For the love of family Pt 1


I put down my book and gazed across the pool where my thirteen year old niece Lisa and her friend Kayla were playfully splashing each other.   It was absolutely amazing how much she resembled my sister Dawn at the same age.   A fact that was greatly enhanced by the skimpy new bikini she had conned me into buying for her.
Well, she really didn’t have to con me very hard.   I very briefly considered how much it would piss off her father, Tom and the deal was done.   I didn’t care much for Tom.   Frankly, I thought he was an uptight asshole, but my sister loved him so what could I say.
Dawn and Tom were on vacation in Europe for the next 6 weeks, and left Lisa with me.   Lisa was old enough now that she considered “hanging out with the parents” wasn’t the cool thing to do.   So she opted for staying with her favorite uncle for the summer.   She knew I had a soft spot for her and she thought she could get away with pretty much anything she wanted.   She was right of course!  This was the start of a summer that I would never forget.
I laid my head back, closed my eyes and let my mind wander back to the days of my sister’s and my youth.   Like many kids, sis and I started playing doctor at some point.   I can’t really remember now, how old we were, but it was pretty young.  It started out innocent enough.

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    You know, “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine”.   However, it didn’t stop there.   As the years went by, looking became touching.   Then with the discovery of the old man’s stash of porno magazines and later, 8mm films, the real fun began.   Sex was never discussed between our parents, so with the aid of the magazines, films and each other, we learned.
I think I was around 18 at the time.   Mom and Dad had been leaving sis and I home alone more and more over the last few months.   That suited us just fine because on many of those occasions, we were playing secret games with each other.
On this particular day, sis was playing in the backyard and I was in the house, trying to figure out why dads recliner wasn’t working right.   That’s when I spotted the corner of a magazine.   I reached into the chair to get it out and found there were lots of them in there.   I like to shit a brick when I saw what they were.   I’d heard of such magazines from a couple of the older guys in school, but these were far better than anything they had described to me.   I figured out later, that they had seen soft stuff like Playboy.   What I had in my hands was no shit hard core, nothing hidden, anything goes, porn.

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I was looking through the 3rd or 4th one when all of the sudden sis plopped down on the floor beside and said “Wow!  Where did these come from?”  I had been so engrossed in the magazines, that I hadn’t heard her come in.   I guess I should have been startled, but because of our past exploration of each other’s body, I never gave it a thought.   I just answered her and we both spent the next hour or so looking through them.   Nothing could tear us away from our new found treasure, except the sound of dad’s car turning into the gravel driveway.   Sis scrambled out the back door while I stuffed all the magazines except one, back under dad’s chair.   I sprinted up the stairs to my bedroom and stuffed the remaining magazine under my mattress.
It was over a week before sis and I got another chance to be home alone, but it was worth the wait.   Mom and Dad were going to an auction about a hundred miles away and would be gone most of the day.   Mom went on and on about things to do and not do, how to get a hold of them if there was any problem, etc. , etc.   Dad finally dragged her out the door, glancing over his shoulder as he went to tell me to keep a close eye on sis and don’t call the auction house unless it was serious.   Keeping a close eye on her was exactly what I had in mind.
Sis wasn’t cooperating though.   I tried to talk here into messing around but she wanted to go to the public pool for a while.   Considering how warm it was, I went along with her for now.

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    We changed into our swimsuits and rode our bikes the two miles or so over to the pool.   We stayed about three hours, until sis said she was hungry and wanted to go home.
On the way home, I was riding behind sis.   Looking at her I realized that even at her young age, she was already getting the curves of the woman she would be one day.   As we rode, her swimsuit was riding up into her ass crack.   By the time we got home both of her ass cheeks were almost completely exposed to me, a matter I jokingly pointed out to her as we dumped our bikes by the back door.   She laughed about it and said “Well it’s not like you haven’t seen my butt before”.   A point she emphasized by bending over slightly and wiggling her ass back and forth a couple of times before tugging her swimsuit back into place and going on into the house.
We made ourselves a sandwich and while we were eating, I told sis about the magazine I had stashed along with a couple of more I’d swiped from under dad’s chair during the week.   There was also a paperback that I found under there that was very interesting.   That was all it took.   She grabbed the remainder of her sandwich and bolted up the stairs ahead of me.
I grabbed the stash from under the mattress and we both flopped across the bed to look at them.   Sis went straight for a magazine but I grabbed the paperback.   I had read something in it the other night and right then and there, decided I wanted to fuck my little sister.


    I was hoping she would think the same way when I showed it to her.   The passage I was looking for was talking about an older guy having sex with a 12 year old girl.   I was hoping she would see that we were probably old enough to do it with each other.   At least that was my plan.   My sister was only 11, but I figured if a 12 year old could handle an adult man’s cock, she should be able to handle my much smaller cock at her age.
Finding what I was looking for, I handed it to sis and showed her where to start reading.   As she read, I lightly caressed her swimsuit clad ass and held my breath.   After what seemed like an eternity, she simply said, “Wow!”, laid the book down and rolled onto her side facing me.
She wasn’t saying anything, just sort of staring off into space, so I thought I’d try pushing a little more.   I tried explaining my logic about the cock size and suggested that maybe we should try it.   She looked straight into my eyes as I spoke and I could see both curiosity and worry in her eyes.
Finally, she said, “I don’t know Jim.   I mean……she said it really hurt at first. ”  She started to say something else but I interrupted her.   “Yeah, but she said it only hurt for a minute and then it felt really good.

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    If you read on, they do it a bunch more times and she never mentions it hurting again.   She looked thoughtful, but after a few seconds she said, “I don’t know……. let me think about that for a while. ”  With that she rolled back onto her stomach and went back to the magazine.
My hope was sinking fast but I could think of nothing else to say that might convince her.   A minute or so ticked away with me staring at the paperback, trying to think of something to say.   Dawn glanced over at me and I think she saw the disappointment in my face.   She rolled back onto her side and reached over to touch the lump in my swimsuit to get my attention.
“You know, there are a couple of other things I might like to try though”, she slowly said.   “Like what”, I replied, mustering up as much enthusiasm as I could.   She slid the magazine she had been looking at in front me and pointed to a picture of a man licking a girls pussy.   “Like this”, she said.   Then with a devilish smile on her face, she pointed to a picture of a girl sucking a guys cock and said, “And maybe this too. ”
My hope was renewed!  “Sounds good to me”, I replied.   “I was just reading the other day about how good it tastes.

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    I guess this is as good a time as any to find out”, I added with my young cock throbbing at the prospect.
Dawn sat up on the bed, pushing the book and magazines to the floor.   But then she glanced down at herself and froze.   I knew what she was thinking and I needed to change her mind in a hurry if I wanted this thing to happen the right way.   Sis had always been a little scared of pulling her pants down very far.   She was always worried about getting caught and not being able to get her pants back up fast enough.   It was a rare occasion when I gotten them much past her knees.   This, of course, meant she would not be able to get her legs very far apart.   Certainly not far enough to get licked like the magazine showed it.   Sis was still wearing her one-piece bathing suit and that pretty much meant all or nothing!  She started to mumble something about going downstairs to her room and changing, but I cut her off short.
“Why would you want to do that”, I spat out almost in a panic.   It got her attention at least.   She looked me in the eyes as I continued.
“Look”, I went on, “Mom and Dad will be gone for hours yet”.   “As a matter of fact, everyone we know are at the auction or know Mom and Dad are, so they would never stop by.

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    Besides, it will be much easier to do the things were talking about without clothes getting in the way.   There’s no need to worry about getting caught today.   Hell, I’m not the least bit worried”, I finished almost too forcefully.   To take any remaining doubt out of what I was telling her, I flopped down on my back and pushed my swim trunks off, almost in one movement.   I sat up just long enough to give them a kick to the other side of the room.   Then I flopped back down on the bed naked as a jaybird and stiff dick pointing at the ceiling.
I was pretty sure I had won her over, when she giggled and said, “Looks like you’re all ready to play!”, reaching out to grasp my cock in her small hand.   She leaned over, bracing herself on one arm next to my thigh.   Her head was now mere inches from my hard cock.   She gripped my cock a little tighter and began to slowly pump it as though she knew all along what to do.
      I’d only learned about the pleasures masturbation a few months ago myself.   Had she already picked up on it from the mags and book?
    I closed my eyes as the feeling welling up in my nuts quickly pushed aside the fact that she had not yet removed her swimsuit.   She continued pumping me slowly for a minute or so, and then I felt it.   She had flicked her tongue quickly against the head of my cock.   Then three more times, each time just a little slower and longer.

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        My cock lurched in her hand as her tongue passed slowly over my piss hole.
    My eyes flew open and I looked down to see that devilish smile again.   “You like that big brother?”, she asked.   ‘You bet your ass I do sis. ”, I replied, hoping she’d get to the main event quickly.   She didn’t keep me waiting long.  
    She released my cock just long enough to push my legs apart and moved herself over between them.   She now took my cock in her right hand and with her left, pushed her long brown hair back out of the way , before reaching down to cup my balls.   This was just as it was in the picture she had shown me.
    She resumed the pumping, but a little quicker and tighter this time.   Then she stared into my eyes as she reached out with her tongue to tease my cock for another good minute or more.   Just about the time I was about to grab her head and jam my cock into her mouth, she broke off the stare, turning her head down.   She paused for only a couple of seconds before engulfing the entire head of my cock in her young hot mouth.
    This was the most incredible feeling I’d ever felt.   She pulled back up part way, sucking as she went.

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        Then pushed back down again, repeating until she had more than half my cock in her mouth.   I was fighting hard to hold back.   I didn’t want this to ever end.   I was sure some pre-cum was already leaking by, but I just could help it.   Apparently, the taste wasn’t bothering her, since she was showing no sign of slowing up.
    Another minute or two went by and I knew I could hold out no longer.   I arched my  hips up hard just as she was coming down onto me again, pushing my cock clear to the back of her throat and exploded my wad into her hot little mouth.
    Sis gagged a little at first and I thought for a second she was going to pull off.   But then she went back down again and just started swallowing hard and fast until I finished and relaxed.
    She pulled off and looked up at me.   Traces of my cum were still on her lips and dripping down on to her chin.   Likewise, there was some running down her fingers which still gripped my still hard cock.
    “Did I do it ok”, she asked?  At the same time she was trying to wipe the cum from her face with her other hand.
    “Wow sis!  I never felt anything so good in my life.   I can’t imagine how you could possibly have done it any better”
    Sis laughed a short laugh and then jumped up to run into my bathroom.


        Presumably, she was cleaning up, so I followed for the same.   I stepped up behind her at the sink, grabbing a washcloth and cleaning the rest of my cum off of my cock as she did the same to her face.   I hung the cloth on the corner of the sink and then grasped my sister’s hips pressing my still hard cock up tightly against her ass crack.
    “And now it’s time for you to find out what it feels like to get licked”, I told her as I ground my cock against her small ass.
    Sis laughed and turned towards me with her ass now up against the sink and my cock now pressed into her belly.
    “Yeah!  Now it’s my turn to just lay back and enjoy myself and you get to do all the work”.   She followed with a giggle but then her look turned serious again.
    “Was it ok the way I did it to you?  I mean, I wasn’t sure.   The magazines show the guys stuff squirting all over the girls.   But the book talked about keeping it in her mouth and swallowing it.   I thought about pulling it out, but I didn’t want to get your stuff in my hair, so I just stayed on it.
    I pulled her close to me and hugged her.   “You did perfect as far as I’m concerned.   I wouldn’t have wanted you to pull off then.   I think maybe they just do that for the pictures.


      ”  Then I did something I’d never done before.   I turned m sister’s face up towards me and kissed her full on the mouth.   Not a brother-sister kiss but a real open mouth and press my tongue into her mouth kiss.   Just like I’d seen mom and dad do all the time.   She returned my kiss, hesitantly, at first, but with increasing passion for almost a full minute.   There was a new and exciting sweetness to the taste of her tongue next to mine.   I could only hope her young pussy would taste this good.
    As I pulled back from the kiss I could see that she was flushed and breathing a little fast.   Then with no warning, she hauled off and smacked me on the shoulder.
    “Next time”, she blurted out, “You warn me before you shoot your stuff”.   Then softening a bit, she added, “You gagged me at first and I thought my lunch was going to come back up”.
    I pulled her head to my chest and assured her I would with all sincerity, at the same time my heart was jumping for joy.   She had said “NEXT TIME”!


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