Forgotten Luggage


In the morning, I’d figured out the problem with the car. The carburetor needed work, which I could take care of using the tools I always carry, but would take me a day or two (especially when I figured the loss of productivity from the two cases of beer I’d brought for the week). Around 18 o’clock, Jill wandered onto the porch with coffee, a glum look on her face after looking at the car. “Yep, gonna take a little bit of work to get it working right again, but nothing that’ll take more than a couple of days to fix,” I remarked at Jill looked at my handiwork. “So, I’m not going into town today then, huh?” she asked. ”Well, no, but what the heck do you need to go to town for? I thought your biggest goal this week was to get a good tan and get some reading done?” “Yeah,” she replied, “that’s the problem. I finished unpacking this morning, and I sorta forgot to pack my bikini. ”I was a little disappointed at that news, as the idea of watching Jill in her bikini certainly appealed to me. “I’d loan you mine,” I volunteered, “but I think you’d find it’s missing certain important parts. ” That was rewarded with a punch in the arm. “Look, it’ll only take me two days to fix the car, then you can pick something up to last until Bobbie can bring you your regular one. ” “But that’s wasting two days – and it’s supposed to rain on Tuesday and Wednesday,” she replied. “I want to tan today, it’s perfect!” Which it was, a sunny 85 degrees with a slight breeze off the lake. She mumbled something to herself, looked at the sun, then looked back at me. “Would it bother you if I tanned in my underwear?” By the time I looked up, she had already taken off the tank top she had been wearing, revealing the lack of a bra. I, nonchalantly as possible, replied, “Whatever floats your boat” at the same time amazed at what I was seeing.

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   Her breasts were petite, probably an A cup, but perky, with pink nipples that stood out. I’d assumed she meant to wear a bra, but obviously I was pleasantly mistaken. Jill pulled down her shorts, revealing her silky-smooth, white panties. I couldn’t help but traced the soft, white mound, up her flat stomach, to a wonderful pair of breasts. How I wished I could nibble on them!Jill noticed. “Like what you see?” she asked with a knowing smirk on her face. She grabbed a towel, then walked down to the dock. I watched, entranced by the sight of her tight, young ass as she walked away. I tried not to stare, but couldn’t help but watch as she rubbed the lotion onto her body. Part of me wanted to watch, but the part loyal to my wife bid me go away from the sight of Jill and onto the back porch. I worked out there until it was time for lunch. I was making a sandwich when I heard the door open. Jill, now clearly pleased with herself and comfortable with being topless, walked in and poured a glass of water. “Getting a good tan?” I asked while trying my best to not look at her nipples as they stood, erect in the cooler air of the cabin. “Yeah,” she replied, “but I think my tan line is going to get all messed up.

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   See?” She demonstrated by pulling down on her panties, showing how the wide fabric encircling her legs was thicker than the tan line she already had. That motion exposed her leg, but also a small patch of dark hair could be seen as she pulled her panties down towards the front. “I think I have something upstairs that will fix that,” answering her own question. She came back down wearing the tinniest g-string I’d ever seen. It was little more than a line of thread between her legs, with a small patch in the front. I’m sure if she bent over, I would be able to the lips of her pussy spread out by the string. She gave a little twirl, clearly showing off, then went back out to the dock, taking a bite of my sandwich and a pat on my now enlarged cock before she left. Obviously, she was enjoying being a tease. I couldn’t take such a sight without some relief. I walked to the living room where the bay window of the cabin was; from there, I could see the dock, and Jill, clearly. She lay down on her back, putting a towel over her face to protect her eyes. Seeing this, I dropped my shorts, threw off my shirt, and grabbed my member, beginning to stroke it, the vision in front of me while my imagination went wild with what I knew would never happen. I wanted her, wanted to run my hands around her breasts and grab that perfect ass. With a moan of “Jill…. ” I came, spurting my cum onto the window.

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   I threw on my shorts and went to the kitchen to get some towels to clean up. I came back into the living room only to see Jill walk in the front door. “Shit,” I thought. Even if Jill had been teasing me, my wife would freak if she knew I was jacking off while watching her sister!Jill looked at me and asked, “Could you please help me with some suntan lotion? I can’t get all of my back. ” “Sure,” I replied, silently thanking the lord she hadn’t noticed the cum on the window while praising the fine ass I was now looking at. I rubbed the lotion up and down her back and was about to hand the bottle back, when started to lean over the couch. “Could you make sure to cover my butt, so it doesn’t get burned? Make sure you get everywhere the sun could reach. ” “Everywhere?” I asked. “Yeah, make sure you get it all over” she replied, at the same time slipping out of the g-string and spreading her legs.
    “I think I’m going to try to get rid of all of my tan lines, so I’ll just tan nude. ” I somehow stammered a “Yeah, sure” but I’m pretty sure she knew what was on my mind. I poured some lotion into my hand and began rubbing it on her left cheek. I could clearly see her pussy, her lips spread open, her clit beginning to stick out. Jill moaned softly as I neared her crack; I could see the wetness between her legs. I took some more lotion in my hand, and began massaging her anus.

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       Jill moaned louder and spread her legs wider. Thinking that “Well, at this point I’d be in trouble regardless, I might as well. . ” I took my finger and eased it into her anus, bit by bit. She was very tight, but obviously desired this and the lotion allowed me to ease my finger in to the first knuckle. Jill’s moans grew louder and my cock grew harder and harder. I moved my finger, slowly increasing the pressure until I moved it past my second knuckle. I took my other hand and pulled off my shorts. I moved my other hand to her pussy, beginning to rub it. Jill moaned, “yeah, move it in, let me feel you inside me. ” I was in a mood to agree. My cock needed her heat, needed to feel her envelope it. Leaving my finger in her anus, I slowly stood until my cock lined up with her pussy. My other hand wandered up her body, feeling her stomach, the soft skin just below the breasts. I grabbed her left nipple, twirling it around while I nudged the head of my cock against the opening of her lips.

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      “Do you want it?” I asked. “Please, give it to me, I need to feel your hardness inside of me,” she replied. I thrust into her, pulling her close to me. The intensity was something I’d never experienced before, hotness that surrounded me. She moved back, her ass rubbing against me, my finger still in her anus. Using my other hand, I pulled her head back, licking the tips of her ears with my tongue. Jill gasped, pushing back with all her might. I slammed into her pussy, my balls swinging up and hitting her each time. “Harder,” she demanded. I dug into her, complying as best I could. I drove into her, pumping her full of my cum as I came for the second time in the last hour. As my cock spurt it’s last out, she continued to grind into me, and began to buck. My cock was pumped dry as her pussy contracted on it, bringing Jill to an orgasm. She stood up and turned around, allowing my cock to slip out of her slip cunt. Jill looked me in the eye, and then asked, “Isn’t it a shame I forgot my bikini?”More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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