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Topic: Lisa's surprise turns into my prize!…The next day, I asked mom…Well I asked her if…if maybe it would be ok for me…for me to do it with you. ”…
She had almost trailed off to a squeak as she finished.   She scrunched up and closed her eyes tightly as though she was waiting for me to explode or something.   I didn’t of course.   I was in shock at this point.   It was one thing to be thinking about it to myself and another to hear her ask me straight out.   Nearly straight out anyway.
I wasn’t sure what to say.   Part of me was considering how seriously wrong that would be and at the same time I was thinking how incredibly hot it would be.
“So what did your mother do when you asked her that?” I finally managed to get out.
Lisa sat up quickly and looked at me as she said, “She got really, really pissed off at first and sent me to my room. ”  “She came in about an hour later and she had calmed down a lot.   She told me about how it would be real illegal for you to do that with me.   She said if dad ever found out he would probably send you to jail or worse.   Anyway, she asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it and I told her I was.   So she said if you agreed, then she was ok with it.

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    She said that at least she knew you and that she was sure you would treat me gently.   But she also said she wouldn’t ask you, I had to do that for myself.   I kind of wanted her to ask you but she said if I couldn’t ask, then I didn’t really want it. ”
Maybe it was a logical choice.   Maybe it was just the blood rushing the wrong direction again, but I was starting to consider it seriously.   Why not, I asked myself?  I was somewhat concerned about the physical size thing.   What the hell, she was 18 after all.   A hundred years ago, girls sometimes married at that age, I reasoned with a little help from my cock.
I’m sure more than several seconds had passed.   Lisa was looking down at her lap and fidgeting with her hands.   She was giving me time to think, thankfully.
After a few more seconds, she spoke almost inaudibly “So…do you think…would you consider……”  She trailed off to silence, not finishing her question.   She didn’t need to.   I had already pretty much made up my mind.
I reached over to cup her face in my hand and turned her to look at me.

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    “Lisa, I’m incredibly honored that you would ask me this.  Are you really sure that you want to do that with me?  I mean, I’ve got to be sure about this.   Cause if we’re going to do it, there’s no stopping in the middle of it.   No mind changing.   Once we do this, we can’t undo it and it has to remain a secret forever.   If you’re sure, then ok…I do this for you. ”
You would have thought I gave her a million dollars.   Her face lit up and she jumped up on her knees, throwing her arms around my neck with a joyful squeal.
I gladly hugged her young and half naked body up against me.   “I mean it now…this stays our secret…you understand, right?
Lisa nodded eagerly, but a sudden look came over her face and she stopped.   “Well…ugh…you know, one person…kind of already knows…sort of anyway. ”  She must have seen the sudden concern on my face, because she continued on quickly.
“I mean she doesn’t know anything about you and mom…but she knows how I feel about you and I kind of told her that I was going to try asking you.   You don’t have to worry though.   We’ve been best friends since kindergarten.

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    She would never tell anyone…I swear she won’t.   But even if I don’t tell her…I kind of think she’ll know anyway. ”  She finished with an almost laughable, scrunched up look on her face.
Still, I was more than a little concerned.   I was pretty sure she meant Kayla and I wasn’t quite sure how I could deal with that.   Lisa and Kayla were together almost constantly.   It was a rare occasion when Lisa came to my house without Kayla in tow.    If Kayla suspected that I was fucking my own niece, what would that do to their friendship?  Or for that matter, where would her trust in me go?  I was starting to have second thoughts about all of this.
“Lisa…I don’t know…it may not have been a good idea to tell her that. ”  Lisa interrupted before I could say anymore.
Almost franticly she said, “It’s ok, really its ok.   She’ll never say anything.   Besides, she kind of wants to do it with you too!”
That one caught me a little off guard.   Hell, it damn near floored me!
“She told me out at the pool today.   When she saw you getting hard and all.

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    Actually she told me that she thought she had a better chance of getting you to do it to her ‘cause she’s not related to you like I am. ”
Lisa paused at that point long enough for me to consider that.   A sudden vision popped into my mind of my fucking Kayla up her full beautiful young ass.   My cock jumped to life. That was certainly a fact that didn’t go un-noticed by Lisa.   Jesus, I thought to myself.   I knew I should stop this right now, but the idea of fucking both these young girls was just more than I could possibly turn my back on.
“Kayla?”, was all I managed to get out.
Lisa giggled and nodded.   At he same time she shifted her position to straddle both of my legs and pulled herself up to sit on my upper thighs, just short of the bulge in my pants.   She paused for only a couple of seconds.   Then, while looking deeply into my eyes, pulled herself up to press her cunt firmly against my cock.
I grasped her young ass with one hand and with the other on the back of her neck, pulled her into a kiss.   There was no hesitation on her part this time.   Her mouth opened to me and our tongues danced in each others mouths.

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My hand left her neck and found its way across her shoulder and down the front of her, pausing briefly to gently squeeze her right breast.   Then continuing on down to her bare thigh.   Only to start back up, this time under her nighty, to return to that same beautifully firm breast.   Lisa shuddered a little as my hand engulfed her breast.   As my thumb crossed her small but already hard nipple, she let out a tiny whimper into my mouth and pressed her young virgin cunt even harder into me.
I tore my other hand away from that gorgeous ass and brought the other side of her nighty upward.   Lisa broke the kiss and raised her arms, allowing me to remove it easily.   Her eyes remained closed and her breathing was a little ragged.   Her face was so red, she looked as though she was on fire.
There before me were two of the most perfect breasts I‘d ever seen.   Small light brown nipples topped her firm and unblemished white breasts.   They may have been a little smaller than I was used to but were totally flawless!  I wasted no time taking one in my hand and bringing my mouth to it.   As I gently sucked on that tiny nipple, she whimpered again and rising up slightly onto her knees, grabbed me around the neck, pressing her breast to my eager mouth.
My free hand caressed her young, firm ass through her panties.   I resisted the urge, at least for the moment, to slip my hand inside them.

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    I gently squeezed both cheeks and then with the side of my hand, started to follow her crack downward.   I pushed down and around between her legs to gently brush against her most secret treasure.   Only the thinnest layer of  silk separated her from my touch, and it was growing damp rapidly.
Lisa gasped loudly and pushed back hard.   The movement pulled her breast from my mouth but she seemed oblivious to that.   She pushed back a second time and I rewarded her by turning my hand slightly.   Pressing one of my knuckles hard into the spot I knew that tight little hole was hiding.   She was panting now and I knew the last thing she would want is to stop.   Neither did I for that matter, but I wanted to do this right.
Sitting up slightly, I swung my legs to the floor.   With one arm under that delightful little ass and the other around her back, I picked her up and headed for the bedroom.   By the time we got there my cock was screaming for release from its prison.   I sat Lisa down on the edge of the bed and turned to close the door behind us.   I was ripping at the snaps of my pants at the same time.   I turned back to the bed to see Lisa pulling herself further up and laying back across it.

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    In the soft light that came from the street lamp outside she watched as I unceremoniously shoved my pants and underwear down, kicking them aside without missing a step towards her.   I saw her raise her hips to take her panties off, but before she could I was beside her on the bed, happily handling that task for her.
I stretched out beside her on one side, leaning down to kiss.   Lisa returned my kiss rolling slightly toward me, until she felt my steel like rod poking her belly.   Lisa giggled as she broke from the kiss and looked downward at my cock.   She glanced back up at me only for a second before looking down again.   Slowly she reached out to touch me.   She just gave it the lightest of touches, but it was enough to make my cock jump slightly.
Lisa gasped and jerked back a little.   She looked up at me and I assured her it was ok.   I told her it felt good just as my touching her had before.   With that assurance she went back, touching my cock in lightly in several places before eventually trying to wrap her small hand around the shaft.   I was glad she didn’t know to pump it yet.   I was afraid that one or two pumps and I would explode.   I needed to slow down a little and concentrate on making sure she was really enjoyed this first time.

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    Lisa was a pretty small girl and I was a far cry from average sized.   I knew my large cock would be one hell of a stretch for any 18 year old, much less a virgin and one as petite as Lisa.
I pulled her face back up and gave her a short kiss.   “Lay back now and relax, ok.   I’m going to do some things to make you feel really good. ”
Lisa nodded and rolled over onto her back again.   We exchanged one more short kiss and then I moved down a little.   I took that delicious breast into my mouth again and at the same time began tracing light circles around her navel with my finger tips.   I switched to the other breast after a minute or so and began increasing the size of the circles.   I was using almost my whole hand by the time I reached the top of her young mound.   Her skin was incredibly soft and as I reached the top of her mound, I could feel a trace of fine and incredibly soft hair.   I paused briefly allowing only my center finger to press lightly at the top of her crack, just above her nub.   I pulled back slightly and Lisa whimpered as she threw her legs wide apart, as if begging for more attention.   I didn’t keep her waiting long.
My mouth left her breast and I let my tongue trail down to that sexy little navel.

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    At the same time my fingers found her treasure and I pressed one finger into her.   She was surprisingly wet down there.   Of course, my only experience with a girl this young was my own sister, but I didn’t remember her getting this wet this easily.   I slowly finger fucked her as I trailed my tongue on down to the top of her crack.   By this time I was half off of the bed anyway, so I slid on off and pulled myself up between her legs without missing a stroke with my finger.
Lisa was whimpering softly and shivering ever so lightly.   I knew she was probably getting pretty close and I didn’t want to waste a drop of her sweet virgin juices.   Lisa jumped with the first contact of my tongue against her little bud.   She opened her eyes and raised her head to look at me briefly as though she was surprised.   With a smile of ecstasy, she laid her head back and closed her eyes tightly.   Her whimpers were getting louder and she was breathing as though she was running a marathon.
I ran the full length of my tongue against her clit several times before sucking it into my mouth and attacking it without mercy.   Lisa let out with a short but loud cry as I first sucked it in.   Then she planted both of her feet on the edge of the bed and pushed her cunt hard up against my mouth.   Her movement dislodged my finger from her hole, so I grabbed her by both ass cheeks and held her to my face, attacking her young clit with an increased fury.

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    Lisa cried even louder this time.   Her cry was uncomfortably loud as a matter of fact.   In the back of my mind, I hoped Kayla was a heavy sleeper.
Only a couple of seconds later, Lisa began to convulse harder than any grown woman I’d been with.   I briefly considered how all those convulsing muscles would feel wrapped around my rock hard prick.   Then I released her nub and jammed my tongue into that virgin hole to suck those sweet juices from her.   To my surprise, I didn’t have to suck much.   Her juices literally gushed into my mouth.   I’d been with a few gushers before, but I sure didn’t expect it out of my 18 year old niece!
Lisa collapsed back onto the bed panting.   Her legs were lying loosely to her sides, about as wide as they could physically be apart.   I sucked her clit back into my mouth and teased it lightly for a few seconds.
Then I pulled myself up over her.   Lisa was panting furiously and even in the dim light of the room, I could see she was flushed bright red.   She didn’t appear to know or care what I was doing until I pressed my cock firmly against her virgin hole.   Lisa jumped slightly and looked me in the eyes for a couple of second before giving me a quick little nod and closing her eyes.


    In my mind I figured as wet as she was, this should be no problem.   But when I looked down between us, I wasn’t so sure.   My cock looked like an absolute monster compared to the size of her.   I knew at this point there was no way I was not going to fuck this young girl.   At the same time I prayed I wouldn’t hurt her to bad.
I pressed slowly forward, with increasing firmness.   I looked up at her face and saw her screw her face even harder.   Slowly I both felt and saw the head of my prick spreading and sinking into that virgin road.   Lisa grabbed my wrist and squeezed tight, but still made no sound.   It was then I noticed she wasn’t even breathing.   About half the head was in and it just stopped.   I pressed harder, but with no luck.   I relaxed the pressure briefly and then pressed even harder with no better results.
“Damn it”, I thought to myself.   She’s plenty wet enough and there is just no way am I not getting into her.

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    My cock decided for me, if it hurts it hurts, but I’m going in now.   I pulled back only for a second and rammed forward.  I didn’t hear it but I felt what surely should have been a loud pop as the head of my cock unmercifully ripped through her virginity and sank into her unbelievably tight little hole.
Quite to my surprise, Lisa only let out one short but loud cry.   Even she must have known it was too loud, because when I looked at her face, she had clamped a hand over her mouth to prevent any more cries from escaping.   I could see the pain in her eyes and felt kind of bad about it.   Never the less, it had to be done and if not by me, then sooner or later, someone else.
I leaned forward and kissed her cheek.   Then I whispered into her ear, “It’s ok baby.   The hard part is over. ”
She moved her hand from her mouth and we kissed hard for several seconds.   I could tell she was still crying a little as we kissed.   I raised myself back up and watched as I pressed forward again.   I watched two more inches of my cock sink into her before I felt any resistance at all.   As I pulled back I saw some blood tickle out of her little cunt.

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    I pressed forward again, slowly but with a firm pressure.   More than half of my cock was in her now.
I was glad to see and feel that Lisa was relaxing a little bit now.   I pulled all the way back to the head and sank quickly back into her until I felt the head of my cock press up against what I was sure had to be her cervix.   I shifted position slightly and jabbed forward hard, bringing our pelvic bone into union.
The feeling of having nearly 9” of cock jammed into her recently deflowered pussy was simply indescribable.   She was so tight and hot that it was all I could do to keep the rumbling in my balls from exploding into her.
I pulled all the way back and sank slowly back in again.   Lisa released my wrist and grabbed the bedspread in both little fists in tight knots.   I took another long slow stroke.   Lisa eyes came open again and she reached out to me with both arms.   I leaned forward and she wrapped both her small hands around the back of my neck pulling me down to her.   I took two or three more long slow strokes.   Lisa was starting with those little whimpers again that told me she was well on her way to another orgasm.   Lisa brought her legs up even higher and wrapped them around me as best as she could.

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    Then she panted softly into my ear something that should have sounded totally foreign coming from such a young girl.
“Fuck meeeee…Fuck me Uncle Jim. . . Do it hard…Pleeeease fuck me, fuck me…aghhhhh God…fuck me faster. ”
Any other time I might have been shocked or perhaps even amused hearing words like that coming from my little Lisa, but this was not any other time.   I knew I was going to erupt soon myself and I damn sure wanted her to get there again as well.   I grabbed both of her shoulders and started ramming it to her so hard and fast that I thought I might split her in two.
I was no more than two minutes later that I knew I could hold back no more.   The first shot came out so hard it stung my piss hole and I sure she felt it as well since she gasped and jumped.   That was all it took for her though, as I felt her convulsions begin.   What an exquisite feeling it was.   The walls of her cunt were squeezing and releasing as though they were milking my cock of its seed.   At the same time she was so tight I didn’t know how it was getting out of my prick.
They say no sex in your life time is ever as good the first time.

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    If that’s true, I was sure this was as close as it could get.   We laid there with my cock still buried deep inside of her for several minutes.   With the majority of my weight resting on my arms, we panted and exchanged kisses until my softening cock threatened to pull out of her on its own.
I rose up and pulled it the rest of the way out with a sucking pop, which made Lisa giggle.
“I guess my hole didn’t want to let it go yet”, she said as she lowered her feet to the floor.
I reached for her hands, pulling her up to her feet and replied, “I think you were so full of my cock, there was no room for any air. ”  We hugged for a moment and then I told her we should get cleaned up.   As we turned towards the bathroom I thought I heard something outside the bedroom door.   Lisa didn’t appear to notice though and I figured what the hell.   The only thing it could be was Kayla and I already knew the cat would be out of the bag with her.   All that did was prove what Lisa had said about her wanting to fuck as well.   As good as it had just been with Lisa, I could hardly wait to oblige her.
I had a large bathtub.   More than large enough for the two of us, so I opted for a bath instead of the usual shower so we could lay back and cuddle.   When I started the water, Lisa said she would be right back and left the room.

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    A moment later she returned with her bubble bath, dumping some into the tub.   I thought to myself, “Ok, so I’m going to smell pretty I guess.   What the hell. ”
We both climbed in facing each other and took turns with the rag, washing each other.   As I ran the rag over her breasts, she reached out with both hands and took hold of my cock.   She glanced up at me and gave me one of those cute, innocent 18 year old smiles.   Then went right back to my cock.   Lightly squeezing and pulling at it until I was nearly full erect again.   Regrettably, I reached out to stop her, explaining that if she didn’t stop, she was going to get fucked again right now.   Before she could say anything, I explained to her that she would probably be a little sore down there and she would enjoy it more if she waited a little while.
She gave me that little pouting lip that she’d had since she was a toddler, then smiled and turned around to lean back against me.   She scooted her ass up tight to my cock and wiggled it a little.   She twisted around to look up at me a giggled.
“If you keep that up I might be sticking my cock in another hole tonight”, I told her in as joking voice as I could muster.   In fact, I really wanted to fuck her in the ass, and I especially wanted to fuck Kayla’s ass.

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    Something about that little extra ass Kayla had, just cried out for a big fat cock.   In either case I knew their young little ass’s were going to need a lot more than a little of my spit to take my cock, if it would fit at all.
Lisa sat up quickly and half turned to look at me.   “Really…I mean will it really fit in there?  God…You’re really big.   Do you think…”  She let her sentence trail off.
“Well, we would have to get some KY jelly or something and go really slow but yes it will fit. ”  I wasn’t really sure, but I knew I wanted to try, so I made a mental note to go buy something tomorrow.
Lisa had a curious smile on her face as she turned and leaned back again.


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Ultimately, hiring a Singapore escort is all about giving in to your wants and having an extraordinary time. These companions give a genuinely memorable encounter that will leave you wanting more because to their beauty, charisma, and excellent service. So why not schedule a Singapore escort today and indulge in a little pleasure?Ultimately, hiring a Singapore escort is all about giving in to your wants and having an extraordinary time. These companions give a genuinely memorable encounter that will leave you wanting more because to their beauty, charisma, and excellent service. So why not schedule a Singapore escort today and indulge in a little pleasure?

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In conclusion, escorts in Singapore are a hassle-free and covert way to experience the city's vibrant nightlife. Singapore escorts are attractive professionals who can accommodate the needs of both business and pleasure guests. Finding the perfect escort in Singapore is easy, whether you're searching for a naughty dinner date or an exciting new experience.Hiring an escort girl in Singapore allows you to spend time in the company of a stunning woman with no commitments or responsibilities on your part. Singapore's escorts are trained experts that respect your privacy and would not reveal any information without your permission. You and your escort's time together will be private, so you can relax and enjoy yourselves.
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Many Singapore escorts also offer extra services like massages, role-playing, and BDSM in addition to companionship and entertainment. To make sure your escort can provide you the experience you want, be sure to mention any specific needs or fantasies you may have in advance.Singapore's escort services provide a wide variety of options to suit your individual needs. You may easily find a date, a vacation buddy, or a massage therapist for whatever sensual needs you may have. The escorts in Singapore are highly educated, refined ladies who know how to make their clients' nights memorable.

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There are a lot of escort girls to choose from, so you can be sure to find one that meets your tastes and wants. You can find a young, lively girl or an older, experienced woman in Singapore. These girls are not only beautiful, but also smart and well-educated, making them great friends for any event.Singapore escorts are regarded for being not just beautiful and professional, but also diverse. The escort business in Singapore reflects the multicultural makeup of the city. Finding the right escort in Singapore is easy, whether you want a local escort or an escort from another country that speaks your language.