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She lay by his side for awhile, just resting her head on his chest. Both their hearts thumping as if they would burst. Luke gently stroked her hair with one hand and cupped her buttocks with the other. His sister ran her hands over his back outlining the muscles that she felt flexing under her touch. His buttocks felt firm and rounded, and she felt his hardness against her stomach and couldn’t remember anticipating sex more keenly than she did on this night, with her brother. As the wind buffeted icy snow against the bedroom window she leant up and kissed him before whispering, “get on top of me. ”
She gently rolled onto her back and Luke knelt between her legs. She had an arm thrown across her breasts which he moved to her side to allow him to gently kiss her swollen nipples. She ruffled his auburn hair that matched her own, and whispered in his ear “I really want you Luke” as she spread her thighs and reached down to take hold of his painfully stiff penis. She guided him to her lips and he felt how wet she was for him. He leant over her taking his weight on his hands, just their hips touching, and he felt her gently rubbing him against her wet opening. “Just go slowly Luke. If you feel as though you will cum just stop for a while, and if you do cum quickly, it doesn’t matter, I’m on the pill”, she said encouragingly. He didn’t enter straight away but just looked at her, taking in her pretty face with the green eyes, high cheekbones and freckles, her pert breasts and her slim hour glass figure. “What’s wrong”, his sister queried. “Nothing, I just want to look at you, I just want to remember everything about our first time.

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   Jackie how come I didn’t realise how lovely you were until now?” She smiled a thank you at him and brushed his cheek with the back of her hand.
She spread her thighs further apart and raised her knees, wrapping her legs lightly around the small of his back. “Fuck me now baby, fuck me now” and she groaned as Luke slowly slid his rock hard prick into her dripping wet pussy. She felt so tight as he slid completely into her, and he held himself inside her as they sought each others mouths and kissed with all the fervour and passion of youth. With him inside she thought she had never felt fuller and it felt so thrilling for both of them to be doing something so wrong. He broke free as he slowly withdrew from her cunt leaving just the tip inside her. He felt her wetness cooling on his penis and over his groin and slowly slid himself back into her. Jackie writhed and gasped beneath him as he rubbed against every pleasure point in her vagina and he felt her pulsing around his penis “I think I’m going to cum already” she choked as he thrust up her again. And then he felt her grunt and shudder, and felt her contractions gripping him fiercely as her vaginal walls clamped around him so tightly that she bucked against him, her nails digging into his back as she thrust herself up at him as she came. “Oh God”, she gasped, “harder baby, fuck me harder” and he thrust up her again, harder this time and faster, amazed at her tightness and aware of his own impending orgasm, as the bed clothes fell from them they were oblivious to the creeping cold.
He bent down to kiss her neck and Jackie found his ear with her lips, huskily urging him to cum inside her, “Oh baby cum inside me, I want to feel you squirt deep inside” she begged as her hands found his buttocks, squeezing and pressing him deeper into her. He thrust into her quickly, urgently, forcing her up the bed and she began to shudder, “Oh fuck, too good, this feels to fucking good” she groaned as she quivered again into another toe curling orgasm. Luke began to lose control, wrenching her legs from his back and holding them up over his shoulders as he repeatedly thrust up her until, gasping, he shot his hot thick sperm again and again deep inside her, to splash against her cervix. He kissed the backs of her calves and took her painted toes one by one into his mouth before collapsing on top of her. She clung to him tightly as they both throbbed and jerked against the dying remnants of their orgasms.

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It had taken little more than four or five minutes, but it had been the greatest and most momentous experience of their lives. He rested his head against her heaving breasts as they recovered. “I love you”, he said to her, quietly, almost apologetically, and she held him even tighter to herself, as tears of happiness ran down her cheeks.
He raised himself and watched her as she brushed the tears from her cheeks, smiling to herself, Luke watched her breasts rising and falling, her stiffly puckered aureole and nipples quivering as she recovered her breath. “What’s funny,” he asked as he looked down at her in puzzlement, thinking that she may be laughing at his love-making, but she took his hand before speaking, quietly. “You came a lot Luke” she paused feeling his sperm oozing out from her swollen lips to run down between her buttocks. “ I think it would be so easy to have your baby” she looked intently into his eyes. “You know, I think I’ve given it up too easily in the past. It felt different tonight, much better, more intense when you’re doing it with someone you really care for, like I care for you. ” She leant up on one elbow and looked into his eyes, almost shyly now, and said “ I only want you Luke, I want you to be my lover for all time” He gently lay her back on the bed and held her in silence lost in his own happiness.
He didn’t know how long it was before he became aware of her shivering. “It’s getting colder Luke”, she murmured quietly, the ice storm still raging against the window. He pulled the blanket back over her shoulders and asked “ shall I get the blankets from Mum and Dad’s room,” “No Luke” she whispered, “Don’t leave me” in a vunerable voice that he hadn’t heard before. “ I will never leave you” he said with concern in his voice, before drawing her closer and rubbing her cold back and legs, “ I will never leave you Jackie” he repeated, kissing her shoulders and her neck, his hands travelling her slim body, trying to rub away the goose-bumps from her back, breasts and thighs. Her back to him she half turned and gave him a beautiful smile and said, “I do love you so much Luke, I feel like we are so close now and that’s good.

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   In the morning will you fuck me from behind, and,” she hesitated, “ will you fuck me in the ass, only if you want too, I’d love to do it now but I feel so cold and tired” and she did look very sleepy now, “I’d do anything for you sis, anything,” he said turning her face to his and kissing her full wet lips, “sleep now, I’ll still be here in the morning”, and she turned, presenting her back to him again. “I know you will Luke, I know you’ll stay with me. Keep me warm, I’m feeling so cold” she whispered and he slid his arm around her to gently cup her breasts, his penis firmly wedged between her pert buttocks. It was getting very cold in the room and he felt incredibly protective towards her. He felt like an adult now who had something precious to care for, but he also felt incredibly weary himself and he drifted into a shivering fitful sleep, with his face nestling against her hair as the candle spluttered out on the bedroom floor
He dreamt of himself and Jackie living as man and wife, with their own family, it was such a happy dream, and it was her single deep shuddering sigh that woke him. He wanted to tell her all about the dream, but in the fog of his semi consciousness he saw that a white cap of frost had settled about her shoulders and hair. He gently blew it away trying not to wake her as she was so very still, her face beautifully peaceful by his side, and like himself, she was no longer shivering. That beautiful face was the last thing he saw that night, as he drew her close once again, trying to give her some warmth and so glad to be sharing this bed with her, before an overwhelming weariness forced his eyes to close again.
They found them in the morning. Their parents, alarmed that calls to their daughters’ mobile were not being answered, caught a lift with the first search and rescue team out of the village. The record low temperatures that night meant that the doors had frozen to the doorframes in the ski-chalet. When they finally broke into the bedroom they were lying peacefully in bed, the brothers’ arms tightly wrapped around his sisters’ body, as if in a vain attempt to protect her from the cold.
Later, the kindly local French coroner explained to the distraught parents that their children had suffered a painless death. Hypothermia brought a sense of confusion at first, which may have led them to shed their clothes, giving a welcome explanation to the parents nagging question as to why their children where both naked in the same bed, and, he added, it gave a feeling of euphoria at the end. He felt no need to tell them about the large semen deposit found in their daughters vagina.

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   He guessed at but didn’t know, the night of joy, tenderness, and love their siblings had experienced on that final deadly freezing night.



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