Fun With Little Brother


Chris had always been a handsome young man. Very tall for his age, about 6'1'', about 190 lbs, dark brown hair, and beautiful green and blue eyes. You might say that he came from a good blood line. His older sister, Tabatha, at the age of 17, was about 5'8", and about 120 lbs, with beautiful dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. The two of them had always been very close. They spent a lot of time together, since she drove him to school and occasionally she would let him hang out with her and her girlfriends. Tabatha's friends were always talking to her about how "hot" they thought her little brother was.
"Have you two ever. . . you know. . . fooled around?" One of her friends asked her one night at a party.
"Of course not! He's my brother!" Tabatha replied instantly.
"Damn," her friend laughed, "If that was my brother, I'd be all over him in a second!"
Her friends always made comments like these to her.

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   Tabatha had never really thought about it before. Of course, she knew her brother was attractive. She had seen him multiple times coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel, and she would see his finely toned body. But the thought of actually fooling around with him made her mind start to wander. As Tabatha drove home from the party that night, all she could think of was waht her friend had said.
When Tabatha finally reached her house, she noticed that her parents' car wasn't in the driveway. When she walked in the door, there was Chris, sitting on the couch watching a movie, talking to his girlfriend on the phone.
"Where are Mom and Dad?" Tabatha asked him as she made her way to the kitchen to get a drink.
"They said they'll be gone for the weekend" Chris replied. "They said that they will be back by Sunday night. "
As Tabatha walked up the stairs to her room, she kept thinking about what her friend had asked her. Would he really have sex with me? she kept asking herself. She decided to lay down and get some sleep and to try and forget about her brother.
Tabatha woke up with a startle in the middle of the night as she heard the smoke alarm ringing throughout her house. She immediately ran out of her room to see what was going on.

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   She was running down her hallway as she realized why the alarm was going off. She smelled a familiar scent coming from her brother's bedroom. He's smoking pot in the house again. . she thought to herself. She crept down the hall until she reached her brother's bedroom. She knocked on the door.
"Come on in, Tabby" Chris hollered.
When Tabatha opened the door, her brother was sitting on his bedroom floor, his bong in front of him. He was obviously very stoned. He never really slept on weekends. He would just stay up all night and smoke weed and occasionally watch some porn. (She knew this because he would forget to turn down his TV and she could hear the moaning of the actresses on screen through the walls. )
"You wanna smoke?" Chris asked her. They had always smoked together.

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   She had basically introduced him to pot, and now he smoked much more than she ever did.
"Sure. " Tabby replied. She sat down next to her brother on the floor and he passed her the bong and the lighter. She took a couple of hits and then set it down on the floor. While she was doing this, her brother had turned on the TV and was flipping through the channels until he came upon one of his favorite porno channels. He didn't seem to mind that his sister was sitting next to him, so he just kept watching the video and made himself more comfortable. Tabby looked up at the screen. In the scene, there were 2 girls and 1 guy, and both of the girls were taking turns sucking on the guy's cock.
"Having fun, Chris?" Tabatha asked sarcastically.
"Oh come on. Don't even try to tell me that this doesn't turn you on too. " Chris laughed.
Tabatha couldn't believe how casual her brother was about watching the video with her. She was even more chcoked when she noticed a large bulge in her little brother's pants.

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"Well it looks like somebody is turned on!" Tabatha laughed at her brother's erection.
"It's not like you haven't seen it before. Besides, it's completely natural for guys to get hard when they're watching porn. You should know that. " He said.
"Of course I've seen your dick, but I've never seen it hard. " Tabatha mentioned.
There was a moment of silence, and then Chris said, "Well. . . you can see it if you want. "
Tabatha couldn't believe her ears. "Really?" she immediately remembered what her friend had said just a few hours beforehand. "Well, if you really wanna show it to me. .

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  . "
Without hesitation, Chris stood up and pulled down his gym-shorts. He was now standing in front of her, wearing nothing but his boxers. "Ready?" he asked. But before she could answer, he pulled down his boxers, unleashing what must have been a 7 3/4 inch cock. Tabatha was speechless. She was completely focused on her brother's massive member. Without saying a word, she reached out to touch his solid cock. Chris didn't move. He had obviously already known where this scenario was going. Tabatha began to stroke his hard cock very slowly, studying ever inch of his penis. Then she stood up, and looked into her brothers eyes.
    Tabatha slowly began to take off her t-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her perky breasts sprang freely from her shirt. She then pushed her little brother onto his back on the bed.

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       She knelt down onto her knees and began to kiss the head of her brother's cock. He would kiss and lick his entire shaft from the head to the balls, occasionally licking his balls and taking them into her mouth. Then she took her brother's whole cock into her mouth and began sucking on it like a lollipop. He began to moan when she did this.
    "Oh, fuck yes Tabby. That feels so good. You give the best head ever" he moaned.
    She continued stroking and sucking on his cock for another few minutes until she stood up off of the floor and took off her shorts, revealing her sexy pink thong. She had the nicest ass that Chris had ever seen. It was a perfect, perky, apple-shaped ass that would turn any man's head. She then continued to take off her thong, which revealed her tight shaved pussy. Chris could've came right then and there, but he had much more planned. His sister then laid down on top of Chris, her mouth over his cock, and her pussy right over his face. She continued to suck on her brother's big cock as he sucked on his sister's pussy. He would stick his tongue in and out of her, making her moan on his dick.

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       He began licking her so intensely that she stopped sucking on his cock and sat up on his face, burrying his face into her hot wet cunt. She negan moaning loudly and tweaking her hard nipples. Chris then did something that she did not expect. He removed his tongue from his sister's pussy and stuck it into her tight, sweet asshole. At this very moment, Tabatha came all over her brother's face. Chris got up from the bed and went over to his dresser where he retrieved a small bottle and returned to the bed.
    "Get on all fours. " he told his sister. She did as she was told as he began squeezing a gel from the bottle onto his fingers and began rubbing it all over his cock. She knew what was going to happen next. Chris took a large glob of the gel and began rubbing it on his sister's tight asshole.
    "Yes little brother. Fuck me in my ass!" she yelled at him.
    He then positioned his hard, wet cock at the entrance to her asshole. He slowly pushed the head into her sweet hole and his sister screamed loudly in pleaure.

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       He grabbed her asscheeks as he began to quicken his pace and thrust his hard prick in and out of his sister's ass. She was screaming wildly as he was penetrating her tight hole.
    "Oh my god!!! Yes! YES! FUCK MY ASS!!!" she was screaming as she had an orgasm of her own.
    Chris slowed his pace as he shot a huge load of cum into his sister's asshole. He pulled out of her asshole and placed his cock at her lips, where she sucked all of the remaining cum out of his cock. She sucked him for about 5 minutes until he pulled her head from his cock and kissed her on the lips.
    "You're my slut now. " He told his sister.
    To be continued. . .


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