from angel to total sinner in 5 days PT 2


Afterdoing what I did with my married friend Bob in the backseat of my car, I thought it could not get any worse but boy did it ever. I found myself pleasuring me like 2-3 times a daay for the few days after I had sex with Bob. I never was so horny in all my life. On this one day, while deep into it, I felt as if i was being watched. Nobody was home but i was very wrong. I looked up from hat to say. my bed and saw my 18 year old brother spying on me while i was deep in what i was doing. I was mortified. He became very apologetic. I wanted to yell at him but it was my fault for being careless. He said he was only there for a few seconds but he thought it was super hot. I was lucky because if it was about 30 seconds later, I would have given him a real show. I didn't even realize I was still nude while we had our little chat. i guess I was too upset about being caught doing what i did to care about nudity. He said he always wanted to see a girl do what i did and in a way he was glad he saw what he did. I told him about Bob and me in my car and I think it bkew him away.

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  I told him that was why i was doing what i was doing. He understood but I asked him how he would feel if I caught him in the act. he said he could care less and would go the distance. Thinking he was more bull than anything, i challenegd him to go ahead and let me get my turn to watch. I was surprised when he went to his room and came back with a bottle of warming lotion.

He got on my bed and without missing a beat, took itall off except his tee shirt. I couldn't believe there was my brother, 3/4 naked and about to pleasure himself in front of me. What was even weirder was that I still had nothing on too. I joked and told him I stayed nude for him so it would really turn him on. i was flattered when he said that my body was definitely something that would help him. he told me it takes a long time for him get off but his girlfriends do a much better job.

I watched as he poured some lotion into his hands and started rubbing his cock. My eyes grew wide as I watched it grow and grow. i actually got horny watching this. i couldn't resist so I started up my vibrator and began doing what he was doing.

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  I then did something life changing. I asked him if he wanted me to complete the job. Before he said yes, I had my hand on his cock, stroking it and trying not to think this was my brother. he asked me if I would blow him but I felt that was way out there. I couldn't picture myself with his cock in my mouth. I did ask him if he had a condom, just in case. He looked stunned. I doubted we would fuck but who knew?I stroked him for a few minutes and then I asked him to put the condom on. i could not resist. i looked at his condom covered cock and realized what we might be doing. I climbed on top of him. We both had that look in our faces. My pussy was right next to his cock. A move by either of us and boom. I looked at him and asked him if we should and he didn't say a word.

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  All he did was slide his cock in me and then stop. He said we could stop right there if we wanted to but it was too late. I went to work and began fucking him like i hadn't been with a guy ever. All he kept saying was that i was incredible. We flipped over. He put his hands under my ass. I was off the charts by then. i didn't want to cum. It was so dirty already but my brother felt me getting ripe so he turned dit up another notch. I told him i was about to explode and as I did, so did he. if our windows were open they could have heard us a mile away. It was hot and intense and never ending. It felt like I was cumming forever and he was too.

He pulled out slowly and I saw the condom filled with his cum. it was surreal.

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  It was me who did that I thought. When he glanced at the condom he said he cannot remember filling a condom like that before. yes, it was wrong but I so badly needed him to do that. I was so obsessed with what I did with Bob that I needed something even crazier to break that spell. the funny thing is that when it was over, my brother too spoke of the next time. I told him flat out that there could not be a next time. His reply was that wasn't i curious to see what it would feel like if we kissed, had oral sex, he played with my tits and we did other positions. He had a point but it was so wrong. Bob already is planning another roll in the hay and now, of all people, my brother wanted seconds. What I did next even blew me away. .