Getting to know my step-bro parts two&three


Part two
I woke up to soft fingers roaming over my body, tracing every inch of my skin. I opened my eyes to see Ollie smiling down at me. I was still topless from the night before, then suddenly realised that everyone would have seen my tits! I kneeled up on my elbows only to see that the room was empty, and the mid-morning sun shining through the window.
‘where is everyone?’ I asked.
‘gone out for the day. ’ Ollie replied. ‘it’s alright, I covered you up so they wouldn’t stare at your tits!’ I smiled, grateful. If he hadn’t, we could have got into a lot of trouble!
‘what time is it?’
‘nearly 11. ’
‘did you sleep well?’ I asked him.
‘hmmm…I haven’t slept a lot. ’
‘what have you been doing then?!’ I asked.
‘ummm…just watching you sleep. ’
‘ahh, that is so cute!’ I smiled, lying down again and patting the bed next to me. He lay next to me and slowly entered his tongue into my mouth. I stopped him.
‘You know what? I honestly cannot believe we never got these cute little hot pants off of me!’ I said, innocently flicking the elastic around my hips.

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‘Well, that can be changed,’ he said, hooking the elastic round his thumbs and dragging them down my legs, then flinging them on the other side of the room. He took one look at my hairless mound and moaned. He buried his face into my crotch, smelling my scent. He moaned again. Then he licked all the way from my ass hole to my clit, which he took into his mouth and nibbled lightly. It felt amazing, and I moaned loudly. He lapped up my juices like a cat laps milk, before slowly inserting his tongue into my burning hole.
‘oh shit Ollie! don’t fucking stop…oh god!’ I screeched. He felt amazing. His finger pinched, twisted and pulled at my clit, sending electric pulses running through my body as his tongue plunged deep into my pussy. My hands were groping my boobs, pinching, twisting and pulling at my nipples in synchronisation as he mauled my clit. It wasn’t long before I reached my climax.
‘oh fuck bro, I’m gonna fucking cum all over you fucking face. Ahhhhhhh…I’m cummmmmming! Lap it all up bro, oh shit! Oh sweet mother of…ahhhhhhh!’
Ollie’s head popped up from between my legs, looking like the cat that had got the cream. He crawled up to me and I plunged my tongue into his mouth, tasting my own cum.

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   It turned me on so much!
‘that was incredible!’ I said to him. ‘you are so good!’
‘thanks, you weren’t bad last night either!’
I was so hot now that I didn’t care if he was related to me, I was gonna fuck him!
‘lie down,’ I told him. He lay on his back, his cock stood rock solid in the air.
‘what are you gonna do?’ he asked me.
‘you’ll see…’ I smiled.
I straddled his waist, and lined up my pussy over his cock. Then without warning I sat down, shoving the whole 8 inches deep inside of me.
‘shit!’ Ollie yelled. ‘your not a virgin!’
‘fuck no! Can you honestly see me surviving without a guys cock?!’
He moaned his agreement and gripped onto my hips, forcing me up and down his hard member. I squealed my appreciation, tilted my head back and rode him like a horse. Both of our hips were clashing in mid-air, our crotches forcing his dick further into me than I thought possible. When he left me, I felt empty and craved him and when he invaded my tight pussy, it took all of my strength to accommodate him. But I loved every minute of it. After a while he pulled me off him. I moaned my disapproval.

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‘what’s the matter,’ I asked, pouting my lips and reaching for his cock that I so dearly needed.
‘nothing, I just want to try something new. ’
He told me to stand up and bend over the chest of drawers against the wall. I did as he said, and he walked up behind me, admiring my cute ass.
‘oh come on already!’ I yelled and backed onto his cock.
This new position took him deeper and deeper inside me with every push. Soon I was moaning like there was no tomorrow, bent over the drawers like the cock-whore that I was. Ollie was slamming into me, his balls slapping my clit every time, telling me that he was fucking me deep and hard.
‘oh shit, harder HARDER, I’m almost there. I’m gonna cum!’
Ollie began to pound into me each stroke going deep and harder like never before.
‘fuck I’m gonna come!’ he soon yelled and began to pull out.
‘NO!’ I said. ‘I wanna feel your cum deep inside me!’
He pulled out fully, much to my dismay, but then pulled me around and shoved me backwards over the chest of drawers before slamming into me one last time. I felt his cock shoot bullets of hot cum deep into my hot pussy. That was the last straw.

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   I moaned loudly as I came, my pussy pulsating over his member lodged deep inside of me.
Part three
When Ollie finally pulled out of my burning pussy, we both collapsed onto the mattress on the floor and sighed.
‘that was amazing!’ I said leaning in to kiss him deeply, moaning through the kiss.
‘I agree, you are one hot little minx!’ he laughed. I smiled at him.
‘what time is it now?’ I asked.
He leaned over to the clock and told me it was ten to one.
‘what time did dad say they would be home?’
‘not before eight. ’ he said, grinning.
‘mmmm…a whole afternoon of hardcore fucking,’ I giggled.
‘yes, but right now, I’m fucking starving!’ Ollie said.
We stood up and changed, although I’m not sure why. Ollie pulled on his no-ass jeans, whereas I had no idea where any of my stuff was flung so I wrapped myself with the bed sheet that lay crumpled on the floor. We went downstairs and looked in the fridge at what was for breakfast. The phone rang, so Ollie went to get it while I poured two glasses of juice for us.

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‘That was dad,’ Ollie said. ‘The lads are in this football tournament that won’t finish ‘til later and then there’s a barbeque and stuff so he said they will be back later than planned. ’
‘fine by me,’ I grinned, turning around to give him his juice, only to have it knocked all over me
‘Oh my god I am soooo sorry!’ Ollie said, laughing at my face. The juice, straight from the fridge, was ice cold and had just been poured all over my torso! I ripped off the wet bed sheet, leaving me butt naked and glistening with apple juice.
‘here, let me get that!’ Ollie said, leaning down and lapping up the apple juice from my tits and stomach.
    I moaned at him.
    ‘so much for breakfast!’ I said.
    ‘I’m having mine,’ he grinned, feasting on my tits. I leaned back against the counter and enjoyed the pleasure Ollie was giving me. He worked his magic with his tongue, leaving me squirming all over the place! As he licked off the remaining juice from my tits, I felt two fingers shoot straight into my waiting pussy.
    ‘Damn, sis, you’re still tight up here!’ he grinned at me.
    ‘I know, maybe I needed loosening up a bit,’ I said, biting my lower lip and smiling seductively.
    ‘but, sis I don’t know if my big cock that you love so much is thick enough for the job. ’ he said to me.
    ‘oh I don’t know about that,’ I smiled at him.

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       ‘I just love your huge cock, bro,’
    ‘no really, you need something bigger. Just trust me ok. ’
    ‘alright then, have your way with me. ’ I said to him.
    He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I picked up his hard cock and began to rub it gently.
    ‘but bro, I just love the way your cock makes me feel…’ I said, looking sad. ‘I feel empty without it. ’
    Ollie ignored me. He carried me over to the island of work surfaces that was in the middle of the kitchen and placed me on top, telling me to shut my eyes and spread my legs. I did as he said. I heard his clattering around for a while. Then, without warning, I felt something icy cold rub against my slit, sending shivers down my spine. My eyes popped open, revealing Ollie rubbing me with an ice lolly!
    ‘oh shit, bro that feels soooo good! On my clit, rub my clit. Ahhhhhhh!’ the feeling was incredible as he rubbed my clit with the lollypop.

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       It was a matter of seconds before it had melted though, due to the intense heat that my pussy was giving out. He bent over and licked up the melted lolly, mixed with my juices and I moaned in delight.
    ‘get another one!’ I said. ‘shove it deep in my pussy, bro!’
    ‘I have a better idea,’ he said mischievously. ‘close your eyes again. ’
    I did as he said, biting my bottom lip in anticipation. Soon, I felt Ollie’s presence, hovering over me.
    ‘I’m waiting,’ I said. ‘come on bro, do me! Right here, right now!’
    Again my eyes popped wide open, in sheer pleasure as I moaned deeply. I felt my pussy being invaded my something much thicker that Ollie’s tool. I looked down to see him shoving a huge cucumber in and out of my burning love hole with all his might!
    ‘oh fuck bro, fuck me hard. Oh yea…’ I groaned and lay back, sprawled over the counter.
    Ollie had his hand gripped around his cock, jacking himself off as he plunged that cucumber deep into my pussy, watching my eyes pop open.
    ‘mmmm…yeah bro. No, shit! Fuck me more!’ I slurred at him, dizzy with pleasure.

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       The feeling was unbelievable. I just felt invaded, and it turned me on so much it was amazing. Ollie soon came, streaking his jizz all over my tits and mouth. He rubbed it in, then fed me his cum with his fingers. He tasted fabulous. Then he went back to working my pussy with the cucumber, his other hand flicking over my clit and occasionally sticking a finger in my asshole. That’s what finally took me over the edge, and I flooded the vegetable with my cum. As Ollie took it out of my cunt I collapsed, exhausted onto the worktop.