Fun in the family


Chris was 35, he’d been single for the last 18 years after his wife had left him for the next door neighbour, so you couldn’t blame him for living in a bungalow, and what made it worse was he was a milkman. The shame he felt. Anyway he moved from his home town with his 6 year old son and his 3 year old daughters. Ten years on the had grown up to be pretty kids. Chris had never looked at his children as anything but children but this house party would change it.
Chris was an average man, average height, average weight and an average cock length but with 6 inches hard he had 3 and half inches wide. He’d stop masturbating because he had little children and hadn’t cum for years. His son, Toby, now 18 years old was a well developed boy. He wasn’t much too look at he had glasses braces he was lanky with no muscles. He had never had a girlfriend and looked the like type to pay for sex when he was older. Chris’s two daughters Sarah and Megan, now that’s where the beauty of his sperm went. They were identical twins but grew up to be separate girls. Sarah was the shorter of the two, but had started to develop before Megan, Sarah was buying bras for 18 year olds at the age of 13, with a 32 c chest you just couldn’t miss it. Sarah was into football. She had been playing since she was 5 and was getting good at it. Megan was the loud one she was popular in school but was very intelligent too.

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   Megan was top in all her classes, but what Chris didn’t like about her is that she was already dating.
Toby was finishing his GCSE’s in two weeks. And had already asked his dad for a party, But Chris had said depends if your good in the two weeks. Every day in the house hold was similar. Chris would wake up use the only bathroom and then wake the kids up. They would all come down for breakfast. Because Chris was relaxed about morning dress he would just ware underpants as would Toby. Megan and Sarah wore just the t-shirt or shirt they had slept in and just that, unless they were on then they would wear underpants. This morning was no different. Chris had used the toilet and woken the kids up he walked down stairs and went into the kitchen. This kitchen was massive. With a breakfast bar in the centre. Chris put on the kettle and got out the bowls and cereal for the children.
“Morning daddy” Said Megan coming in. One thing which Chris found sweet about Megan was that she wore her hair in pigtails.


   And being blonde haired and blue eyed he found sweet and innocent.
Chris sat down and added milk to his tea.
“Where’s the sugar daddy?” asked Megan
“Oh sorry,” he answered with a yawn “It’s in the top cupboard do you want me to get it?” he asked
“no daddy” she said with a smile “It’s okay”
What Chris saw next was a shock she helped her self onto the counter sitting on it. She didn’t close her legs as she opened the cupboard next to her head. Chris couldn’t take his eyes off her bear pussy.
“You like daddy?” Megan asked giggling
“Like what” he replied coughing taking a sip of his tea
“My pussy” she answered abruptly. Chris spat his tea all over the place.
“Hey dad, hey megs” Said Toby running in Megan quickly jumped off the counter and Chris cleaned up
“Morning daddy” said Sarah as she entered the room she kissed Chris on his cheek
The breakfast was different today. Megan kept winking at her sexually deprived and currently aroused father. She also kept sucking her spoon for long periods of time. After he had seen the kids off to school on the school bus he went to the shower and jacked off, not once not twice but three times. And he was still hard. He tried to preoccupy himself by tidying up. He hated, at this moment, that he was on summer leave. He only worked three months a year.

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   That’s all he needed, being a marketer you only get the odd job but get paid a lot.
It was 4 O’clock and the children were still not home. He was getting worried. Chris was getting ready to go out for a drive. They normally tell him if they are going over a friends or else wear, but no. as Chris picked up his keys to go for a drive as he got to the door Megan came in.
“Where have you been!” shouted Chris “I’ve told you straight home”
“Sorry daddy, I was walking home with Jay” Said Megan with a sad face. “don’t be angry dad”
“I’m not” Sighed Chris “do you know where your brother and sister are?”
“Dad it’s Tuesday,” Replied Megan “Toby is at comic club and Sarah is at football practice”“Oh yeah sorry” Said Chris feeling completely stupid
“It’s always just me and you dad” Said Megan taking off her school jumper
Chris was now looking at Megan in a totally different way now. He school skirt was short and the t-shirt was almost undone except for the button covering her bar. Her tie kept everything together. Chris sat down in the living room and turned the television on. Megan walked in and sat down with a thud. Chris turned over to the football and Megan sighed
“What darling?” Asked Chris “would you like to watch something else?”
“umm yes I do daddy” replied Megan with an evil smile on her face
“what then?” asked Chris
“Well I want to see you fuck me dad” Said Megan with a smile and a lot of confidence
Chris froze
“Well the thing is see dad, Sarah and Toby are fucking each other and I want to fuck you and I like the word fuck” said Megan getting up
“What?” said Chris “Sarah and Toby?”
“yeah after football and comic they go in the shower and play with each other they are not fucking yet” said Megan “well at least no the last time I watched”
Chris didn’t know this was going on under his nose. But he wasn’t sure if he knew that he would stop it. Megan walked over to the television turned her arse to face Chris and bent over with her legs together showing her bear pussy.

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   Chris’s mouth dropped
“Am I a naughty girl for not wearing my thong to school?” asked Megan as she turned around and put her finger to her mouth.
“ummm… err” said Chris.
Megan walked towards Chris taking off her tie and undoing the one button keeping everything together. She revealed her small breast. They were perky and her nipple were hard. She sat on her father lap with her legs each side. She moved her face closer and kissed her dad. Her tongue rocked in to her father mouth Chris pushed her off.
“We can’t do this” said Chris as he lifted Megan off without touching her tits. “we can’t it’s wrong”
“We can dad” she said getting on all fours and moving towards Chris “I want you to fuck me I want you to fuck me hard. I want to gag on your cock and taste your sperm. I want you to spank me hard when I naughty and finger fuck me when I’m good. I want you to rape me every night. I want you inside me I want to be your toy”
Chris didn’t need any more convincing. He slapped her hard across the face and bend her over his knee.

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“You naughty bitch” He said as spanked her hard. Megan screamed in pain
“You want to be fucked you have to take the pain” He spanked her hard and each time she moaned
“Ouch …. Fucking hell…. . OH MY GOD!” Megan began to cry “ Stop daddy…. STOP!!” she cried
“Oh no” Chris stopped as he realised what he was doing.
“What are you doing?” asked Megan angrily “I didn’t ask you to stop I was role playing I want you to fuck me dad I can take the pain. If you stop before I say Okay no more then I will bite your dick off now spank me” She commanded as she pulled her skirt back up and bent back over Chris’s knee.
He didn’t waste time again and knew what he was listening out for.
He raised his hand and gave her three had spanks and with each one mage Megan wale more. The then started to smooth Megan silk skinned arse. The moved his middle finger down the crack of her arse and onto her pussy
“Puttt…. Itt…. In MEEEEH” said Megan still in tears but Chris could tell she was enjoying it
“Don’t tell me what to do” said Chris and spanked her hard twice “Don’t talk unless your being spoken to silly slut” he said and spanked her once more. He began to play with her tits with his left hand and with his right he rubbed her pussy. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   Chris then decide to find out how tight his daughters pussy was. He placed his middle finger into her pussy he just couldn’t believe how tight it was, he knew that his cock would kill her so he decided to move quickly as he was dieing to fuck her now.
Chris moved his middle finger in and out of her pussy slow as he moved it in each time Megan let out a sigh. She had stopped crying now. Her eyes were closed however.
“mmm dad your good” said Megan
“shut up I haven’t told you to speak” He spanked her three time each time got harder and harder. Megan began to cry again and her arse glowed red. Chris then stuck three fingers in her pussy violently which made Megan cry in pain.
“how does that feel my little slut?” asked Chris
“ittt. Hurts… OH MY FUCKING GOD IT HURTS” She cried and shouted. “OH MY GOD MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!!!” she shouted. Chris then put four fingers in and kept pumping he then move up to put his five fingers in sideways
“All my fingers are in you now baby,” claimed Chris “Do you like it”
“I can’t take much more daddy” said Megan now in so much pain she can’t cry
“I don’t care I’m going to fist you then your going to gag on my rock hard dick then I’m going to take you to my bed and rape your little sweet pussy. And I’ll to the same to your sister when she comes in and as for Toby he I shall teach him how to treat you to and then we will fuck you when we want and where we want”
“Oh god daddy that sounds like heaven make me your toy” said Megan
Chris made his hand a fist and slowly put it in Megan’s pussy. He moved in slowly. Megan started to cry again
“I love it when you cry Megan” said Chris “it makes daddy happy when you cry when he’s playing with your pussy”
“I love it….

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   When you play with my… OH SHIT… My FUCKING pussy daddy,” said Megan “Daddy… daddy,… Daddy… put it in further, make me hurt more”
Chris put his hand further in and then withdrew it. “I’ve made you happy” said Chris pushing Megan on the floor “Not on your knees and rub your pussy, I’m going to fuck your face”
“I don’t know what to do daddy” Said Megan “I’ve never gone down on a boy,” she said wiping away her tears
“Just suck,” said Chris as he took his trousers off and then took his pants off revelling his thick prick
“Oh My god daddy,” said Megan with her eyes popping open “Its so much thicker than Toby’s and it makes Jay’s prick look so small”
“Thank you darling,” he said kicking his clothes away “don’t forget to suck, like a slut”
Chris got his cock and slapped it across her face. Megan moaned as she played with her pussy. “Megan, darling, take your skirt off before I do this I want you naked”
“yes sir” she answered Chris slapped her across the face “
“Don’t be a silly bitch it’s yes dad” He said angrily
“Sorry dad” as she cried again “I’m sorry” she kicked her skirt away and got down on her knees and rubbed her pussy again
“Good slut”
Chris slapped his dick across both cheeks before he forced his head in her mouth. She could just about take that before she was nearly sick. She jerked her head away “I can’t take it daddy” she claimed
“I know you have to get used to it first”
“okay daddy carry on please I want you to fuck my fa…” before she could finished Chris put 3 inches into mouth and moved it in and out each time he went in he edged more in. Eventually all his thick prick was in her mouth
“That’s a good little slut take my prick… Ohhh you suck it like a pro” Chris said
Megan tried speaking while she had Chris’s prick in her gob. Chris grabbed the back of Megan’s head and held it over all his thick prick. Megan moved off and took in a big breath. With her right hand she started to jack of Chris’s prick and her left hand’s rubbing her pussy “Am I a good slut daddy” asked Megan
“yes,” replied Chris “now I’m going to take it up a notch”
Chris grabbed Megan by her pig tails and pulled her over his thick prick. He started slowly and then moved the speed up Megan kept sucking and slurping his cock as it went in and out of her mouth. Chris was pumping fast and hard his balls slapping the underneath of Megan’s chin. Megan was rubbing her pussy faster than ever before. Megan finally came and her body relaxed but Chris kept pumping Megan was now making choking noises which tipped Chris over the edge he pulled Megan down to the base of his prick. He came shooting a load of hot cum into the back of Megan’s throat.

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   Leaving go of Megan’s hair she pulled off her fathers prick and more cum shot over he cute innocent face. She smiled and the hot cum moved on her face.
“Show me my cum” demanded Chris. Megan pushed the cum out of her mouth and it fell on to her breasts. “clean it up with your hands” he said as he sat down stroking his hard cock. “tell me what it tastes like and play with your self for me” “Daddy your come tastes so,” she sucked a finger full of come and continued to clean her face and body “so sweet but yet salty. I like it daddy” Megan closed her eyes and rubs her tits as she cleans her self.
“stand here baby” said Chris “and put your arse in my face” he pointed to the side of his legs. Megan stood with her legs apart and Chris’s body between them. “Now bend over so I can eat you out and you can see my dick as I stroke it”
Chris began to stroke his dick slowly and as Megan bent over he shoved his face into her pussy smelling it. “Sooo sweet and young” said Chris and nibbled on her clit and licked it slowly. Megan reached for Chris’s dick and began to stroke it for him Chris freed his hands and put them on Megan’s arse. He separated her arse cheeks and licked her arse hole “That tickles daddy” claimed Megan.
“right, get off” said Chris
“don’t stop daddy” said Megan upset “I mean it doesn’t tickle”
“I know baby get off though” Chris said calmly. Megan got off and stood on the floor.

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   Chris struck her with a hit enough to bring tears to her eyes. that’s for speaking. He then reached for her pussy and rubbed it lightly “this is for being a good slut” Megan’s face lit up.
“now baby we have an hour before the slut of a sister and a tosser of a son get back” Chris said. Megan wasn’t really listen as she was gone in ecstasy with her father playing with her pussy. “now go upstairs get in the shower wash my cum off clean your teeth,” said Chris “only because I don’t like tasting my cum, then call me once you’ve dried your body and put your hair into pigtails and get into my bed and play with your self I’ll be up to fuck you…. HARD!” he stopped playing with Megan’s hairless pussy. And spanked Megan as she turned to get her clothes. She ran up stairs Chris got his clothes on and had a drink of water. Megan eventually called. Chris walked upstairs and stood outside the door. Megan had her legs apart and was fucking her self with her middle finger “oh daddy… fuck me please hurry up and fuck me” moaned Megan.
With this Chris took off his top and his clothes. He cock was half hard. He stroked it while watching his 18 year old daughter get her self off.

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   He knew she wanted to be raped by him so he was going to fuck her hard and abuse his daughter’s rules and wants. He was going to make her wish she hadn’t asked for it. He kicked the door down and Megan jumped he walked around to the side of the bed. He grabbed Megan by her hair and puller her off the bed he threw her against the wardrobe and slapped her hard, so hard she hit the floor he picked her up again and threw her to the bed. Megan was in shock and was crying “no daddy no, please don’t please daddy” cried Megan
“shut the fuck up whore” and struck her with the back of his hand. She turned around and cried into the pillow Chris pulled her arse up in the air and pushed her face to the bed. “don’t fuck me dad” called Megan and Chris spanked her arse hard a few times. He got his cock and trusted it in a virgin daughters pussy. Megan moaned loudly. Chris didn’t bother going slowly or only fucking her with the head of his prick. He put it all the way in and fucked her hard and fast. He kept going hard, pushing all the way in.
“Take it like a slut” yelled Chris “you stupid fucking bitch” he spat every word “yeah, you like this? Don’t you … my daughter is my toy”
“OH MY GOD DADDY” Megan began to cry “it hurts so much, can you go faster”
Chris went as hard as he could slapping against her soaking wet pussy.
    Chris began to spank his daughter again. He came hard in his daughters pussy.


       He pulled it out as he came and then came over his daughters arse. Chris reached for a towel that Megan had left in his room. And wiped her clean.
    “did you like that” asked Chris
    “that was better than I would of ever thought” answered Megan “You are the best daddy” they both kissed passionately. They moved about until Megan was on top and Chris was underneath. He kept playing with Megan until he became hard. Megan felt Chris’s now hard cock rub against her soft pussy. Megan sat up and slid onto Chris’s cock. Megan moaned softly. She slowly went up and down and held her breasts. Chris’s hands were on her waist, he helped her up and down on his cock. Chris pulled her head down to his neck and lifted his knees. He spanked her arse with both hands and then fucked her hard. He pumped her harder and harder, the moans that Megan began to make made Chris want to go faster. She came once and he carried on, pumping his thick prick into her tight teenage pussy.

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       Chris spanked her continually and fucked her tight pussy. Megan came again. She arched her back up Chris held on to Megan and stood up he pushed her against the wall and carried on fucking her pussy. Chris came closer, and closer to his orgasm and just before he came he pulled her off his cock and put her down to the floor. Chris moved his 18 year old daughter towards a tall full mirror Chris has in his room. He faced her and parted his legs. “Looks at your self” said Chris “being a slut, moaning and taking your fathers cock in your tight teenage pussy” he whispered in her year. He then took no longer and grabbed the back of her hair and rammed his cock into her pussy. He fucked her hard until they both came at the same time. He pulled out his cum covered cock. Megan didn’t even need saying and got on her knees and clean her fathers cock. They both laid on the bed. Megan played with Chris’s cock. But Chris was saving his energy.
    “did you enjoy that baby?” asked Chris
    “yes daddy,” answered Megan “your, big, manly and aggressive” she said kissing after each word “Just the way I wanted have it”
    Chris started to say “Your sister is she still a…” “a virgin” interrupted Megan “yes she said” she said
    “Toby and Sarah have been playing around and sixty-nineing for the last month” she said
    “why doesn’t Toby play with you, your beautiful and horny” said Chris
    “aww thank you daddy,” said Megan and kissed the head of her fathers cock “but Toby likes big tits, he wanks over them on the internet that’s how it all started with Sarah and him”
    “okay” said Chris “thank you, but I think your amazing and your better than any mature woman I’ve had”
    “what even mum?” asked Megan
    “yes even mum”
    “That’s not nice daddy” said Megan
    “nor are you” said Chris as he slapped Megan’s face
    “am I sleeping with you tonight daddy?” asked Megan
    “yes and so will Sarah and Toby” replied Chris
    “what why?”
    “because your going to fuck Toby then me, then Toby again then me once more and I’m going to fuck your sister then she’s going to fuck Toby then me again and Toby once more”
    “daddy, that sounds perfect” said Megan wanking her father faster
    “and your going to 69 your sister and learn to love pussy, because I want you to be bisexual”
    “are you going to 69 Toby?” asked Megan “because that would be hot!” said Megan getting even faster on her daddy’s cock
    “No but if you want Toby to suck my cock I will make him but I will not go down on a man… ever” said Chris seriously
    “Okay daddy if you making him suck your cock me and Sarah will eat each other out” said Megan with a smile
    “ooooh crap get your gob on that” said Chris.


       Megan got her mouth on her fathers dick as he blew his load in her mouth.
    “right baby I’m going to get dressed and wait for your brother and sister and get them in here” said Chris waiting for Megan to finish on his cock.
    Chris got up and tucked his hard cock into his tight jeans he got his t-shirt on.
    “okay daddy I can’t wait for it I’ve wanted Toby’s long cock for ages, daddy” said Megan “I think I should tell you me and Megan have been sixty-nineing since our 18 T h birthday”
    “oh yeah” said Chris looking aroused “yes our friends Teri and Milly do it all the time and they did it to us on our birthday”
    “are they the slags that sleep with the teenage boys?”
    “yes daddy,” they gave me porn tapes on rough sex that’s why I like it so much”
    “Remind me to thank them next time I see them,” said Chris sarcastically “now, I’m going to eat your pussy till they get home, so spread your legs bitch” demanded Chris
    Megan speeded her legs, Chris got on the bed and as he went to eat his daughter out the door went
    “hello dad we’re home” bellowed Toby, Chris darted to the top of the stairs and shouted down “Megan’s in bed, bad head I’m going out tonight so be quiet you two” He said trying to be quiet. He darted to his room
    “Megan now be quiet and get under the quilt. I’m going to watch them in the shower and see if your right, if they do start I’ll bust in and send them here, I want you to pretend to be asleep then we’ll fuck them”
    “good idea daddy” said Megan “your so good”
    “shh honey” said Chris as he licked both nipples
    Chris stood in the door way and watched them both get to the top of the stairs. Sarah had a sports bra on but her tits were still big in that, she was wearing shots which had given her camel toe. Sarah and Toby kissed as they went in to the bath room. He wait and could hear giggling he moved to the bathroom door which was ajar. He looked in and saw them both naked. Sarah’s pussy was hair and he tits huge for a 18 year old girl. Toby was massive he must have been 9 inches. Chris couldn’t believe it. Sarah sat Toby down on the toilet and got the saving gel out. She shaved all his pubes out and said “good it looks even bigger than it is.

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       I can’t believe it’s 9 inches. I looks even bigger. Said Sarah
    “okay Sarah I want you to lick it now”
    “yes boss” said Sarah “I will do what you want and only what you want”
    With this Chris stormed in on his two naked children.
    “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE” he shouted. Sarah got up and covered her parts with her two hands and Toby covered his cock but didn’t do it well
    “Well what’s going on” ask Chris
    “we’re err… umm” said Toby
    “I’m going to suck him penis” said Sarah going bright red
    “Get to my room now both of you”
    They both ran out of the room and into his bed room.
    Chris smiled “this is going to be awesome” he said to sorry if this is long but I got carried away and I like story lines. If you give me feed back I will carry this story on. Hopefully you like it… I’m willing to listen to all feedback good or back ^-^