension a little.
We decided to have lunch at the picnic table out in back of the cottage. Getting everything ready and carrying it outside helped everyone relax. Even the boners relaxed some, but never went completely limp.
Having lunch outdoors in the nude felt very free and natural. I was beginning to think Tom had had a really good idea. But when I glanced over at him as he sat next to me, I noticed his erection had renewed itself. It was just noon, would he be able to wait until we went to bed? I glanced at the surrounding trees.
Trying to sound innocent, I said "It's so pretty here. Tom, let's take a walk in the woods after lunch.

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  " After a moment, he got my meaning and, nodding, said "Sure! Good idea!"
After we cleared up the lunch dishes, Tom and I walked towards the woods. I hoped the kids hadn't caught on. I looked back and saw them playing catch.
We went just far enough into the trees to be out of sight of the cottage. Without a word, I leaned over and braced both hands against the trunk of a tree, planting my feet widely apart. Tom got behind me and I felt one of his hands on my hip. I knew the other hand was guiding his cock where it needed to go.
He penetrated me with a sudden thrust to the hilt. I stifled an "Oh!". He began to pump immediately and I accepted his slamming thrusts gratefully. My breasts swung beneath me, increasing my arousal.
"Give it to me, hon!" I gasped in a loud whisper. "Fuck me!" And he did.
I came just as I felt him growing bigger and hotter inside me. Then I came again as hot spurts filled me.

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   I was afraid the kids could hear the squishy sounds my pussy was making. I sighed deeply as he finally finished and pulled out of me.
I straightened up shakily. As a warm dribble started down the inside of my thigh, I realized something. "Oh Tom, I didn't bring anything to clean up with!" I immediately squatted to let his deposit drain out of me. I soon had a fair sized puddle of white between my feet.
Tom stuck his penis in my mouth and I sucked it pretty much clean. It still looked wet but that would dry quickly.
After I'd drained as much cum out of me as I could, I stood up and wiped off my leg with my hand. My pussy lips were still swollen and my cunt was open. "The kids will notice for sure!" I said, as I tried to fluff my wet bush.
Tom shrugged, "Well, what's the big deal? They're old enough that they know we fuck. Besides, the whole idea behind this nudism thing is to be more natural. "
As we emerged from the trees, I realized I didn't need to worry since the kids were too busy to notice me. I saw Lisa standing next to Jimmy and it took me a moment to realize what she was doing.

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   As we drew closer, I could see that she was holding Jimmy's cock in her right hand, working it up and down. Her left hand rested on his bare butt. Jimmy stood with his eyes closed, obviously enjoying his sister masturbating him.
Lisa looked up and saw us. "Well, HE wasn't doing anything about it, so I figured I'd better," she explained casually. It was pretty obvious from her expert manipulation of her brother's penis that this wasn't the first time Lisa had done this for a guy.
"C'mon Jimmy," she encouraged. "You're getting close. . . just let it go. " Her slim fingers tightened on his cock and she rubbed it faster. A large drop of precum oozed from the tip of his organ. "Here, this will help". Lisa moved her hand down Jimmy's buns.

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   She extended a finger and suddenly pushed it up his ass. Jimmy's eyes flew open and his hips jerked. A huge streamer of cum shot from his dick and flew at least three feet onto the grass. Lisa kept pumping her hand and fingering his rear as more spurts shot out. I couldn't believe how much came out of him. His father had just put what I thought was a huge load in me and it was barely half as much as Jimmy squirted onto the grass.
As his cumming slowed to a dribble, Lisa's hand moved more slowly. "That's good," she said gently,"Now let's get it all out. " She expertly squeezed out the last remaining drops, finishing by giving his cock a small shake. She released his penis and pulled out her finger. Jimmy sat down heavily on the edge of the porch. "Oh. . wow!" he sighed.
Lisa grinned.

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   "Feel better?" She turned to us ,"You two have fun out there?" I looked down and saw a small white drop between my feet. I just shrugged but was no longer embarrassed about it.
The look in Lisa's eyes changed. They took on a lost, slightly desperate look. She quietly said. "I think I. . well. . I think I need to go in and lie down for a while. " Jimmy was too dense to know what she meant but I smiled my encouragement. She turned and went into the cottage.
"Is she. . .


  ?" Tom started to ask. "Yes," I cut him off," Just leave her alone for a while. " "Well," he said nervously, "If she needed. . well. . never mind. " I looked down and saw his cock was once again standing at attention.
I was frankly shocked, but I should have seen it coming. "Tom. . you can't . . do that with. .

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  with your own daughter!" "Why not?" said Lisa who had overheard and was standing just inside the screen door. She stepped back out. I saw her nipples had tightened to small knots. She looked at me and said, "I'm not a virgin. " She took Tom by the hand and led him a bit further out onto the lawn where she had him lie down on his back. She had her white teeth clenched in a near grimace as she straddled him. A flush had spread up from her chest to her throat and her eyes smoldered. She reached down between her legs and, grabbing his huge penis, put the fat head of it against her crotch. She rested one hand on each thigh and gave me a proud and defiant look, then she pushed down hard with her hips.
I watched in disbelief as her tender young cunt stretched into an oval as Tom's massive penis plowed into her. She threw her head back and groaned, "Ahhhhhhh!" but kept pushing. "Lisa!" I said. "Don't try to take it all!" But she was wild with lust, glaring at me and Tom as she impaled herself. Finally, all of it had disappeared into her cunt and her pubic hair tangled with her father's. She slumped forward for just a moment but then placed her palms on Tom's chest and began working herself up and down.

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I suddenly became aware of a hand on my bare ass. It was Jimmy's hand and it moved down to slip between my legs. A finger probed and then pushed up my vagina. "Mom, I've wanted to do this for so long!" he said. I said nothing as he pumped the finger in and out. "Jimmy," I said without looking at him, "Lie down on the grass next to your dad!"
I held Lisa's hand and we smiled at each other as we rode the men in the family. . .



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