Forbidden - Chapter 02



This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. I only hope that more is written about male pregnancy/transgender pregnancy. Thank You and Enjoy.

Forbidden - Chapter 02

    As the sexual tension in the house grew, Paul had to wank off almost a few times a day just to keep from getting a boner when his son was around. It was getting increasingly difficult for him to resist the thoughts that crept into his head; the thoughts of him bending his son over the counter, and plowing his ass, or his son slowly riding his girth until he explodes. These thoughts were exaggerated by the former anniversary of Paul and his former wife. They had always had a healthy sex life, right up to when she left them for some rich guy in New York. Since then, both Paul and Tommy shared an unspoken agreement to never speak of her again, out of respect for her selfish, self-centered ways.

    Even with the understanding between Paul and his son, Paul’s thoughts couldn’t help but drift back to the incredible sex he and his former wife used to have on their anniversary. He couldn’t help but to remember the feel of her cunt around his member, her juices pouring all over him as she rides him, bringing him to closer and closer to orgasm. He recalls as she used to scream to the sky, cumming herself, every hip and torso muscle he can see seizing up, as if in a seizure, followed by his own explosion deep inside her waiting and willing cunt.

    “Dad, you okay?” Tommy asks, reviving his father out of his reverie in the living room. “Umm, yeah son fine, How’re you?” Paul replies, almost stammering out a response. Laughing, Tommy responds, “I think you were having a sexy daydream” pointing to his father’s hard-on. Looking down, realizing that his son is correct, Paul quickly gets up, “Yes, well it happens from time to time.

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  ” As Paul walks out of the room to take care of his 12 inch problem, Tommy makes the snide remark with a grin on his face, “More recently than in the past it seems. ”

Later in the night……

    Tommy is on his hands and knees, getting his ass pounded from behind. He feels the weapon assaulting his insides, as if they were the enemy. Moaning from the feeling building deep inside his own balls, he looks under himself, and is amazed at the sight. His own dick is hard as steel; his own balls quivering as they get absolutely hammered by the egg-sized testicles belonging to his lover. As if on que, he sees his lover’s balls start to clench up, getting ready to flood his ass full of their contents. Tommy lifts his head to the ceiling, knowing what’s to come, and begins to feel the throws of orgasm within his own loins.

    Tommy jerks awake in bed, violently interrupting the incredible dream he was having. Sitting up, he can feel the sheets on his naked torso, his rock hard dick tenting the sheets as it sticks out of his boxers. “Damn it, not again!” Tommy curses, frustrated at the recurring fact that he’s been waking up before cumming lately. Throwing the sheets off the bed, he takes his cock in his own hand, and starts wanking to get some relief.

    Just as he starts, he hears moaning coming from the adjacent room, the bedroom his father occupies. As Tommy looks down, his 6 inch hard dick in his hand, he makes the decision that will alter both his and his father’s lives forever. After all the weeks of teasing, knowing how horny both he and his father are for each other, he lets go of his dick, and walks down the hall, into his father’s bedroom, Tommy’s cock leading like a divining rod.

    As he gently pushes his father’s door open, he catches a glimpse of the weapon between his legs.

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   Standing at full mast is the very weapon that knocked up his worthless mother. Sneaking inside the room, he better sees that the sheets are off the bed, and his father’s weapon easily fills the hole of his boxers. Slowly, Tommy sneaks over to the bedside, careful not to wake his father, seemingly deep in the throes of his own dream.

    Tommy kneels at the side of the bed, in utter awe as he inspects the 12 inch weapon in front of him. He reaches out to touch the head of it, almost purple with need to be touched, pre-cum leaking from the slit. As Tommy’s fingers carefully touches it, his father groans out from the contact. Tommy freezes almost instantly, fearful that he’s been found out. Once it become obvious that his father is a heavy sleeper, he wraps is fingers around the head as best he can, feeling the heat of the blood pulsing through it. Getting some pre-cum on his fingers, Tommy lubes up the head of his father’s cock. He smiles, seeing his father’s reaction, groaning either from his sexy dream, or the hand on his dick, Tommy really didn’t care at this point.

    With more pre-cum oozing out of the cock-head, Tommy uses his other hand, lubes it up, and adds to the stimulation. With the head nice and shiny, Tommy slowly moves his hands down the vein-covered shaft in front of him. Tommy agonizingly takes it slow down the girth of the cock in front of him, eliciting a groan of frustration from the person it belongs to. It seems like an eternity before Tommy’s comparatively tiny hands reach the base of his cock, veins pulsing with blood. Slowly, Tommy starts to gently jack of his father’s cock, his father moaning from every little touch.

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    Even with Tommy’s attempts to keep his father’s cock lubed, the pre-cum pouring out of his cock-slit isn’t enough for the weapon. Suddenly noticing cold hard-wood floor on his own cock, Tommy gets as much of the pre-cum his own cock that leaked onto the bedroom floor on his hands, and adds it to his father’s on the cock in front of him. As he spreads all the pre-cum all over the love monster, he’s surprised to see that the pre-cum from both him and his father still isn’t enough to lube up the animal pointing at the ceiling. Knowing the solution, Tommy slowly raises up from his knees at his father’s bedside, a trail of pre-cum attaching the head of his own cock and the bedroom floor.

    Slowly, Tommy slides onto the bed occupied by his father, careful not to make any sudden moves to awake him. Tommy admires the beautiful dick in front of him, pointing to the heavens wanting a warm, wet hole to feel. Smiling to himself, seeing the want in his father’s dick, he decides he’s tortured it enough. Feeling the veins pulsing in his slippery hands, Tommy leans down, and slowly licks the head, like licking the sprinkles off an ice cream cone. His father groans from the touch. Relishing the rough feel of the cock against his tongue, Tommy sinks his lips over the entire head, engulfing it in his mouth. Using his tongue, he eagerly swirls it around the head, causing even more precum from his father’s cock slit. Eagerly swallowing the precum, Tommy moves his head down further, seeing how far he can take the monster. After he gets about five inches of the 12 inch monster in his mouth, he’s disappointed that he can go no further. With all the practice on his asshole, he neglected to practice restraining is gag reflex.

    Undeterred, Tommy slowly started to bob his head on the monster that made him.

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   After only a few bobs, Tommy felt his father’s cock suddenly swell in both his slippery hands, and his hot mouth, followed by what can only be described as a cannon going off. Tommy felt his father’s baby juice hit the roof of his mouth first, followed by actually tasting the salty, tangy flavor entering his mouth. Desperately trying to swallow all the baby batter in his mouth, Tommy utterly fails and copious amounts of cum leaks from his mouth. As his father keeps shooting cum out of his cock, Tommy’s cheeks bulge, reflecting the constant mouthful of cum in his mouth. With cum leaking from his mouth, and even nose from the overflowing, Tommy lets go, his lungs begging for air. Breathing furiously, Tommy feels his skin being coated with a film of his father’s cum.

    As the cum geyser slows to a trickle, Tommy looks down at his body, cum literally dripping from his skin onto his father’s bed spread. With his breathing stabilizing, Tommy gazes down at the figure of his father, his cock beginning to go limp, and a satisfied smile on his face, eliciting a smile of his own. With his own dick having cummed sometime during the blowjob, Tommy slowly licks his cum soaked fingers, and scoops up some of it on his chest, and cleans his fingers again.

    As Tommy continues to revel in his father’s cum, the alarm clock catches his eye. Seeing the time, Tommy pouts and carefully leaves his father’s room, knowing his father’s clock will wake him up soon. Tommy walks out of the bedroom, and into his own bedroom. Carefully, he takes his sheet, and mops up the cum trail in the hallway, careful not to leave any trail of the deed.   As Tommy finishes his task, he strips off his boxers, and sleeps in the nude. Before he doses off, he can’t help but tell himself, “Next time, that thing’s going in my ass.

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To Be Continued.





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