“Jackie, ,Sis, can I join you, It’s fucking freezing in my room,’’ Jackie stirred under the covers and saw her younger brother in the flickering candlelight by her bed. The blanket around his shoulders clearly wasn’t keeping him warm and she could see his breath in the cold bedroom as he said “c,mon move over. ” She made room in the single bed “it’s not much warmer in here, god I hope the power comes back on soon,” she said. He slid in beside her and she gasped as his frozen legs and hands brushed against her back.
She reached behind her and took his hand rubbing it between hers before placing it around her waist saying “snuggle up to me and keep me warm as well. ” She felt him move closer to her back, both of them pushing and rubbing against each other to get warm. Luke whispered in her ear between chattering teeth, ‘Jackie what are we gonna do, there’s no heating and we can’t even make ourselves a hot drink, will Mum and Dad be alright. ”
Even though at 18 Luke was only 18 months her junior, she knew he was concerned and a little tense about things and expected answers from her. Their skiing trip in the French Alps had gone really well but tonight, their parents had decided that they were going to have some après-ski to themselves and had left Jackie and Luke to entertain themselves in the chalet as they drove down to the small town in the valley. Almost immediately the blizzard had started, leaving them stranded in the village, the weight of snow bringing down the power lines up the mountains. Gently she repeated “they phoned my mobile a couple of hours ago, they are OK but will have to stay in the village overnight as the road up is blocked. I didn’t tell them about the power outage as I didn’t want to worry them. But we’ll be OK it will have cleared by the morning and I’m sure the power will be back on. ” She tried to lighten the tone “ this isn’t our England Luke where an inch of snow brings the country to a standstill, they’re used to this weather and it’ll all be sorted soon. ” She squeezed his hand in reassurance. He tightened his grip around her waist, “thanks sis,” he whispered into her hair.

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Their body heat began to warm each other and she began to slowly drift into drowsiness, “You smell nice sis” he quietly said, she smiled to herself saying “thank you, now go to sleep. ” “I will” he replied “but I need to have a pee,” “oh bugger” she replied irritably, “I might as well go with you then. ” They got up covering themselves in their blankets, she picked up the candle and took her brothers hand as they went down the stairs to the bathroom. It felt even colder downstairs, the wooden floors looked very stylish but did nothing to keep their feet warm. “It’s too cold to hang around” Jackie said firmly, shivering in the freezing night, placing the candle holder on the floor of the bathroom, saying “You’ll have to use the hand basin” as she sat down on the toilet pulling her knickers down to her knees. Luke was momentarily confused as the flickering light danced around the bathroom and he tried very hard not to look at his sister, his embarrassment being overtaken by the need to pee. He pulled his cock from his boxers and peed into the sink, barely a foot away from his squatting sister, who was quietly peeing into the toilet, and he fleetingly saw her thighs and her stomach and the dark patch between her legs, in the flickering candlelight of the bathroom mirror. They both finished quickly and wrapped themselves back in their blankets before the arctic journey back to the bedroom, Jackie urging him to move quicker than his irrationally unsteady legs would carry him.
Back in the bedroom they threw the blankets over the bed before Jackie climbed in. Luke noticed, possibly for the first time, his sister’s shapely ass, barely covered by her briefs, the crop top she wore showed her flat stomach and belly button ring and the outline of her ribcage before covering her small breasts, it couldn’t hide her erect nipples though, which poked through the thin cotton. She was tiny and lean and his 6ft frame physically dwarfed her as she rolled back into bed, but she had always been his older sister, his protector, so why did he have this funny feeling in his stomach and loins when he now looked at her. He slid in behind her again, spooning up against her back and she pulled his hand back round her waist, the palm of his hand resting against her belly button. He absentmindedly fingered her navel ring, “pack it up, it tickles,” Jackie giggled before firmly moving his hand away from her stomach and placing it against her chest where her hand covered his over her small conical breast.
Luke could hardly breath, he could feel the warmth from her soft but firm breast seeping through the thin cotton material onto his hand. He concentrated on not fingering the hard nipple that pressed against his palm but he had no control over the erection that was swelling in his boxer shorts.

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   Jackie felt his hardness growing against her and smiling to herself said, in mock horror “Luke Wilson, is that a hard on I can feel pressing against my bum, who are you having dirty thoughts about. ” Luke was tongue tied in his embarrassment. Jackie turned in the bed laughing, “I know you young lads are permanently horny, I bet you’re thinking about fucking your girlfriend again,” Luke mumbled “no, no, I’ve never” before trailing off in horrible confusion. “It’s alright Luke, I’m only joking,” she said and put her hand up to stroke the flushed cheek of the brother she really did love. “Have you never had sex Lukey” she asked quietly as he shook his head. “Have you never been naked with a women,” again he shook his head, “have you ever seen a naked women,” “only on dad’s dvd’s and I once saw Mum naked,” ‘Luke, you’ve been having dirty thoughts about Mum” she teased him again. He laughed when he saw she was joking.
They were quiet for a long while, facing each other now, the wind continued to howl beating snow against the windows. “God,” Luke thought “She’s so pretty” as he gazed at her green eyes and freckled face set off by high cheekbones, her auburn hair tumbling in flowing curls around her shoulders and neck.
“So who were you thinking about Luke, who got you so excited. ” “It was nothing, just stuff, you know” and he turned onto his back. She put her hand to his chest, holding it against his tee shirt, “cum on you can tell me” she asked softly, she was genuinely intrigued now as to who her little brother was thinking about, “I want to know who my cute little brother was fantasizing about. ” He squirmed in embarrassment, “I can’t tell you,” “I need to know who my little brother would like to see naked and who he would like to fuck so I can see if she is good enough for him,” she continued. She was stroking his chest now and nibbling his ear, “stop, that’s not fair” he cried. “Don’t you like it then“, she said teasingly, “Yes” he replied “that’s the problem, I was thinking about you, about how pretty you were and how lovely your ass looked and how hot it was touching your breast.

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She was thunderstruck, “oh” was all she could say, completely taken aback that it was her he was thinking about. He apologised immediately before she cut in, “no, I shouldn’t have teased you, I’m sorry, I didn’t have any idea that you were thinking that. ” “It’s only been tonight, honest,” he said desperately trying to allay any thought that she might think that he had been lusting after her forever. “Just since we were peeing and then I saw you getting back into bed that I thought, ‘yeah you are my big sister but also how hot you now look, I would never try anything Jax, never, and I wish that I had never got hard for you. ”
She leant up on one elbow, stroking his face with her other hand, trying to allay his misery, “it’s alright Luke, I don’t mind, it’s quite nice really and I take it as a compliment that you think I’m sexy,” and she felt her cheeks blushing at his compliment. She lay her head on his chest and could feel his heart beating quickly. “So you’ve never been with a girl then” she asked again, “only kissing,” he said. She lifted her head and kissed his cheek, then found his lips. She kissed him wetly and gently, her tongue running along his teeth before he opened his jaw and their tongues touched, snaking against each other, sucking and licking at each other before she broke away. He was breathing heavily, “did she kiss like that,” “No, you’re a much better kisser” he gasped. “So no-one has ever told you how big you are” she said as her hand slid over the front of his boxers. She would have said it anyway, because she loved him and wanted to give him more self confidence, but she wasn’t lying. She could feel a good 8inches as she gently traced her finger around it. She looked at him, her eyes intent on his, “it’s very big“, she said reassuringly. “Would you like me to touch it Luke” she whispered in his ear, her voice thickening.

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   He nodded and could barely utter a strangled yes. Her hand gently tugged the elastic of his waist band as she slowly slid it in, her fingers slowly crawling over the puffy swollen head of his cock. She gently caressed the underside of his puffy head with her nails and he moaned involuntarily, “is that nice” she whispered, already feeling the pre cum ooze from his tip, “oh yes” he replied breathlessly. Her fingers moved down gently grasping his shaft before ever so gently rolling his swollen balls in the palm of her hand. “Luke, you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever touched” she said as she slowly stroked his shaft. Luke couldn’t believe what was happening and his body suddenly stiffened, his groin convulsing uncontrollably as he spurted against his sister’s hand. “Oh fuck I’m so sorry sis, oh god no, I couldn’t help it, I didn’t mean to. ” She smiled at him “it’s ok, it’s ok, don’t worry. It happens like that when you are inexperienced. Trust me Luke, it’ll be alright, you do trust me don’t you?” she questioned him. ‘Yes you know I do’ he paused “Jackie I love you. ” She smiled affectionately at him, “and I love you baby bruv. ”
She left her hand in his pants and kissed him again. This time his hand moved to the back of her head and he kissed her back passionately, running his fingers through her hair. “Luke,” she said seriously as they broke apart, “this must be our secret, no-one else must find out, not Mum, Dad and certainly not your friends.

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   This is just between you and me ok. ” He looked up at her with such trust and devotion that her heart melted. “Luke, I’m going to do something special because I love you so much. Take your pants off. ” He reached under the bed clothes and slid his pants over his hips and kicked them off at the end of the bed. Jackie slowly slid deeper under the bedclothes and he could feel her gentle wet kisses on his stomach, then his hips, oh god he hoped she was going there to do that thing that he had seen many times on his dad‘s dvds, then her tongue licked the inside of his thighs where he felt her lapping up the cum that was rapidly cooling against his skin. Then he felt her wet sweet lips on the tip of his cock, her tongue swirling around his opening before she took his rapidly hardening prick into her warm wet mouth.
“Oh fuck, Jackie, oh,” was all he could say as his sister gently took his prick into her mouth.
    Her lips rolled backwards and forwards over his swelling tip, teasing him back to maximum hardness, before she slowly took him deeper into her mouth and throat. Laying there in near darkness his senses seemed even more alert than normal as her tongue electrified every nerve-ending along the length of his prick. She seemed to have taken all of it into her mouth as he lifted the bed clothes to peek at her, and the site of her lying between his outstretched legs, her hand at the base of his cock and the other gently caressing his balls with barely two inches of his cock root sticking out from her mouth, was too much. Without even having time to warn her, his hips bucked and he squirted long and hard, for several long
    seconds, into her mouth. She swallowed repeatedly, continuing to milk him with hand and mouth until he had finished.
    He lay there panting as she resurfaced from under the bedclothes, licking her fingers and wiping her lips. “You taste salty,” she smiled, “was that nice Lukey.

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      ” “Oh god Jackie, that was so fucking nice, I can’t believe you did that for me,” “my pleasure” she said laying back by his side. He leant on one elbow facing her, placing his hand over her small right breast, gently squeezing it and fingering her hard nipple between thumb and forefinger through the material. He leant over pushing her top up in order to kiss her breast, taking her nipple in his mouth, gently scraping his teeth across it. She moaned quietly before he kissed her throat, then her ears and finally her mouth, seeking out those full wet lips again which opened as they kissed, to plunge tongue against tongue in a passionate breathless kiss.
    When their lips finally parted he rested his head against her shoulder, and her hand gently rubbed the mound of his tight buttocks as they lay there silently. She finally spoke “Luke, you can touch my cunt if you like. ” The words were like a slap in the face. He was shocked to hear her say the word but overjoyed at the prospect as his trembling hand slid down her stomach to her hip where it stayed resting on her hip bone, as if going any further would be a violation of her.
    She slipped her knickers off and took his hand and gently placed it over her mound, “feel it” she said encouragingly, and he felt the short coarse hair of her outer lips and slid a finger to gently part them. “You’re so wet,” he smiled, “of course” she said, “ because you’re making me feel so sexy. ” She guided his hand “can you feel that small lump, that’s my clit,” and he felt something that felt like a small grape, “when you rub that I get the same feeling as you do when your cock is rubbed. ” He wet his fingers and gently rolled her swollen clit between his thumb and forefinger, “oh Jesus, who taught you to do that” she gasped, he shrugged “no-one, it just felt right. ” She spread her thighs wider and started to gently thrust her hips upwards against his fingers. “Slide one in me” she moaned, and he slowly slid his middle finger into her tight wet opening. He started to slide it in and out of her quickly and she caught his wrist, “gently Luke, gently,” and he slowed before sliding a second finger into her.

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       Her moist cunt made squelching noises and her stomach muscles began to ripple as her pleasure increased. “Kiss me Luke” she gasped and he moved to her face, “no, kiss my cunt Luke, please,” she pleaded. He could barely breathe as he moved down her body kissing her stomach, then her hips. He shifted his position, moving between her thighs under the blankets as he kissed her hips, then her mound until he found the wetness of her labia, which were being pulled apart by his sister. His tongue slid over her engorged clit and she jerked in pleasure, “oh fuck that feels nice, just keep doing that Luke. ” He started to slide his tongue upwards over her opening up to her clit where he stopped momentarily to suck it partially into his mouth, “Uuuh,” she grunted, before he repeated the movement, this time accidentally sliding his tongue over her anus. “Oh sorry” he mumbled, “No that’s nice Luke, don’t stop,” and he continued to tongue her but now stopping to slide his tongue inside her cunt, and then flicking it over her anus, pushing against her rosebud muscle. She started to jerk rhythmically now and Luke continued to do what she seemed to like, sucking her clit, and sliding his tongue into her vagina and her ass. He rubbed his thumb over her clit as he flicked his tongue into her bum hole, and her increasing moans turned into animal like grunts as she came against his fingers and face, jerking for at least a minute as she pushed the back of his head firmly against her groin. She was gasping as she lay back against the bed, reluctantly releasing her grip on the back of his head. He slid back up to her and she kissed his wet face. “Oh fuck Luke, that was wonderful. That’s the first time anyone has gone down on me, and I don’t believe anyone could do it better than that,” she gasped, still breathless from her cumming.
    They lay side by side, his leg thrown over her upper thighs. Jackie’s sense of power was exhilarating.

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       In her short sexual life she had always been submissive to whatever her partners desired. Now with Luke her younger brother she was controlling events, she was doing what she wanted, she was able to tell her adoring brother what she wanted, and she wanted so much. She turned to him, “that was good Luke, thank you. ” He replied, “I don’t know what’s happening Jax, I know we shouldn’t be doing this but it feels so nice. To touch and kiss you feels so good, and it’s great when I make you cum. It feels nice that I can give you pleasure, and I dunno, you seemed to like it even when I kissed your bum. ” She smiled at him, taking his hand against her face and kissing it. “Nobody’s ever gone down on me before and certainly nobody has ever touched my bum hole before, let alone kiss me there. And it felt so nice Luke, perhaps you’ll do it again soon for me,” and she reached to gently kiss him, tasting her own juices from his lips.
    “Luke, can you make sure that the front door is locked and bolted, I’ll sleep easier knowing that there’s no way that Mum and Dad can unexpectedly come in on us. ” Luke quickly slid out of bed, causing the candle to flicker, and she saw he was erect again before he skipped down the stairs. She slipped her top over her head as she heard him checking the door and she was totally naked as he came bounding backup the stairs. He stripped his top off before climbing back in beside her, wriggling against her to get warm again, “brrr it‘s still snowing out there. ” He slid his hands over her naked body, stroking her surprisingly rounded buttocks, “fuck sis, you’re so fit” he grinned and she laughed as she wrapped her arms around him. They lay there touching and kissing each other for a long time and she felt his hardness firmly against her stomach.

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       It was then that she made her decision.
    “Luke,” her voice sounded soft and gentle after her exertions, he looked at her, somewhere between wake and sleep, she held his face in her hands and kissed him again, “I would love to be your first, would you fuck me’. Even saying it produced an electric jolt through her, it was so bad and so wrong. He was opened mouthed, “but sis, are you sure, what about your boyfriend, what about Mum and Dad. I’ll be useless,” he murmured, now unsure of himself. She rolled on top of him, he was surprised at how light she was and how he could feel her ribs against him, and her diamond hard nipples. “I don’t want to fuck my boyfriend, or Mum or Dad, I want you Luke, I want to fuck my brother, I want to feel your big cock inside me, I want to feel you cum inside me, I want you. You’ll be great Luke, you’ve already given me the best cum I’ve ever had with your mouth, I know you’ll be even better with your prick, besides, I’ve never had a virgin before,” she smiled as he blushed. “Show me what to do sis, I want to do it properly for you. ” She loved him so much at that point that she smothered him with kisses, “I will Lukey, I will my darling. ”



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