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Background:A few years back, my wife left me for her sister Leann's husband. It happened totally out of the blue and was very unexpected. Luckily, I realized what was happening and transferred a good majority of my money from a joint account into a my private account. A few days later, the remaining money in the account was cleared out. Leann hadn't be so lucky. Her account was immediately emptied by her husband, leaving her broke and unable to pay the mortgage, thus going into foreclosure. Since Leann couldn't make it on her own, I allowed her and her two teenage daughters, Lisa and Faith, to move in with me. As an architect, I had a design studio in the basement. So I gave the upstairs rooms to them and I just made a few modifications to the basement and lived there.

Over the past couple of years, I have watched my nieces blossom into beautiful young ladies. Faith is 17, blonde hair, green eyes, 38b, about 110 lbs. Her younger sister, Lisa, is 18 with brown hair and brown eyes, about 103 lbs. Both girls are very athletic, active in gymnastics and cheerleading. Within the last 6 months, things started to change from the norm. Their mother worked swings, so in the evening it was normally just us three. The girls were wearing skimpier and more revealing outfits around the house.

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  They seemed to enjoy teasing me more and more, especially Lisa. She loved to wear her sexy lingerie and would always sit close to me as we watched a movie. Normally, I would start to get hard and have to grab a pillow and place it over me. Lisa took this as signal to lay her head down, commenting often that the pillow felt "lumpy. " They were very playful and liked to wrestle around with me. More often than not, hands were "accidentally" touching the others private parts. My mind always seem to shift to the thought of fucking my nieces, more and more every day. Soon, I would put those feeling to the test.

Saturday was a beautiful day. Leann was working a double shift and Faith was at a Cheerleading Camp for the weekend. After waking up, I proceeded to the kitchen where and began to make breakfast. As I was nearly finished, I knocked on Lisa's door and woke her up letting her know breakfast would be ready in 5 minutes. A few minutes after I returned to the kitchen, Lisa entered. She was clad in a white almost sheer silky robe and as she yawned and stretched, her robe fell open revealing a sexy pair of red bra and panties. My eyes quickly scanned her body and her yawn subsided.

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  Without closing her robe, her demeanor was casual as she moved forward and said "Good Morning," and kissed me on the cheeks while putting one hand on my shoulder. I replied, "Good Morning, my Princess," and turned to get the breakfast out of the skillet. Her hand that was on my shoulder, slips down along my waist as we stand beside each other, and she gives me a hug, "Mmm. . looks good," she states. As we sit down to eat, Lisa is right beside me with her robe still open. Asking if I want any juice, she moves to the cupboard and grab out a couple of glasses. I tell her I want a larger glass, so she has to reach to the highest shelf, exposing her panty clad tight ass to me. She fidgets a bit stretching to the top shelf, wiggling her ass as she finally grabs one. I'm focused on how bad I want my cock in her ass and I hear, "Like the show?"OMG. . . busted. All I could say was "Always. " She laughs and returns with our drinks.

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   I gazed at her for the rest of the meal and we made plans to get a little sun around the pool later.

Around 18 am, I walk outside to the pool area. Lisa is laying out on her stomach in a bikini top and a pair of "Daisy Duke" cutoffs. I pull my chair so it is a beside hers, but just a little bit further back. From this angle, I can see the oil and sweat shining off her deeply tanned hot little body. My sunglasses conceal my eyes as I fix my stare on her ass. She turns over on her back and makes small talk. I watch as she slides the tanning oil inside the edges of her top, then slowly swirls it into her stomach and slips it just a bit under the edge of her shorts, unbuttoning the top button as she did it. I scan lower over her abs to her pierced belly button and continue where her tight tummy fades into her shorts. My mind is fantasizing about sliding my hand into her shorts as I slowly drift off to sleep.

"What the fuck?!!!" I scream as I am rudely awaken by a cold water soaking my body. I look around and Lisa is giggling as she ran away with an empty cup. "So you want to play, oh you're so going to get it," I said as I sprung to my feet and chased her into the house. I caught up with her at the kitchen sink as she was tried to refill the cup. I grabbed around her waist with one hand, as the other grabbed the empty picture on the counter.

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  We were both laughing as we fought to fill our containers. Again, she dumped another glass, this time over my head. I said, "Fuck it," and grabbed the sink spray nozzle. While holding her, I soaked her body, then ran into the living room. I allowed Lisa to catch me and we wrestled to the floor, our bodies intertwining. Our hands moved playfully as we rolled around. Finally, I let her roll on top. The groping had aroused me and Lisa was straddled right across my semi-hard cock, her arms extended, pinning my shoulders down.

As we started to catch our breath, I could feel her slightly pushing her crotch into my cock. "Oh, what do we have here?Is this because of me?," she says as she grinds down onto it. I told her yes and she slides a hand under her crotch and rubs my now well defined cock says, "Can I see it?" I reply, "If you want, but with conditions; 1: You'll have to get out2: A favor for a favor 3: No one can ever know unless both of us agree to tell. " Lisa agrees and slides off me to the side, unbuttoning and unzipping my fly. As she pulls back my underwear, I see her licking her lips as my 7 inch cock sprang from it's confines. Rubbing her hand over it, she said "It's so huge. " Wanting to get an idea of her sexual experience, I asked compared to what.

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   Lisa confessed as to giving a few hand jobs to some classmates over the year and watching porn at her friends house. I was in heaven as my niece to stroked my cock.

I told her it was now time for a favor and I wanted her to take off her clothes. Lisa was totally uninhibited. She sat back and removed her bikini top, exposing her 36C breasts. Then she stood up and slid her "Daisy Dukes" off exposing her neatly trimmed cunt before my eyes. It told her to do a 360 so I can view everything. Lisa spun slowly to the right until he ass was facing me, stopping, then finished the turn with a pose. "Sorry to disappoint you," Lisa said. I told her, "Disappointment. . . no! My god, you have the sexiest body I've ever seen!"Her smile was ear to ear as she straddled my legs. She fondled my cock and then began to lick it. Her licks turned into sucks as she tried to swallow my cock.

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  I instructed her on what felt the best for me and she excelled quickly. Although not a pro, Lisa was doing a great job for her first blow job. I was ready to blow a load, so I asked her if she wanted to try swallowing my cum. She nodded yes and I shot my load down her throat. Lisa swallowed steady for the first few ropes of cum, but then she couldn't keep up and started to gag. Pulling my cock from her overflowing mouth, I shot the remaining ropes on her face and tits. "I think I really love the taste cum," she exclaimed. I told her she had to swallow everything, so Lisa continued and finally licked me clean. I scooped a wad of cum of her neck, then she licked it from my finger. She reach down and cupped her right tit up to her face and licked the remaining glob for her nipple saying, "That was awesome!"



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