Getting way more than I expected


Topic: Getting way more than I expected 
Me and Sarah had just started dating. She was a sophomore in high school while I was a junior. She had dyed her hair to this really cute light shade of red that drove me nuts. She loved to work out, giving her a thin, athletic frame and a nice ass. I think the thing that put her over the top in my mind was just the fact that she had a bubbly personality that guys loved. Once guys got a look at her, a brief conversation was enough to have them hooked. I knew that I was one lucky guy, but I was about to find out just how lucky.
One weekend while my parents were out of town, I planned on having her over to see if I might be able to take our relationship to the next level. The furthest I had really got with her was making out. I had managed to bribe my  thirteen year old sister into promising to stay in her room for the night and thought that everything was set. I was about to leave to go rent a movie when Sarah arrived a half an hour early.
"Hey honey" I said to her and then gave her a big kiss. She was wearing a cute top and  fairly short skirt that I just knew would tease me all night. I told here that I was about to go rent a movie to watch, but since she was here we could just watch something that was already in the house. She told me that it was fine if I left as she could just watch TV for a while. I didn't want to argue so I decided to go and get the most romantic film that I could find.

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   I was desperate for anything that I could get that might help me score tonight. I could not take my mind off of that skirt. . . or actually I guess what was underneath it.
A half an hour later I returned with the movie and walked into the living room only to find that Sarah was not in there. I figured that she must be up in my room. I had not told here that we would be watching in the living room so she might have thought it would be more fun in my room. I could not help but agree, but I did not want my little sister Abby to overhear anything. She is so young and still innocent. She might even tell my parents what happened.  
I walked up to my room, but once again was dissapointed to not find Sarah. The only other place she could be was in the bathroom so I decided to just wait. I poked my head out of the door and heard a noise coming from my sisters room. I thought she was watching a movie untill I got a little closer and heard the sweetest moan that you could ever hear.

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   Holy Shit! Is my cute innocent sister masturbating while she thinks I am occupied downstairs? I had never even thought of the possibility. She had hit pueberty about two years ago, but I never thought that she would have such a strong interest in sex at her young age.
Her door was open a crack and I peered through. All I could see was her face, but I could tell that she was enjoying herself. Her eyes were rolled back and I could hear her moans becoming louder and louder. I was as hard as a rock at this point and had to see more so I slowly opened the door a little. I was stunned at what I saw. My girlfriend Sarah was naked and had her face burried in my sisters tight little cunt! It was the hottest thing that I had ever seen. Sarah must be good at what she was doing because my little sister began to buck her hips  and quickly came to orgasm.
Sarah pulled he head away and after whipping her mouth off, looked in my direction. She saw me and didn't miss a beat saying "what the fuck are you waiting for? why don't you join us. " I didn't know what to say. My sister was only 4'11" and maybe ninety pounds. She was the cutest thing that I had ever set my eyes on and there was no way that I could pass up the opportunity to fuck her. I quickly took off  my pants and walked over to the bead.

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   There were two tight pussies in front of me waiting to be ravaged and I did not know where to start.
Sarah told me to lay down while she told Abby to get up and straddle me. My little sister looked nervous at the prospect of fucking her big brother and could not seem to speak. Apparently she had never had anything in her tight pussy but her own fingers and Sarah's tongue.
    I grabbed her hips and lowered he onto my dick. I took the  initial penetration slow and enjoyed every second of it. It was the tightest thing my dick would ever feel around it and I almost came in the first thirty seconds but regained controll. She started to bounce up and down and let out one of her moans that again nearly sent me over the top. Sarah just stood behid here fingering herself and watching us. I wonder if she had this all planned out as she stayed so calm the entire time? Soon enough, Abby was close to orgasm and she leaned forward as I wrapped my arms around her and continued to pump my little sis's cunt with my hard cock. Eventually she could not take it any more and I felt her entire body shudder as her pussy clamped down even harder on my dick. She looked into my eyes and let out a yell as she reached her peak. I kept on pumping her as her body slowly stopped shaking.
    I could hardly hold it in any longer when my sister said "will you cum on my face instead of inside of me? I don't want to get pregnant and my friends told me cum doesn't taste that bad" I wished that the girls I knew when I was thirteen were so outgoing, but I didn't have to be told twice and immediately pulled out and stood next to my kneeling sister. I came as soon as I got into place and covered my little sister with warm, sticky cum.

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        the look on her face as she stuck her tungue out and slowly licked off some cum from her lips is still the hottest thing that I have ever seen. I looked up and Sarah was smiling at me. I had no words but she said impatiently "Why the fuck are you just looking at me. There are two tight pussies in this room that need attention" With that she pushed me onto my back on my sister's bed and continued what would be the longest, and best night of sex in my life.