Getting drunk with my brother


 Its was 6pm and i just got off work and arrived home. My brother Tommy who lives with me was already there. I walked in hes sitting down on the sofa and i quickly headed to the fridge to grab a cold one. He asked for me to grab him one. I brought it over and sat at the other end of the sofa kicking up my feet and grabbing the remote out of his lap. I changed the channel to the news to see what was on. Nothing new just alot of rain so that kind of ruined things for the weekend.

ÂWe started pounding down beers and bitching about work and everything else in life. About an four hours went by and my brother eventually passed out on the sofa. He snores real loud and usually is out cold specially after drinking. Suddenly my gf called. She was outta town on buisness and was lonely. I quickly tried to assure her everything was ok. She was telling me about how she was lonely tired and most of all horny. I couldnt do much for her and she soon realized i was wasted. She always messes with me when im drunk cause she doesnt think ill remember it the next day.

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   She started by teasing me and then moaning and naughty talk quickly followed, she started getting tired after about 45mins on the phone an headed to bed and said shed call me in the morning. Once off of the phone being hard and drunk became overwhelming. All i could think about was my sexy naked girlfriends body . She has a gorgeous head of blonde hair,baby blue eyes, with cute sexy lips with these slender shoulders a perfect set of 36c tits with quarter size light pink nipples. Also a perfect stomach to a set of medium size hips and a juicy phat ass and long long legs and a near perfect full bush. Everythought would make me throb harder and swell. Im about 6 1/2 -7 inches. I have a good size body being 6'0 199pounds. I looked over at my cousin by this time and he had drool coming out his mouth laying down on the sofa on his side facing away from the tv. His leg kept jabbing my hip so i punched him in the calf and he didnt flench.

 ÂI sat up a little bit and with every throb of my cock against my pants i grew harder. I was drunk by this time and my brother was passed out and i didnt know what i was doing. . . I slowly slide my hand across my brothers tommys stomach and unbotton'd his pants.

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   I grabb the back part of his pants and slide them down off his ass. I at this time had already pulled out my cock and started to jerk it off and precum. I pulled his pants down to his knees and rolled him on his stomach he didnt even stir a bit. I slowly spread his ass cheeks apart. I notice he had a very hairy asshole crack . He was a hairy guy and i am too so i kinda like a good bush. Something about seeing women when i was younger. Mostly my sister and mom as well. They sometimes would be in panties and topless while getting ready to go somwhere. My sister had a sharp ass and a nice beaver the was poking out of her panty lines. Id often see her showering naked when shed leave her bathroom door open too. Or when she was sleeping id spy on her somethimes. My mom had a nice matt of hair too. I always remembered this one time when my mom was talking to me when, i was about 12 or 13Âshe was in a towel with her legs spread open enough for me to see her pretty blonde pubes.
    So eventually i climbed ontop of my brother slowly rubing the head of my cock between his crack feeling his crack hairs.

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       I suddenly felt the urge to slide it in him but didnt know if it would wake him up. I decided to do it. I slowly inserted the head in. I started to pull out and then force it in agian. It was so tight the 1st two pumps the head only made it in. On the thrid pump it went all the way in as far as i could force it. He didnt even notice he was so passed out. I slowly pumped away. My balls would rest agianst his hairy ass and my cock would plow into his virgin ass.  As i was fucking his ass some time my shirt must have got in the way. Later i looked at it before i went to bed and it was cover in stains of blood and a light brown fluid, and after about 4 mins i started the 1st squirt. Then the 2nd one and on the 3rd one he suddenly lift his head up . By this time it was really dark in the living room and i jumped off and layed on the floor and coverd my self with a blanket near by. He then layed back down and started his snooring again. I pulled up his pants and went to bed quickly hoping he wouldnt know what just happend in the monring.

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       I woke up the next day with a hell of a hang over and my brother was still out . He woke up finally later that day and said he had a dream about banging our mom. Little did he know i already did when she was sleeping too and she was drunk:)