For The Love of Mom


Mom had me when she was seventeen.   Yeah, I was an accident baby but she never made me feel that way.   My parents got married when they were young and like most marriages they ended up getting a divorce when I turned thirteen.   Since that time, I never saw my mother with a man.   My dad was another story and over the next couple of years I grew to feel sorry for mom.   It wasn’t that she was unattractive because she was.   She just didn’t bring any around.

Mom is your average mom.   She has maybe ten pounds that she could lose, but I’ve always been attracted to curvy women.   At seventeen, though I had a girlfriend who was a year younger than me and who was fun, I was attracting women in their 30s – my mom’s age at the time.  

For whatever reason, women in their 30s and 40s, I learned, just wanted to fuck.   They aren’t interested in relationships.   So my experience about sex came from meeting women I worked with at their homes when their husbands were away on business trips.   So I understood the physiologically impact the body goes through when you’re getting sex and then you don’t get it.   I also knew that one gets frustrated with the lack of sex…I had begun to see this in my mother.

One Friday night when I was seventeen, I had gone out on a date.

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    Mom had a rough week at work and was looking forward to a quiet weekend.   I told her I would be out late and not to wait up.   I gave her a kiss and left.   A couple of hours later I returned home to find her in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee.  Her shoulder length brown hair was wet and looked as though it had been towel dried.   She had a white bath towel wrapped around her having apparently just stepped out of the bath.   So when I walked through the door she was taken by surprise, especially given how she was dressed and thought I had brought my girlfriend home with me.   She hadn’t expected me to come home as early as I did, after all it was a Friday night and kids my age were out getting drunk or laid or both.   However, on this night my girlfriend had started her period and wasn’t feeling well so I decided to just go back home.

When she realized I was alone she relaxed and continued to pour herself a cup of coffee.   She offered me a cup as well.   I accepted.

“Where’s Kathy?” 

“She wasn’t feeling good so I decided to come home. ” 

Mom handed me a cup of coffee and took a seat at the table.   As she sat the towel came lose though not exposing anything to me.

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    I took a seat near her and positioned my chair toward her.   We made small talk about her job, my part-time job, my classes and plans for the weekend.   She asked about how my relationship with Kathy was going.   I told her it was fine but nothing serious.   She looked at me and casually reached over and touched my hand as it rested, gripping my coffee cup, “Is she taking care of you?”

I thought the question a bit odd from her and wasn’t completely sure what she was talking about and for whatever reason I said, “Don’t worry, I’m getting plenty. ”  As quickly as I said it, embarrassment swept over my face and she saw it.  

“It’s okay, Honey. ”

 “I’m sorry, mom…I didn’t mean to…” 

“It’s okay.   I’m glad. ”  That’s when I saw the frustration sweep across her face.  

“What’s the matter mom?” 

“Nothing Honey”, she replied as she turned and leaned back in her chair attempting to hide her emotion from me.  

“No.   What’s the matter?  I’ve seen you around here and lately you’ve looked down.   You don’t go out.   You don’t call your friends.

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    You haven’t been out with Aunt Betty in a couple of weeks.   What’s going on with you?”

“Baby, it’s not something I can’t talk with you about. ”

“Are you okay…you’re not sick, are you?”

“No, I’m not sick. I’m just a little lonely. ”

Trying to lighten the mood some, I jokingly said, “Well you have me. ”

“That’s part of the problem”, she said with a half frown, half grin.

I knew what she meant, but this was my mother.   You’re not supposed to mess with your mother.   I finished my coffee and stood to pour me another cup.   “Can I get you anything?”

She paused…thought…looked at me.   “No, I’m fine. ”

I stepped around her on my way to the counter.   She shifted in her seat.   I glanced back over my shoulder and saw her part her legs and let out a soft sigh.   I poured my cup and returned to the table.

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    I set my cup down and told her I would be back.   Walking down the hall again I glanced back and saw here stretching her neck, trying to free the tension.

I went to my room and changed into some relaxing clothes; a pair of jogging shorts, minus the underwear, and an over-size t-shirt – typical clothes I wear before going to bed.

I returned to the table and took my seat.   “You okay?”

“I’m sorry.   I should have never said anything. ”

“It’s okay mom.   You can talk to me about anything.   I understand more than you think. ”

“It’s just something that a mother doesn’t discuss with her son. That’s all. ”

“You haven’t had sex in a long time and it’s getting to you. ”

She was shocked.

“Am I right?”  I asked.


“Mom you need to get laid”, I said to her chuckling.

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“Easy for you to say”, she replied returning my chuckle.

“It could be for you.   You’ve got a great body.   You’re attractive. You’re fun.   You could have anyone you wanted. ”

“Yeah, well I don’t want anyone. I just want…”

“You need a release. ”

“Yes…yes I do. ”

“Do you have anyone in mind?” I asked.

She hesitated, “Um, no…not really… I think…I’m not sure…um…I just need…”

“I wish I could help you, mom.   I hate to see you suffer like this. ”

What seemed like a sigh of relief escaped her lips and I saw her knees involuntarily twitch apart…then a look of disappointment betrayed her face.

“Maybe I can. ”  I slid off of my chair and onto my knees in front of her.

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“What are you doing?”

“What you need”, my hands gently parting her knees.

Hesitantly and with some objection she resisted but that waned as my hands eased up her thighs.  

“No son…this isn’t right. ”

“It’s okay mom. ”  “Show me. ”

She parted the towel revealing her trimmed pubic hair.   She willingly parted her legs revealing a gash that had not been touched by a man in years.   Her pussy lips were exposed and “meaty”.   I had seen and licked plenty of pussy before.   Some had lips inside, some the lips where slightly exposed.   Mom’s lips were larger than I had seen and while I didn’t find her pussy “pretty”, I found it very sexy…raw…hot.  

I glanced up at her.   I could see in her eyes the wanting.   Her eyes were begging me to eat her pussy and hoping I wasn’t just teasing her.   I move toward her.

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    She gasped for breath in anticipation.   My lips made contact with her hairy flesh.   Her gash smelled of a combined scent of soap and womanly musk…a scent signaling to her mate – “Come fuck me”.   My tongue lapped her lips and swirled her clit.   Her hands found my head as she let out a moan.   I began tongue-fucking her hole and lapping her from hole to clit.   Her head fell back, her eyes closed and she gave into the pleasure her son was giving her.

She continued moaning and groaning as my tongue worked on my mother’s cunt.   Then suddenly her eyes opened, she looked down at me with a determination in her eyes.   She took my head and pulled me into her pussy.   She held my held tightly and slowly began grinding her pussy against my face.   Looking down at me with a slight smile she whispered, “That’s it, Honey…get in there…lick mama’s pussy…mmm”.   Her hands guided my head where she needed me to be.

My tongue danced with her wet, meaty pussy lips and swirled in and out of her hole.   Moans escaped her lips and she continued to encourage me – “Oh my baby…that’s it…lick it…lick your mother’s pussy.

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  ”  I’ve never heard my mother talk like this and my cock was reacting.   Her fingers gripping my head and she held me tightly, forcing me to eat her.   She gasped as my tongue darted across her clit.

“Oh God…that’s it…make your mama cum!” Then, without warning she yelled, “OH FUCK! She began grinding harder…fucking my mouth…her cunt slobbering her wetness down my chin.   My tongue worked feverishly on my mother’s pussy not wanting to disappoint her.  

“I need to fuck your mouth baby” and with that she held my head tightly and used my face as her personal fuck toy…grinding hard and indiscriminately.

  My face was burning…my tongue growing tired and sore, but I refused to stop.   Precum had long soaked through my shorts as my cock strained against the material.  

“OH FUCK HONEY…I’mmmm cummmming…oh fuck baby…I’mmm!!! Her muscles tensed and then she released a deep guttural moan and released her juice while her body shuddered and jerked uncontrollably.   For the first time a woman squirted my face.   I was happy that mom was my first.

I read about it and saw it on porn movies.   My mom did squirt as much as the movies show but plenty enough for me to taste.  I quickly decided I loved the taste, that I wanted more, and this was perhaps going to be a prerequisite for any future lover.

“Oh fuck…that’s it…drink your mama’s cum baby”, she told me.

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    Her grip eased as she relaxed.   I was intoxicated with her scent and her taste.   I wanted more.   I couldn’t stop licking her.   I glanced up and she was smiling softly down at me…her fingers on either side of my face.  “My baby boy”, she whispered.  

Though I had just eaten my mother’s pussy and my face was covered with her cum, I was still embarrassed for her to see me with an erection, but my legs were getting stiff and needed to be stretched.   Most boys have experienced the embarrassment in math class when the hot teacher asks you to work a math problem on the chalkboard.   You have to make that seemingly long trek to the front of the class and all you can think about is how big her tits are and how stiff your dick is and everybody is looking.

I stood to stretch my legs and turned slightly and quickly so mom would see that I was erect for her.   She noticed and told me to turn around.   Slowly I turned around.   She was still sitting there, her legs wide open, her pussy red, plump and wet.   She smiled and told me to come to her.   I complied.

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“My turn” and with that she rubbed my cock from through my shorts.  

“Take your shorts off for me Honey. . . show mama what she’s missed all these years. ”  Reluctantly I let them drop to the floor and my cock sprang out and up.   She smiled and moved in.

Mom took my cock slowly into her mouth and I watched it as it slowly disappeared beyond her lips.   I watched as my mother did something no girlfriend had ever done…she took my entire average size cock into her mouth and down her throat.   I instantly knew that my mom knew how to suck dick.  

She had me in her throat and she wasn’t gagging.   Her tongue would tickle my balls when she released the pressure to allow air in.   I had never been sucked like that and the pleasure was intense.   Suddenly the urge came over me.   I looked down at her sucking my cock.



“Suck it mom…suck that dick…show your son how much you want his cock. ” 

I saw her eyes light up as she sucked me harder and faster.   That’s when it hit me that she liked to her dirty talk as well.

“You’ve wanted your son’s dick for a while, haven’t you?” 

“Mmhmm”, she replied with a mouthful of dick and a smile.  

“Take that dick, mom…suck your son’s cock. ” 

She gobbled my cock and had a hand between my legs and on my ass pulling me into her face.   She was using her throat muscle to massage the head of my cock when it hit…the point of no turning back.   I could feel the flood coming.  

“I’m going to cum mom.   You’re going to make me cum. ” 

She looked up and me with approving eyes.   She held me in her mouth.  

“Take my cum, mom…ohhh fuck!”  An animalist grunt followed and then I released spewing my warm cream into my mother’s mouth.   She swallow my cum and gave me a sweet smile.

“God, that was wonderful” she said as she move back to her chair.

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    “Thank you.   You have no idea how much I needed that. ”  She paused and looked at me.   “Are you okay?  Was that wrong of us?”

“No…absolutely not!”  I reassured her.   “I’m good…that was great…maybe a little too good. ”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing.   I’m fine. ”

“I want you to know that I’m not going to make this a habit.   And we don’t have to speak of this…”

“Mom”, I said cutting her off.   “I’m good…and if you ever want more, just let me know.   I don’t want to see you suffering or frustrated because of this.   When you need it, just let me know. ”

She leaned forward to give me a hug.   As she did, the towel fell loose exposing her breasts.   She didn’t hesitate.

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    She leaned to me and hugged me.   “Thank you. ”

I knew that our lives had taken a unique turn that most people wouldn’t understand.   I knew that I would have more of my mother and over the years this proved to be true.

For the next couple of months mom and I had numerous oral sessions.   I don’t know why but neither of us seemed comfortable with intercourse.   We had no problem going down on each other.   Our sex was just that…sex.   It was raw.   There was a tenderness afterwards but mom was an animal during our sex.   Not many young men can say their mother blew them before school so they could study better.   And not many mothers can say their sons made them cum before going to work.  

One night I was working late at my job.  Pam was the boss’s secretary whose husband made trips out of town a couple of times a month.   Pam was 45.

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    Her tits were naturally big, as were her hips.   That didn’t bother me.   Pam was another frustrated woman who enjoyed a young buck from time to time and this night was one of those times.   She had gotten off of work at 5, gotten home, and started drinking her wine.   Her daughter, twenty years her junior and very fine had gone out for the evening with her girlfriends.   The phone rang.

“Bobby…line 1…it’s Pam” came over the intercom.


“Hey, I left a file on my desk.   I need it right away.   Tell Jimmy I said for you to bring it to my house.   I’ll be waiting. ”  She described the file in question.   I grabbed it…told my boss of my orders and away I went.

Fifteen minutes later I pulled into the drive.   I quick check of my hair and teeth in the mirror.

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    “Good. ”  I grabbed the file and headed for the front door.

The door opened and there Pam stood in her house robe.   “Come in.   Put the file there and follow me. ”  We walked down the hall.   She glanced over her shoulder.   I don’t know how much time we have.   I don’t know when Jessica will be home. ”

Hot…I could be fucking this woman and her daughter walk in…very HOT.

She got to her bedroom and she dropped her robe on her bed.   I immediately undressed and began stroking my cock.   Pam climbed on the bed and assumed a doggie-style position.  

“I want to be fucked. ”

I got in behind her wide hips, rubbed the head of my dick against her hole and found it already wet.

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    My hands grabbed her hips.   She took a fist full of comforter in her hands and prepared to be impaled.

“Give me that dick. ”

I shoved my cock hard and deep into her.   She let a grunt escape.   I began fucking her like an animal in heat.   She would order me to fuck her.   And she kept saying, “Ben (her husband) can’t fuck me like this. ”  After about thirty minutes of fucking she told me she was done.   I hadn’t cum but it really didn’t matter to me.   It was about pleasing her.   And she was concerned about being caught by her daughter.   I pulled my dick out and got dressed and headed home.

Mom was lying in her bed reading when I got home.   I looked in on her and she asked how work was.

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    We chatted briefly.   I told her I had to take a file to Pam then told her I was going to take a shower - one, because I needed a shower but secondly because I had Pam’s scent on my cock and I could tell it was still wet with her.   I began pulling my shirt off when my mother sat up and coyly asked me, “Did you have sex with her?”  Mom kept the “dirty” words for sex.   I looked at her but didn’t answer.

“You did, didn’t you?”  She seemed excited.   “Come here. ”

“Mom, I need a shower. ”  I turned to walk away.

“I want to taste her”, mom said to me.

My cock immediately began if fill and grow and mom knew it.   Mom smiled wickedly and crawled like a cat to the end of the bed.  

“Give me your dick, son. ”  Mom liked acknowledging our incestuous behavior.  

“I want to lick this woman’s pussy off of my son’s cock. ”

I looked down at my mother kneeling on all fours like a cat in heat, begging to suck my cock.

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    I undid the belt on my pants.

“I fucked her doggie, mom.   Her pussy was very wet. ”

Mom licked her lips. “mmm”.

“Your son’s dick is wet with her pussy. ” Dropping my pants and sliding down my underwear exposing by cock to my mother.

The scent hit her and I could see she was horny for it.

“Mom…do you want to suck your son’s dick?”

“Yes son…I want to suck and clean your dick for you. ”  With that she took my meat into her mouth and buried the entire thing in her throat as only mom could do.

Over time I began fucking my mom’s mouth…holding her head still while I pumped her mouth.   I let her suck me clean first then told her I was going to fuck her mouth.   She smiled and I began pumping.

I was getting to that point when my mom pulled off of my dick.   She looked up at me and asked, “You fucked her doggie?”


“Was it hot?  Did you like it?”

“It was okay.

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“I want you to show me how you fucked her. ”  Mom spun around on the bed on all fours.   She leaned forwards and pointed her ass up exposing her meaty pussy to me.   She wiggled a bit like a cat in heat does when she’s about to be mounted.

“Was she like this?”

I didn’t question us going to this next step.   Mom seemed good knowing that I fuck other women so it wasn’t like I was cheating on her.

She was in the position.   She looked back at me and watched me move in.   She hadn’t had a dick in her cunt in years.   She looked into my eyes and smiled her wicked, evil, grin at me.  

“Come on son, fuck your mother.   Give mama your dick…just like you did her. ”

I knew her gash was going to be tight.   I thought about entering her slowly because she hasn’t been fucked in years, but now she wanted it…badly.   Perhaps she was thinking that we would stick to the oral sex and she would find a guy to fuck her.

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    Truth was, mom wasn’t looking for anyone’s dick but her son’s.   And now she was a bitch in heat in need of dick.

I grabbed her hips and positioned my stiff dick toward her hole.

“That’s it…mama needs some dick, baby” she said looking back at me.   She wanted to watch her son take her.   She rocked and wiggled a bit as she readied herself…just like a cat.

I SHOVED my cock into mom’s cunt hard and deep.

“OH FUCK!” she screamed as my enthusiasm seemed to take her by surprise.    Her body jolted forward and her tits swayed.   She clinched the bed sheets and prepared for more.

My stomach bounced off of her ass and she seemed to regain her balance.

I stuffed my meat in and began fucking mom in a rhythmic motion, each time shoving my dick as deep into her pussy as I could.

“Mmmm…that’s it son…get it…. get it deep. ”

As I fucked her cunt, which was now sloppy wet, I noticed her meaty labia rubbing against the skin of my shaft.

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    With every thrust, her lips folded in and stuffed themselves into her hole with my dick filling in any gaps.   The more I concentrated on that sensation the more intense the pleasure became.

Mom was panting, groaning and meeting my every thrust.   She finally looked back at me and said, “Honey, I need you to make me cum.   I need you to fuck your mama and make her cum. ”  With that I gripped her hips tightly and proceeded to get some pussy.

I started plunging my dick in and out. . . her ass bouncing off my stomach…my balls swaying…sweat dripping.   The musky smell of her much fucked pussy made its way to my nostrils.   And those damn meaty cunt lips rubbing my cock each time I impaled her wet hole, tantalizing me.

“YES!. . now you’re fucking your mother!  Don’t stop son.


    That’s how mama likes it.   Give it to me son.   Oh fuck yes…mama’s about to cum on your cock. Oh God, fuck me…give me that dick, son…give mama that dick!”

I pumped her pussy hard and fast.   But I could feel my own cum building…those damn meaty lips! 

I remember hoping I could hold out long enough for her to cum.

“That’s it!  Oh FUCK…don’t stop…. oh FUCK…god this is…fuck!!  I’m……FUCK ME SON! That’s it!” 

Mom leaned forward and pushed the side of her face against the mattress…her ass high up and her wet cunt taking my dick.   I shoved hard and felt her cervix. She was looking back, watching her son fuck her…watching her son claiming her pussy as his own.   It was so wrong…so nasty…so dirty…but felt so fucking right.   She let it go.

“FUCK!!!!!” “I’m cummming…. . don’t stop fucking me son!” 



Her body tightened.   Her breathing was heavy as she let grunts escaped.

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    I pumped her pussy more and felt her release her juice.   I could hear the sloppy sloshing my cock was making inside her as the walls of her cunt spasmed.   Her body jerked uncontrollably.   I held on and enjoyed the ride.

I slowed my pace and let her relax.   Her eyes were closed and I could tell by her face she was lost in a very good spot.   I didn’t say a word.   I let her go to where she needed to be at that moment.

When she returned, she looked back at me and gave me a beautiful smile.

“Thank you”

I smiled back.

“Honey”, she said to me, “your father was never able to fuck me like that. ”  I was shocked…and a bit proud.   “No man has ever been able to fuck me with that level of intensity. ”

I was stunned.   My dick was raging.

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“Son, you own mommy’s pussy now” she said with her evil grin.   “Now I want you to mark it. ”  “Stake your claim, mark it, and stain mommy’s pussy with your seed. ”

I’ve never heard a woman say these words and hearing them from my mother’s lips to me almost sent me over the edge.

I stuffed my cock in hard and held it there.   Mom took a gasp of air and knew what was coming next.

Bending forward, my mouth near her right ear, “Is this your son’s pussy, mom?”

“God, yes!  Take it!  Take you mama’s pussy, Honey!”

“Tell me mom” I demanded.   “Tell me who this pussy belongs to” as I began grinding hard…my cock digging, searching for new pussy deeper inside her to claim.

“My son owns this CUNT!”

Mom never used the “C” word and hearing this from her mouth mad it more difficulty to hold back.   I knew it wasn’t going to be long and she sensed it.

“Take it son…own my cunt…mark it…I want to feel it…make me feel you mark it. ”

I was grinding her pussy like a dog knotted to its bitch.

“Bury your seed deep, Honey. ”

I shoved as hard and as deep as I could.   “Take it mom…take my seed” I grunted as I shot the first stream forcefully into her.

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“That’s it…coat mama’s pussy…mark YOUR cunt.

My cream spewed…and spewed as I drained my balls in my mother’s wanting pussy.   I don’t ever remember shooting as much cum as I did into my mother that evening.

We collapsed on her bed and laid there allowing the feeling to fully absorb into our bodies.   The scent of our sex filled the room.   Mom made no offer to release or discard my cum from her pussy.   It excited me to see a small trail of my seed oozing out of her gash and slither down to her clit.

Mom finally told me about her and dad and their divorce.   She told me that she has always been the aggressor during sex and that she has always been fascinated with what some would consider unnatural sex.   She said dad was a “plain vanilla” lay and wasn’t into any adventure.   She told me that what she told me earlier was true.   She had been fucked by her share of men…even when she was married to dad, but none of them really knew how to fuck her…never knew what she needed.   She told me that when she had me she wondered whose sexual appetite I would get.   And she told me that she began fantasizing   about having sex with me when I first hit my teens.   I was my mother’s kink.

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    And I continue to be.

She also shared other things with me…but that’s for another story.






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