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We lived in the country and my parents bedroom was right opposite mine. They would leave the door open all of the time and i would close mine. At about 12 years of age i began to hear them moaning in the early mornings. As i was just developing sexually i started to get arroused and turned on by what i could hear. I would go up to the keyhole and peek through. They would always be in the same position, dad on top mum just lying there. I could see my dads cock wet, slipping in and out of my mum. I would reach down and rub my clit while still watching. I was so horny. When my dad had finished he would get up walk out past my door to take a shower. His cock would be semi limp but still wet from all of the juices. There were times when we stayed in motels and my bed would be right next to theres and i would hear my dads finger going in and out of my mums pussy. He would then mount her and fuck her right next to me thinking i was asleep but i think knowing i wasnt. I knew my dad read erotic and R rated magazines and i knew that my mum just wasnt pleasing him sexually. I began to fantasise as i got older about climbing in bed pretnding i was mum and fucking him. I really wasnt attracted to him, i just sexually wanted to fuck him.

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   When i was about 18 mum went away for a trip to see her family. By this time i had had many sexual partners and boyfriends. I would come home and my dad would be laying in the pool on the air mattress naked (as they were nudests). His cock would be limp and he would just say afternoon to me and i would walk inside. One day i got home from school and jumped in the shower and left the curtains open. I was washing my hair so i had my eyes shut most of the time. After i rinsed off i opened my eyes to see my dad quickly dart out of view. I didnt know what to think. I dried off and looked outside and couldnt see him in the pool. I got dressed and walked around the yard a bit and still had no idea where he was. As i went to go back inside i saw the horses looking at something at the back of the shed. I walked over and when i got around the back there was dad pulling his cock. He had one leg on the step and his eyes closed and was jerking off. I cleared my throat and he jumped in fright. We both stood there without a word to say.

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   I was so turned on at this time that i decided to make the first move. I walked towards him taking my top off as i got closer. Honey this is not a good idea, we shouldnt do this. As i got to him i took my panties off. Again he tried to tell me it was wrong. I put my leg up on the steps in a lunge and slipped my finger in my dripping pussy. I pulled it out and then put it to my dads lips. Taste it. At this point there was no turning back for him. After he tasted my juices on his finger he knew what he wanted. I took his cock and started to rub it against my pussy. He started to motion fuck me between my legs and stopped otherwise he would have cum too quickly. I pushed him to the ground and pushed his cock into my pussy and took it out again. I started to lick it and suck on it tasting my horny juices all over it.
    He moaned and his cock got harder.

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       I rolled over and lay on the steps with my legs apart. dad sat down and started to lick my clit and finger my cunt hole. He stuck a finger in my asshole as well and i climaxed almost instantly. Just as i was about to get up and fuck him our dog came along and burried its nose in my pussy. Dad laughed and said go away. But it felt great! i let Sophie (the dog) keep licking. When dad saw that i was enjoing it and that my clit was now throbbing and swollen he decided to make a 3some out of it. He moved me off the steps and onto the ground. Sophie licked my clit from the front while dad stuck his cock in my pussy. When dads cock first entered my cunt hole while Sophie was licking my clit i nearly exploded. I asked dad to put a finger in my asshole as well. Dad pulled out and i let Sophie lick my hole where we had been fucking. This time i let dad fuck my asshole while sophie licked my pussy and clit. Dad bounced me from behind. His cock went in fast and deep.

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       I grabbed his balls from behind and squeezed them while Sophie kept licking at my clit. After about 4 minutes i couldnt take it any longer and i just wanted to explode. I screamed at dad to fuck me hard and fast and i pushed Sophie off and rubbed my clit as fast as i could. Dad pushed and fucked my asshole with his cock so hard and i felt a shot of hot fluid inside me. When he pulled out Sophie went up and licked his cock. At first he couldnt take it as the feeling was too much after he had just shot his load in me. But he lay there and let Sophie lick his cock more. We all stopped as we heard the sound of footesteps. We turned around to see mum standing there. . . she had come home early. . . If you want to hear more let me know.

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