Forbidden - Chapter 01



This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in it's writing is that bear resemblance to actual people is purely concidental. I only hope that more is written about male pregnancy/transgender pregnancy. Thank you and enjoy.


 Forbidden - Chapter 01

Paul’s on his back, stroking his 12 inch dick in his hand, eagerly waiting what he knows will come. Almost immediately, his lover rises up to her feet on the bed, and lines up her asshole with his monster. She slowly sinks down onto his cock, feeling it pierce her flesh as she goes. Paul never gets tired of seeing her ass slip over, first the purple head of his cock, then slowly moves down until his dick is completely buried in her ass. Letting out a groan of pleasure, he gives her ass cheek a good slap, eliciting a groan from his lover. Slowly, she gets a good position, and starts to slowly fuck his cock with her ass. Teasing her lover, she makes sure and goes slow, keeping him on the brink of filling her ass with cum. She knows it won’t take long for him to get frustrated, like he usually does, and sure enough, after only a few minutes of slow thrusting, he grabs her by her waist, forcing her doggy style, and fucks her ass from behind.

Getting a good grip on his woman’s hips, he eagerly pounds her, nearly into oblivion. He’s motions are a blur as he desperately pounds her ass, reaching that peak we all know so well. The smell of sex, and the sound of skin slapping against each other fills the bedroom as Paul lifts his head, and howls to the world. His 12 inch dick expands to nearly 18 inches long as his hot, boiling cum erupts from its head, deep within the bowels of his woman.

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As both lovers come down from their high, Paul falls back on his own rear, with remnants dripping from his love monster. Taking a breath, he admires the view of cum leaking out of his woman’s asshole, her insides absolutely drenched with his baby batter. He watches as it slowly creeps out of her asshole, drips between the globes of her ass, then continues down her balls, then onto the bedspread. It happened in a split second, the realization that the person he was fucking was a man came as the person turned their head towards him, “That was pretty intense daddy, you must have saved up for me.

” As he heard that, he realized that the woman he was fucking was actually his own son, Tommy.

Paul awoke with a sudden start in his own bed alone, the bed sheets drenched with his spunk from the intense dream. “Not again. Why does this always happen to me. ” Paul gets up, puts on some quick clothes, and puts the sheets in the washer. He had to do that quite often lately, seeing how he came harder in his sleep than with his own hand nowadays.

As he fixes breakfast in the kitchen, Paul thinks back to the dreams he’s been having. Ever since his wife left him and Tommy a year ago, he’s been having dreams about having sex with an unknown lover. At first, it was definitely a woman, with a pussy and all. Slowly though, his dreams shifted to fucking the ass of someone else, someone he knew was a little bit different. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that he caught a glimpse of the person the incredible asshole he was fucking belonged to, his only son.

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   “No, no, it’s just a dream, nothing more than that. ” He says to himself, making some scrambled eggs. Even he couldn’t deny, it was the dreams of him fucking his son that made him use the most detergent on the sheets than he ever needed before.

“Good morning Daddy! What’s for breakfast?” Tommy asks, walking into the kitchen, and sitting down at the table. “Eggs of course Tommy”, Paul replies, not turning around to meet his son’s gaze. “Even though you’re in high school, you’re still a little on the scrawny side”, Paul iterates. Turning around, putting the eggs on his son’s plate, he can’t but help notice how much he looks like his mother, blue eyes, round face, long legs. “Daddy, you alright?” Tommy asks, Paul simply standing there motionless looking at his son. “Ummm, yeah, fine. ” Paul struggles to get the response out of his mouth, still shocked at the thoughts going through his head. As Paul turns around and starts to clean up, Tommy simply grins as he eats his eggs.

He’s knows about that look, the twinkle in a person’s eyes when they want to fuck them silly. Tommy is no spring chicken, having had his fair share of pussy in his short life. His girlfriends always wondered why he wanted them to play with his asshole, and even more surprised when he’d cum almost every time. Sometimes he wondered if that shouldn’t have been a clue then.

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   It really doesn’t matter now because his father wasn’t the only one needing some detergent on his sheets. He was well aware of his father’s dreams, what with Paul being so vocal and all. In fact, Tommy thought it a miracle that half the neighborhood didn’t know about his father’s dreams by now.

For the past few months, he’d been having his own dreams about a mystery man fucking his tight little asshole. He’d almost look forward to the dream feeling of a huge monster invading his asshole every dream-filled night. In fact, Tommy ventured out and started to stick things up his own asshole as part of his usual masturbation routine. It started out with pens, then grew to rulers, and evolved even into bananas, and his father thought he just developed a liking taste for them. The result was the monster belonging to the man of his dreams always got bigger, and longer, always eager to invade his asshole. It wasn’t until a few nights ago when he was lucky enough to glimpse the face of the man fucking his poor little asshole.

As Paul sits down to eat with his son, Tommy simply looks into his eyes, knowing that it’s his father that he’s been dreaming about, plowing his poor ass into ecstasy. Paul doesn’t meet his son’s eyes, fearing the lust that might overcome him. Hurriedly finishing breakfast, Paul stands up. “I’ll be back in a while Tommy. I just used the last of the detergent on the sheets this morning. ” As Paul left, he heard something like, “See you later Dad!” as he left the house.

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   It was kind of hard to get into the car, especially when you have a 12 inch dick that’s rock hard.

To Be Continued.

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