Footrub for Sis - Part 2


Topic: Part 2If you read the first part of my story you know that my name is Jeremy and my sister Megan and I have found a little mutual fetish and lust. We were very unsure when we started but where it took us was more than either of us could ever imagine. On the first evening after our first day togeher she was dressed for a party. When I saw this it turned me on so much that right before she went out I pushed her into her bedroom, closed the door, took off her high heels, told her to lay on the bed face down and I came all over her pantyhose covered feet. It was the most cum I have put out in my life. I grabbed her high heels and put them back on her feet with the cum squishing all over them. She said "I can't go out like this". I told her it would dry quickly and to spend the night dancing and getting her feet ready for me. She agreed and went to the party. She came back about 1:00 in the morning and I could tell she had a few drinks. Mom and Dad were asleep so I quietly brought her to her room. I slowly began removing her clothes. I took off her blouse and bra, her skirt and then her shoes. I remembered that she was not wearing panties under her pantyhose so that other than the hose she was naked. I looked down at her beautiful feet and realized my cum had dried on her pantyhose and formed a layer all over them. This turned me on so much I couldn't help myself.

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   I reached down and kissed her feet. The sweaty aroma and dried cum made my cock stand at full attention. I threw her down on her bed and used my hand to rip open the crotch of her pantyhose. I was still dressed and decided that needed to change so I ripped my clothes off and jummped on top of my waiting sister. After fucking her pussy for just a few minutes I pulled out and rammed my cock up her ass. She let out a yell that I hoped wouldn't wake our parents. I said "Be quiet they'll hear us". I started moving my cock in and out of her ass when the light went on and my mother screamed "What is going on"?We both froze and my mother stared at us. My sister wearing nothing but pantyhose with the soles covered in dried cum. Her pantyhose ripped open and my dick going in and out of my sister's ass. We were caught!My Mom just stared in disbelief at what she was seeing. I noticed that for whatever reason she could not take her eyes off my sister's pantyhosed feet covered in dried cum. At that moment my Dad called out "Honey what's wrong"?Mom just said "Nothing Dear"! and she stared at us before mouthing softly "We'll talk about this tomorrow". She turned out the light, closed the door and went to bed. I had still not taken my cock out my sister's ass so I just said "keep quiet" and I fucked her ass until I came.

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   I got up and made my way to my room and went to sleep. The next morning I slept in. My Dad had gone off to work, my sister went shopping with her friends and my Mom was in the kitchen cooking me breakfast. She said "Sit down we need to talk". She brought a plate of eggs and toast and put it down in front of me. She sat down on the chair next to me and said "I talked to Megan and now I will tell you it is not right what you two are doing. I didn't tell your father because he would not be as understanding as I am. But you cannot keep having sex with your sister. I love my Mom but when she was sitting there in her robe and slippers something strange came over me. Instead of saying yes mom, I ate my breakfast, looked her in the eye and said you stared at Megan's feet for a very long time last night Mom. She was taken by surprise and said "What do you mean?"I said "It just occured to me that you didn't tell dad because of what you were feeling when you saw my dick sliding in and out of Megan's ass and my dried cum all over her pantyhose covered feet.
    ""That's ridiculous" she said but I knew I had struck a nerve. I asked her to take off her slippers and let me give her a footrub. I told her it was the least I could do. She hesitated a moment before removing her slippers and placing her bare feet in my lap.

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       I took my time massaging every part of her beautiful bare feet. When she started to moan I knew things were going my way. I reached down and put her left foot up to my lips and began kissing and sucking her foot. She closed closed her eyes and said "ooh that feels good". I began the same treatment on her right foot and at the same time I said "You should open that robe, slide your panties to the side and let me watch you finger yourself. "Her eyes opened wide and she said "I don't think we should go that far. "I said "Don't worry we'll be going a lot farther" as i continued my attention to both of her feet. She said " Oh Fuck" and reached down opened her robe, slid her panties to the side and began masturbating for me. It was so great to be in this position with my own Mom. I took my cock out of my shorts and just like I had done with my sister I moved my Mom's feet up and down my cock in time with the strokes she was using to finger her pussy. We both came at the same time. When our eyes met she said "Now What?"I led her up to her bedroom, took off all of her clothes, laid her on the bed and slid my cock into her pussy. After a few minutes she got a little loud. It was apparent she didn't care and just kept screaming " Fuck my pussy, Fuck my dirty little pussy. "At that very moment my sister Megan appeared in the doorway and said " It looks like I'm missing all of the fun!"Stay tuned for Part 3.

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