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   It caught me unawares and it spilled out of my mouth and into his filthy, hairy crotch. I farted and pissed onto Bob's naked feet where I was kneeling, making a pool of piss. We removed all our clothes and Bob asked me to crouch over his face and force some farts. This I did wish relish while his son sat on his dad's cock and leaned forward to suck on my nipples. I could feel Bob's tongue against my hole. He fastened his lips to my asshole and blew air into my ass. I soon gave him some juicy farts. I felt a movement in my ass and warned him, "Here comes a log of shit, man. " Bob opened his mouth wide and waited. Soon a fat, 8 inch turd slipped out of my ass right into his drooling mouth. I stood up to admire my work and almost shot my load taking in the picture. Sam was riding his father's cock while his dad lay there with a turd jutting out of his mouth. Sam leaned forward and, kissing his father, took the other end of the shit log into his mouth. They kissed and chewed until they ate the turd completely and smeared the shit on their lips. I joined them in the kiss and licked my own shit from their faces.

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