For the lust of a Father


Dad and I had lived alone together, all our lives, since mum passed away during a complicated birth. As expected, Dad did everything for me while I was young and inexperienced. So, since Dad had bathed me since I was a baby I wasn’t too fussed when he came into the bathroom, while I was in there. Most of the time after the age of 5, my father saw fit to leave me alone, but one day, when I was about 13, he chose my bath time as a time he could talk to me, without me escaping. This didn’t faze me; however, sometimes I would feel conscious of my developing womanly parts, and my fathers fixated stare on them, so I would turn away shyly.
Time passed, and dad spent more and more of my bathing times with me. Sometimes he would stay for 5 minutes, others he would stay for longer. One day, after a talk, when my father turned side on, I’m sure he had an erection. The thought of my father boning up over my developing body sent tingles of excitement all through my teenage body.
My nipples started to stiffen, my cunt was feeling noticeably warmer than my bath, my clit started to tingle and my cunt lips were starting to swell, aching to be touched. I was mortified, the last time I had felt sensations like this, I was in bed with my 18 year old boyfriend. But this is my father I was thinking about. “Is it right, to want your father to touch you here?” lightly touching one of my nipples, sending shocks of sexual energy immediately pulsing to my cunt. I asked myself. “What if daddy pinched your nipple?” I asked myself further. Before I knew it I was inserting a finger into my hot wetness, picturing daddy lying on top of me, sliding that hard cock into my burning cunt, and fucking me like a whore, not his baby girl.

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Since mum wasn’t round for me to talk to, dad had become mum as well. He was both parents in one. He tolerated my moods swings. He talked to me about womanly things. But he was also my dad. He’d punish me when I misbehaved, and praised me when I’d done well. He did his best for me, and I tried to repay by doing my best. He’d tell me everything, and I’d tell him everything. We had no secrets. It was good. So I got out of the bath towelled off, and put on my nightdress, noticing my nipples were still slightly poking at the flimsy fabric.
Dad was sitting on the lounge, watching TV when I came out, so I sat right next to him, our legs almost touching. “Dad,” I began “how come you don’t see other women? I mean I’m 18 now, and can take care of myself if you want to go out on a date.
“Honey, I’m 35. It’s been a long time since I’ve spoken to a woman.

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   I don’t know if I could. ” His answer came guardedly.
“I’m a woman, dad. ” I said indignantly.
“You’re also my daughter. That doesn’t count” he said quickly.
“Well then, use me for practise. ” I suggested.
“I’ll think about it. Now you’d best be getting to bed. You’ve got school tomorrow. ” Dad said.
I put my hand on his thigh, and dad jumped as if he were being electrocuted. “Goodnight dad. ” I said lightly, kissing him on his cheek.

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   He kissed me back, and slapped me, playfully, on the ass. That was the first time he’d done that. “Dad” I protested, more shocked at my body’s reaction the slap than him actually doing it. My cunt tingled with the same warm sensation I’d felt in the bath, when I thought I had seen dad with a hard on, almost instantly. He laughed it off.
I went to bed and took my nightdress off, lying on my bed naked, spread eagle, with a warm fire burning at the junction of my thighs. My eyes closed, my hands started to roam over my body, touching every inch of skin, my mind started to wonder. I found myself thinking of dad. His fingers would be tweaking my nipples, his rubbing against the soft skin of my tits, as my breathing getting noticeably heavier. My cunt was aching for attention. I slid one hand over my firm belly, through the jungle of untamed pubic hair, and into the river of hot fluids spilling out of my cunt.
I spread the lips of my cunt, the cool night air feeling nice against my cunt lips, slid one finger deep inside me, withdrew it and repeat this a couple of times. I pulled my dripping finger out of my cunt, and eagerly sucked my juices of it. I couldn’t believe how hot and sexual I was getting, thinking the man in the next room was doing this to me. My cunt was burning with need.

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   It had to be fed and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I massaged my clit, I fucked my cunt with 2, 3, 4 fingers, I came twice and still my cunt demanded to be filled be a rock hard cock.
I could hear the gentle snores of my father now, telling me he was sleeping. My father wasn’t an easy man to wake once he was asleep.
    I lay down under the covers, naked, feeling the warmth of the man I had just finished fantasizing over. I could feel his pubic hair brushing my ass, his cock resting comfortably in my ass crack. I couldn’t take it any more, and the snores were a deep constant groan now, indicating daddy was fast asleep. I had to chance it. I need a fuck.
    I gently placed one hand on my fathers cock, and started to stroke it ever so slowly. The effect my hand was having on my dad was instant. I could feel his cock hardening and lengthening more with each stroke. Dad rolled onto his back, his semi-erect cock in my hand. I slid my head under the covers, kissing my way down his chest teasingly sucking dad’s nipples, down to his cock. I paused for a second; it was more cold feet than anything.

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       His cock was huge. I mean it felt so thick, my fingers just wrapped around it. I bowed my head and slowly started licking the head of my father cock, It slid past my lips, smooth as velvet, I lowered my head further on to my fathers hardness. I could only get about half of it in mouth. So my hand worked the bottom half of my fathers love missile, while my mouth worked the top half.
    My cunt was hot enough to melt steel. I needed to feel this hard monster inside me. I gently straddled my father’s hips and lowered myself so his cock was just touching my cunt, I lowered myself slowly onto the flagpole beneath me, allowing myself time to get used to such a large cock inside me. When I was full of dad’s hard cock, I slowly started to a gentle rocking motion, setting fire to the thousands of nerve endings with each rock. My cunt was aching from relief, pleasure and pain. My finger started to massage my tender clit as my rocking intensified. I was surprised when I felt dads enormous cock start to throb and pulsate deep in my wetness, he was cumming, and so was I. “OH GOD!!! DAD!!!” I screamed as I came.
    Dad woke up with a fright sitting bolt upright, his chest pressing against my erect nipples, his cock deep in my cunt and his cum running out me. “I thought I was dreaming” Dad said “I’d of never done that.

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    “Dad, you love me right?” I said.
    “You know I do. ” He said.
    “Then everything is ok. ” I said to him touching his cheek, “Remember I came to you. I wanted to do this. ”
    I kissed his deeply and passionately, not like a daughter but as a lover. I then retreated to my room satisfied, and went to sleeping tasting the mixture of juices from between my legs.