Fun With My Hot Mom And Friends


It had reached the holidays and mom decided she needed to unwind, she was going to go with her friend Eliza down to the beach, she was also taking me, I was completely against this idea but she refused to leave me alone for 4 days, “But, I’ll stay at a friends house”, I said angrily, she retorted with,”I don’t care, you are coming”.
The next day a black SUV pulled up and Eliza stepped out, it was her house we were staying at down at the beach. I couldn’t help notice Eliza lovely form, she was about 33, Brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, tits larger than my mom’s due to surgery, a petite body and a hell of an ass. She wore a small, denim mini skirt, a white tank top and by the looks of the straps a black bra. She walked up to the door and knocked, I heard Mom answer, seconds later she yelled for me, I walked downstairs just in time t hear Eliza’s husband wasn’t coming, I was ecstatic at this, Eliza’s husband was an arrogant asshole.
I lugged our suitcases into the back of the SUV and then got in the back, I started listening to m Ipod and didn’t take any notice of what was happening. What seemed like minutes later we were pulling into a nice looking, modern beach house. “Ah, Simon, your room is the last door to your right upstairs” Eliza told me as we entered the first room of the house, I looked around, wooden floors throughout, white, clean walls as well, everything state of the art, just what you’d expect from Eliza’s husband. I lugged my suitcase upstairs and opened the door, the room was smallish, only a single bed and a dresser in the corner, grey carpet was on the floor. I unpacked quickly enough, I hadn’t bought much stuff to this holiday and I walked downstairs again, mom and Eliza were talking to each other and sipping margaritas, “Uh, Eliza where the bathroom, I’ll have my shower now”, she smiled sweetly up at me and said, “The closest to you is upstairs and 2 door on the left, honey”. I nodded my head in thanks and walked back upstairs and started washing in the shower, I had gotten out and had started drying myself when Eliza walked in, “Fuck, sorry Simon I thought you had gotten out, I was going to have my shower”, She said pointing to the clothes bundled in her arms.
I had moved to cover my cock, but I was a little to slow, she caught sight of it and blushed scarlet, she turned and left, hurrying out quickly. I dressed quickly and headed back downstairs quietly, I heard talking, “I’m sorry Nat, but I just walked in on your naked son” said Eliza blushing, Mom smiled ,”And, It’s ok, mistakes happen, but can I ask you something, is his cock a normal size, I saw him nude a couple of weeks ago and saw his cock and thought it was rather large?” my mom asked slyly. “It’s huge for someone his age and quite large for any man, much bigger than Geralds”, said Eliza blushing, I smiled I had a bigger package than her husband.
“He acts so normal around you, he isn’t embarrassed you saw it?” asked Eliza; “No, I think he was proud of the amount of shock it caused me” replied Mom. “I hate to tell you but your son is quite attractive,” whispered Eliza, I sat down on the stairs and began to listen more intently, “I would think that he is not a virgin, do you know?” I smiled, my mom returned, “No he is not a virgin, you’re right, I found out by asking him” there was a pause before Eliza spoke again, “And he wasn’t embarrassed by that?” My mom laughed, “I think he was proud to tell me, actually”, there was another long pause before my mom spoke, “Why are your panties wet?” there was an inaudible mutter before my mom spoke again, “Are you turned on by my son or is it the fact that it’s about an illegal dream?” I strained to listen then a small noise issued from Eliza,”Both”, I heard my mom laugh, “Well, I have news for you, It’s not as wrong as what I have done with him, I have being having sex with him for the last couple of weeks, ever since I saw his cock”.

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   “What?” asked the shocked voice of Eliza, “You heard me, I fucked him and he fucked me back” replied my mom, I had a feeling that Eliza was going to become disgusted and throw us out then a surprise came, “What was it like?” asked Eliza, my mom replied giggling, “Amazing, his cock gets so fucking big, it was awesome”, Eliza said,”lucky, Gerald has an average dick but extremely limited ability, I usually make myself climax, I just bought a fucking machine, it fucks you without cease, until you cum”.   “well at the beginning Simon couldn’t last that long, I came long after him but now he outlasts me” giggle mom, “I am sure we could get you a turn, I am pretty sure he’s listening anyway, come down here Simon” called mom, I obliged and walked downstairs and over to the couch. “So Simon will you fuck Eliza?” I nodded, my mom giggled and Eliza blushed, “So Eliza what do you wanna do first?” I asked, she blushed then quietly said, “I want to see that cock of yours again”.
I undid my belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped my fly; I pulled the jeans down past my knees and down to my ankles. Eliza reached up and felt my cock through the boxers, “My, that is quite large” she said, she then used one hand to pull down the boxer shorts, no pubes became visible as my mom had told me to shave to avoid crabs and just to enhance the image. Eliza slowly pulled down the boxers and revealed my large cock, she gasped as the enormous size was revealed. She gently touched it, “Shit, it isn’t even that hard yet”, I laughed, “You can hold it if you want to” I told her, She picked it up in one hand and looked at it, I grabbed her tank top and pulled it away and revealed her black bra, I ripped it away to reveal her tits. I looked at them then grabbed them and began playing as she examined my cock. My cock started to grow harder, “I can feel it throb in my hands” exclaimed Eliza, “It’s only going to get bigger”, I looked up and winked at my mom who was sitting smiling at me.
Eliza gingerly poked out a tongue and licked the head, before fully devouring it, this took me by surprise but she was surprisingly good at it though. I fondled with her breasts and watched her blow by dick, it was now about ten inches long and she was beginning to struggle to fit it in her mouth. “Its big isn’t it?” I heard my mom ask Eliza, Eliza nodded and my mom laughed she walked over and knelt down beside Eliza, “Here let me help you,” she then began licking my dick where Eliza wasn’t reaching, having two experts sucking my cock was heaven. “Hey let me fuck your pussy now” I demanded Eliza, she smiled, “I like a man who know what he wants”, she stood up and walked over to the couch and laid back on it. I walked over and pulled her mini skirt off, she wore no panties, making accessibility a breeze. I knelt in front of her on the couch and aimed up then I proceeded to fuck her pussy, my mom watched as Eliza moaned as I slowly pushed my cock in and out of her bare pussy. 

She walked over to Eliza and said, “Do you like pussy, ‘cos I got one right here” pointing at her cunt, Eliza nodded and my mom smiled. My mom pulled off her jeans and panties then sat just above Eliza’s face, I could see her pussy glinting with juices already. Eliza extended a tongue and began to lick my mom’s pussy, she didn’t shave it completely ‘cos I said it looked better a little hairy; her hairs were fine unlike mine which were dark and coarse. Eliza began sucking and licking my moms cunt with gusto and my mom began to moan, I stepped up the speed at which I fucked Eliza, my now fully erect cock pushing in and out, it’s size was now more than double its limp state. I pushed in harder and faster and I heard Eliza scream, “YES!” She screamed, I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could, my cock burying into her pussy each time, “FUCK!” She screamed again, she moaned louder and louder, her pussy getting wetter and wetter before an ear shattering scream rocked my ears and her pussy was flooded with liquid, she moaned as I removed my cock from her pussy, She looked up and smiled, “That was awesome, but I’m not completely satisfied”, I smiled down at her and she got up and turned over, presenting her ass to me, I kneeled and lined up my cock to her pussy and began the onslaught again. I pushed my pelvis into her ass and there was a smacking sound, the sound of flesh on flesh, I loved that sound.
I was working up a sweat with Eliza, she kept wanting more and more, we shifted positions and I kept her coming for at least an hour before I even got tired. “I want you to come now” She said smiling, devilishly, My mom was getting tired, she had gone to sit on the couch because she was bored, she had received a dildo from Eliza and was pleasuring herself. Eliza bent down and began licking my cock again; she rubbed it as well, gliding her hand up and down over the huge shaft. I loved the attention I received but I was getting tired too, It had been a long day and I was sweaty and bored. She tried and tried for another 20 minutes but I did not come, She wanted more, but I wanted to sleep, as did my mom, “Hey Nat, can Simon sleep in my bed with me?” asked Eliza, My mom looked blear eyed at her and yawned, “Sure” she said climbing up the stairs. Eliza continued to suck my cock for another ten minutes before the explosion process began, Eliza knew she had it pay dirt and smiled, she opened her mouth and waited for the eruption, Large quantities of semen hit Eliza in the face, blanketing it with a white liquid, she gulped and swallowed, struggling to keep up with the sheer amount of semen.
When the erupting subsided she smiled, “Finally, now lets get to bed, I followed Eliza up the stairs and into the largest bedroom. She guided me to the bed and asked, “Do you sleep naked or with boxers?” I replied with ,”Nude” she smiled and said, “I sleep with panties on”, reaching into her bag and pulling out a hot pink thong, she slipped it on and snuggled in to bed, she put her arms around me and drifted off to sleep. .

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