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I don't know where to start. Well, I often wondered if any of the stories on web were true. I wondered so until it happened to me.

I am Kishoreand am Forty years old. This incident happened a year ago. I working with a private firm and have a family with 2 children & live happily in Tumkur. Last year my wife had to go urgently to her mother’s place at Belgaum since her elder sister was not well. While going she had asked our neighbour Malathi to help me out with my food since morning food was available at the canteen in the factory. Malathi was married and had one son aged 7, he was a school going child & Malathi”s husband was a businessman who most of the times was on tour. Malathi was a well educated womanand used to move with the trend, she used to wear fancy dresses and was bold and frank. Malathi must be around 30, she was very attractive, with good protruding boobs, slightly curve belly, a firm wide bottom with beautiful thighs, she always dressed elegantly and never disclosed her lovely assets except for the Mangalsutra which could be seen in her neck. She was fond of reading books and surfing the net.
It was 2 days after my wife Sudha left for Belgaum there was a knock on the door, to my surprise it was Malathi, I invited her inside she came and then asked me as to why I did not come to their house,I informed her that due to heavy work in the factory had come latehence did not want to disturb her. She asked me as to what I was doing at present for which I told her that was surfing the net, she informed that she also surfs the net but since last 2 days the internet is not coming ok, she asked me to come to her house and help her to conncect the same for which I agreed and went to her house. The computer system was kept in the bedroom, when I entered saw a panty and a bra with her saree lying on the bed, she immediately shifted the same and then I started looking and asked her to get water for me as soon as the fault was connected I found that she had saved many sexy stories and photos in the documents folder.

She came with the water and asked whether her system is working for which I replied that the system is well connected except for a problem which has been set right & also mentioned about the sex document which had seen just now, she smiled & changing the subject she asked me whether Iwill have something to eat for which I agreed and then followed her inside the kitchen and from behind I admired her bums, she asked me as to what I was staring at, immediately I asked her when you are doing work how can you see behind so she laughed and said that is what all men do.

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  I immediately told her that she was beautiful and good looking & she had maintained herself properly, she smiled and said don’t say all this just to make me happy, I told her that she was magnificient,she complimented me for admiring her and then she gave me upma to eat and thenwe discssused about my job and then I asked her about herself& about her education and why she had not further studied, then I praised her for maintaining her body for which she said that she does Yoga and also exercises. After that she asked me whether I play cards for which I accepted and said yes this is a good time pass, she said that after Sudha had gone she is getting bored and do not know how to pass her time, she asked me as to how I pass my time & we discussed, I asked her about her son she said he has gone to his aunts house and will be backsooner and when asked for her hubby she informed that he had gone to Mumbai on work & will be coming after 3 days, we started playing cards after 3 to 4 games our interest was fading out that is when it struck to me an idea which I expressed to her that we will play games but who ever wins will ask the other person to do some work for 2 mintues this way we would enjoy. The first game was won by Malathi she asked me to massage her back which I started doing and she was enjoying, I was also enjoying and my dick was also erect after that again we played and she won again this time she asked me to massage her leg and while massaging her saree had gone upwards and massaged till her knees she was enjoying and then it was my turn to win asked her to massage my back, removed my shirt and she started rubbing my back, she admired and said that I have a good muscular body after that she won the next game this time she asked me to massage her waist line while doing that I was touching her sensitive parts my hands made it to her bums after that it was my turn to win this time I asked her to massage my chest which she started doing sitting on me, her saree had gone way ahead upwards above the knee and I started feeling her thighs, when she was massaging my chest I was massaging her thighs, she had ignited fire in me and she was also ignited but somewhere she was afraid to go ahead, she stopped abruptly and said that it was too much and we should stop it for which I also agreed and went to my house.
Next day I went to work and came back in the afternoon was not feeling better, Malathi was watching from the balcony & she came to the staircase and asked me how I had come home so early, for which informed her that my body was aching &was feeling uneasy,she asked me to take rest, she asked me if I had taken any medicines & asked me if any balm is available so that she can massage my body for which I informed that there is a Ayurveda oil which applied to body gives relief,she started to apply oil on my body on the back and she started massaging her hands were very soft and her touch made me mad, I was already ignited yesterday and today she was in my house, while massaging little oil fell on her saree, I asked her to be careful and told her to remove it and then apply, she said she will go and change to nighty and come but I insisted don’t do that what people will neighbours think for which she agreed, then she asked me turn on my back so she could massage my chest, as I turned I was in a shock to see her boobs peeping from her blouse since she had already removed her saree. I told her to sit on my knees and then massage so that she would be comfortable and as she sat on my knees I could see her panties & her sexy thighs, when she starte massaging my dick was almost near her cunt which she could ffel between her thighs and she had become very hot, I pulled her on my chest and started kissing her, she resisted & tried to get out of my hold, but kept holding her tightly and kissed on her neck and then on her chest, I started unbuttoning her blouse and then inserted my hand inside her bra to cupp her inviting boobs, my god it was magnificient, I started slowly kneading her tits and nipple she was getting more and more excited, that is when I took out my dick and just put it next to her cunt and it was brushing on her mound Malathi just took my dick and took it inside her cunt I nodded pleasantly and reached up slowly to touch her firm ample breasts. The skin was soft, but the composure was firm to the touch. She smiled and slowly began riding. Her hips worked in a continuous steady drive. Her movements weren't jerky at all. Back and forth she slid over my cock perfectly like a machine. She placed one hand on my shoulder and flipped her hair back with the other. I watched as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride . Sensations tingled through my legs and balls. My cock jumped a little inside her. Surprisingly it was tight as well.

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   Not a virgin tight but still tight and gripping at my cock. . This time she reached back around and I could feel a wet. I smiled at her as she gave me a sexy seducing grin. It was a little kinky I thought, but I wasn't going to say a damn word to this tanned beauty. I was almost shocked at how good it felt as her finger slid in. I tightened again on instinct then Malathi began riding my cock harder. The feeling was incredibly intense. Usually when a woman is on top they come pretty damn close to breaking it off a few times, but not with her, she knew exactly how to ride a cock and make it feel good, and she was. She leaned back and pushed the finger farther up my sphincter. I could see her tight stomach muscles as she arched backwards. My cock dipped inside her even more. Her hips began to push and rotate slightly grinding my rod in harder. A little pain flared through my ass, but I could careand then she started going up and down sliding on my erect dick which was thrilling as her cunt was vibrating & was grinding my dick, her cunt was damn hot and hot juices were flowing it was acting as if it was lubricating my dick. My penis was getting harder and harder She moaned in ecstasy Iwanted her to feel more of me hence I started moving my torso to and fro.

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   I was stroking hard into her. I was trying to push my cock more and more into her. My cock was going and coming fast to and from her pussy. I was stroking. She was wriggling. She gave me all support with her haunches and I was romping fast. She was sighing and moaningMy piston was working fast into her bore. Malathi said please go on fucking like this don’t stop it is giving me pleasureher wet pussy touching my balls each time she landed on my lap. She was doing something magical with her hips now, twirling them in slow circling motions round and round, and I was grunting, heaving up under her. She bent over me, her superb back arching, rubbing herself against me. All I could do was grip her hips and indulge the sensation. While she was riding me I was kneading her magnificient melons and was moving my hands on all parts of the body, Both her boobs were jumping up and down while she was riding on my cock, this went on for next 12 minutes after which I leaked out inside her lovely pleasureable cunt. I was exhausted and she was also she slept on my chest after few minutes she got up to go I stopped her for which she said for time being this is enough has her son will be returning from school, she dressed faster and after having a proper.



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