Fun With My Pregnant Cousin


This happened when all our family where at our holiday home in Spain.
We had been on the beach all day and had just returned to the villa and were getting changed ready for the barbecue later on. I saw my 24 year old cousin go off towards her bedroom to get changed and i decided to follow and spy, i always thought she was attractive with light hair nice ass and breast and a belly growing bigger everyday seeing as she was heavily pregnant.
When she got to her room she went straight towards the on-suite bathroom and closed the door, this gave me a chance to find a hiding place, i choose a wadrobe which had only her husbands clothes in, when she came back she only had her knickers on and i could clearly see her large tanned bump and her juicy enlarged breast with darkened nipples, i got hard straight away and starting to masturbate, it felt so good watching her as she slipped off her purple underwear i got my first look at a hairy mount, without thinking i let out a moan she stood and looked around shocked my heart started racing what was she going to do once she found me.
She looked all around the bedroom and finally came to the wadrobe i was situated in, she opened the door and saw me there with my shorts down holding onto my hard cock, " what are you doing here she hissed", i looked into her eyes and told her the truth hoping it would calm her down, she stood there still nude and told me how if she told the family i would be in so much trouble , i was nearly in tears but then she did something im never going to forget,she grabbed my stiff cock pulled me out off the wadrobe and started going with me, it felt so good to be kissing her.
She led me towards the bed and i led down in anticipation, she got onto the bed and led opposite me and starting sucking on my nob licking up and down the shaft and cupping my balls with her hand, i felt like i was in heaven as she put all her effort into making me cum suddenly i felt my balls tingle and i exploded into her mouth, she lapped it all up.
Then it was my turn i put my face towards her breast and licked all around her hard dark nipples, then i started to suck on one off them and i got a warm liquid roll over my tongue, she was lactating oh my it tasted so good.
I looked up at her face and she looked so happy, i made my way downwards and got to her hairy puss, i shoved my face into it kissing and licking at anything in my way, she sqealed and moaned as i did this, i put my finger up into her tight gap and fingered her for all she was worth, before long she went stiff and went into a major orgasm moaning and screaming as i got a face full