Josh parked in the drive way and wondered why he was here. He could have been at the beach with his girlfriend Theresa, but no his kid sister calls so right after his last class at the University he drove the three hours back home. She did say it was an emergency, but as Josh turned off the engine and sat in the car he recalled what his 18 year old sister calls "an emergency. " Josh slowly made his walk up to the front door. "I swear" he thought to himself, "if this emergency is because she got a rip in her cheerleader outfit or her prom queen status was in jeopardy, I'll go off on her. " He rang the door bell. He rang the doorbell because he was a college sophomore who lived in his own apartment off campus, this was no longer his home.

His sister Sophie swung the door open she was on her cellphone and twirled around walking back into the home waving him in with the back of her hand.

"Okay what's the big emergency?"

This was infuriating Josh. He rushes over here skipping out on a weekend with his friends and his sister is blowing him off to chat on the cellphone with her friends. After following her around calling her name he headed back to the front door telling her goodbye.

Sophie ran after him. "Josh what the heck I just had to finish a chat. . . jeez.

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"Sis this better be important. "

"Oh it is. I have a science project that is due Monday. I've been supposed to be working on it for two months, but I kinda got distracted with. . . you know other things. "

"omagosh. Other things like cheerleading, prom and dating right. Dammit. Now you expect me to work my ass off all weekend to put together a big science project?"

Sophie smiled and shook her head.

"Josh, you're a good basketball player and a decent history student, but lets face it, your no rocket scientist. I got Ross Quigley to do my project for me. "

Sophie explained that Ross wrote the book on geekdom. He was the smartest kid in the school and a real sci-fiction nut.

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   Naturally, he was shunned by all the cool kids, all except for Sophie. Sophie realized she could take advantage of Ross's lack of social standing for a trade, his science project in exchange for being seen as his date for the spring dance. Sophie explained to Josh that Ross was eager to accept, it would do a world of good for his social life and that she would just dump him as soon as she got to the dance anyway.

Josh didn't particularly like the way his sister was a conniving bitch, but he knew this was how it was in High School. So he asked, "Then what do you need me for?"

Sophie took Josh downstairs to the basement where Ross was tinkering with some contraption. It looked like an external computer hard drive sitting on top of a microwave oven. There were two bicycle helmets attached to the microwave with thick green cables and two antennas sticking from the top of each helmet. Josh walked over to Ross who was immediately intimidated by the older boy who towered over him. Ross stuttered a greeting and attempted a hand shake which turned out to be just an awkward hand gesture.

"What is it?" Josh asked.

"It's a microwave oven attached to an external. . . "

"No shit, I can see that. Whatdefuck is it supposed to be?" Josh said in an annoying tone.

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"It's a mind reading machine, isn't that cool?" Sophie answered and gave Ross a quick gentle pat on his shoulders as she could see he was nervous.

"Get the fuck outahere. " Replied Josh

Ross explained that it wasn't really a mind reading machine. The project was actually based on an article in Science Today that microwave emitters could enhance sensory perception and that while there was doubt that this was going to actually work, the project is designed to replicate the experiment in laboratory conditions. Ross told Josh that he and Sophie would put on the helmets and turn the machine on. Josh would look at standard ESP cards, each which showed a different shape and Sophie would try to determine what shape he was looking at.

Josh at first refused to participate saying he wasn't about to stick the helmet on his head and possibly be electrocuted.

"Why don't you and Ross do it?"

"He can't," Explained Sophie. "Mr. Collins will know for sure that I didn't do the project. Ross can't be here at all. Once he hooks it all up, I am going to video tape the whole experiment to document it. I am going to put it on my web page too, that way they will know it was all my work. "

Josh wondered why mom or dad wouldn't help her but Sophie explained they were visiting granny for the weekend and all her other friends had plans. After some reassurances, Josh agreed.

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   Ross set it all up and prepared to leave, before doing so he stammered "so, I'll come by later and help you with the write up?"

"Sure Ross, come by tomorrow morning. . . not too late, I like to sleep in on Saturdays. " Sophie then blew him a kiss and as Ross made his way upstairs she turned to Josh rolled her eyes and laughed.

Sophie began the video camera introducing the project from the script Ross had prepared. She then introduced Josh. They put the helmets on and faced each other. Sophie with a pad and pencil in her lap and Josh with a deck of ESP cards in his hands. He looked over at his sister and cracked up laughing.

"Come on stop it, this is serious and I'm taping, go on flip the switch. "

Josh leaned over and pressed the on button to the microwave. The timer was set for 18 minutes. As the light came on in the microwave, the antenna on the helmets made a small electrical arc that startled him. He then settled down and looked at the first card a circle.

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   The video captured his point of view so that the watcher would see the card and hear Sophie's response.

"Three wavy lines," Sophie responded in a serious tone.

This went on for about six cards, four minutes into the experiment, with Sophie not even guessing one right. Suddenly a bright red spark snapped on one of the antennas on her helmet, then on Josh's. The next thing either of them saw was a bright orange flash and smelling something that smelled like burned popcorn.

Josh heard the sound of the microwave dinging. He could feel sweat coming down into his eyes and realized he was lying on the floor. He reached for the helmet, yanked it off and began rubbing the sweat from his eyes as he staggered to stand. He felt dazed and struggled to keep his balance when finally his eyes began to focus he looked around and saw himself lying on the floor still wearing the helmet. His brain had a hard time trying to process what he was looking at when he looked down at his chest he saw he was wearing a pink top and had tits. Josh looked at his arms and torso and ran to the mirror on the wall. Looking back at him was his sister. He spun around and saw his own body still prone on the floor.

"Shit. Fucking shit.

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  " Josh couldn't believe it. He stood staring into the mirror touching it and pinching his arm. The realization hit him; somehow this contraption had switched his mind with his sister. He concluded that his sister's brain or consciousness now resided in his body. He started toward the body and initially was going to lift it but realized that in his sister's 5'4 110lbs body there was no way he was going to pick up his 220lbs of dead weight. He leaned down to take off the helmet and gently bring her awake.

Sophie dazed and in a fog heard her voice talking to her. It took her a while to comprehend, by the time she was on her feet she had passed out and Josh in the small frame of his sister spent the next 20 min or so trying to drag his body upstairs to the couch. He brought her some water and fed it to her slowly as she regained consciousness.

She freaked out just as he had.

"What are we going to do now? What am I going to tell mom and dad? I can't go to school like this! What about. . . "

"Sis, chill. Don't worry.

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  . . I'll figure out something. Maybe we do it again and reverse it?"

"AGAIN? Heck with that. No way am I putting on that. . . Ross. . . goddamn that friggin geek HE DID THIS, he did it on purpose. "

"Hey sis chill out. We can figure this out. First off be nice to Ross, call him and get him to come over and reverse this, but be nice. "


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  . . I think you mean, you be nice. If I call him, all he will hear is your voice on the phone. Duh. "

Josh agreed and as Sophie dialed Ross's number, he prepared to be "sweet" over the phone. Josh talked on the phone to Ross's mother, Ross had gone to a late night sci-fi movie and won't be back till late.

Josh went over to the microwave to set the timer again but it was off. He looked at the electrical cord, it was still plugged in but the microwave would not go on. He dashed to the circuit breaker, but everything was okay. He tried all the plugs again and finally banged the computer in frustration.

"I guess we just gotta wait till the morning," Josh said as he hung up the phone. " It's fried, no electric. We gotta wait till your 'rocket scientist' shows up," and with that said Josh went upstairs.

"Where you going?"

"I'm going to take a shower, I feel like shit.

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The two siblings went there own way, but both began to become curious of there new occupants.

Josh peeled off the cloths he was in and glanced in the mirror as he did so. What he saw stunned him. In the mirror was a beautiful naked girl. He looked at his sister's nude body. His eyes first went to the large firm breasts. He brought his hands to them, cupping the underside of the breasts. He wondered what size they were and looked at the label on the bra, 36D. He then looked at the pussy. It wasn't completely shaved; the light blond hair was in the familiar pattern he affectingly called the "landing strip". His right hand lightly brushed the pussy hairs and followed them up the firm belly and navel ring. He no longer had a dick to get hard, however, looking at this nude body have him a peculiar tingling feeling in his crotch. His eyes went up looking at the face of his sister and immediately he felt guilt looking at her nude body. Staring into his sister's blue eyes he licked her lips and blue him a kiss and a wink, laughing to himself.

Sophie meanwhile paced the living room.

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   Josh certainly took this well considering, she thought. She heard the shower running and smelled her own arm pits. Her body smelled of burned something. She went to her room and stood facing the mirror. Josh was nearly a foot taller than she was and it felt powerful being in his body. She took off his t-shirt and stared at the muscular arms and slightly hairy chest of her brother. She ran her hands across his pecs and bent her arms to make a hard muscle. Stripping to the boxers, she continued going through various muscle poses. Sophie had several lovers, but none of the boys in her High School had a "man's" body like Josh. Watching his body Sophie felt a stirring in her groin. Looking down she noticed the cock had started to grow. Curious she pulled down the boxers and watched in awe as the cock seemed to take a life of it's own, growing and throbbing. Familiar with a few cocks in her life, she spit in her palm and started to stroke it.

Josh soaped up the body, exploring the new sensations of this smooth skin. He rubbed the firm buttocks with glee but especially liked soaping up the nipple hard tits.


   He washed the soap off his hands and instinctively moved his fingers into the vagina. He had fingered many women before but never had he actually experienced what fingering felt like. He pushed in his fingers searching for the. . . "ahhhh" yes he found it, the clit. As his right hand fingered the pussy, his left hand tweaked the nipples on his tits. He took the shower head off the nozzle holder, twisted the head to the message setting and pointed it to the pussy lips. Soon his legs became weak as his body began to shutter. "Oh yeah. . . oh. . .

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   ohhhh," he murmured as he reached climax.

Sophie continued stroking the cock until it was it's full length, it was a large if not larger than Tom Allen's which he said was 8 inches. Sophie thought about her girl friend Macy who had a crush on Josh. She knew Macy would love to be grabbing this cock. Last month in a sleep over, Macy and Sophie groped and played with each others naked body in bed and Sophie pretended to be a boy while Macy called out Josh's name. Now Sophie wondered what it would feel like to actually fuck Macy in this body. Looking at the cock, Sophie had the urge to suck it and actually tried to bend at the waist but she was unable to contort her body in that position. Besides, she thought, she would be sucking her brother's dick and she couldn't do that, it would be incest. Then she giggled, thinking it wouldn't actually be her sucking his dick, it would be her brother sucking it. She stopped playing with the dick and decided to put on some clothes. Of course she realized there was nothing in her room that would fit Josh's body, so she went to her parent's room and put on her fathers boxers, jeans and t-shirt.

Josh dried off with a towel still breathing heavy from the masturbation session. He looked his sister's body over again and smiled, "hmm not bad, not bad at all. " He walked out and heard his sister in his parents room and walked in, she was tucking the t-shirt into the jeans when she looked up and saw him in the door way.

"Hey whatya doin?" Sophie yelled at him.

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"I just took a shower, What?" Said Josh guiltily.

"Put some clothes on me, you're naked!"

"What the fuck, you never saw your naked body before?"

"Of course I have but not you. "

"Well," he snickered. "A little too late for that, after all this is all your mess. "

"Not my fault. I still think that geek did it on purpose. Now get dress. "

Josh shook his head and wondered back into his sister's room. He grabbed a shirt lying on top of her drawer and found a pair of shorts in the bottom drawer he put on. He walked back down the stairs and headed for the kitchen yelling out "am hungry. "

Sophie was already in the kitchen pulling a plate from the top shelf, something she was never able to do before without standing on the step ladder, when she saw her body walk in.

"What the heck are you wearing?"

Josh opened up the frig door, "what? What about it?"

"That shirt is too small, you don't have a bra on and my tits are. . . you're making me look like a slut.

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   Are you wearing panties?"

"Panties? Look I just threw on whatever was on top of the drawer only because you're the one who is uptight about her body. "

"What? I am not up tight; I just don't think I should be walking around naked in front of my brother. "

"Sophie, I am your brother, you are my sister. Just because you happen to be inside my body, doesn't make it weird. Well, it's weird but not that way. I don't know what the fuck I am talking about. "

They both cracked up laughing and they hugged each other.

"Hey sis, there is something I gotta tell you. "


"You gotta kick ass bod. "

Sophie then hit him in his arm causing Josh, in this girls body to yelp in pain.

"Omagosh Josh, am so sorry, I didn't mean to hit you so hard. "

"Damn. Don't you know my own strength? Well, you gave yourself a nice black and blue mark. "

They sat at the table and ate their sandwiches.

"So you like my body eh," remarked Sophie.

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"Sure, never really looked at you as a. . . you know, a real girl. You know in a sexy way

"Gee thanks. I like your body too, it's got lots of muscles and I had no idea you were. . . you know. . . big. "

"Yeah well you should see it when it's. . .

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   hey. . . have you been. . . "

Sophie smiled.

"Oh like you didn't explore my body!"

Josh could feel the cheeks flush and probably turn bright red.

"Well bro?"

"Hey, this is a science experiment, so I was. . . experimenting. "

"And what did you discover," Sophie smiled.

"It was different, cool. I guess I liked it.

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   What about you? Cum?"

"No! I stroked it a bit, but it was no big thing. . . no pun intended. "

"Well it's better when someone else does it, it's like you can't tickle yourself'"

"Yeah right like you never did it yourself. "

Josh thought about it and was slightly embarrassed. It was one thing to joke about masturbation with your buddies, but your kid sister? It made it even more difficult when you it looked like you were talking with yourself. Josh got up to the living room and went to the bar to make himself a screwdriver. He downed it in two gulps and made another, this time he made two since his sister wanted one as well.

"Geez Josh, please to change, that shirt is just way too small. And put on a bra for christsake. "

Usually Josh was pretty good holding his liquor but inside his sister's diminutive body he quickly felt the effects.

"Fuck you don't like it? okay. " Josh then removed the shirt and shorts sitting back down on the couch and finishing his drink.

"Hey put on your clothes.

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  . . I mean my clothes. "

"Why it's your body, not like you haven't seen. Not like I haven't seen it. "

Sophie couldn't argue with that thinking but figured she could just as easily embarrass Josh as he did her so she removed the clothes off his body also.

"Hey what you think you're doin?"

"What's the matter, never seen your body before?"

Josh sipped his drink, this was too weird he thought. He saw their reflection in the large plasma tv, a naked couple, brother and sister. Sophie saw what Josh was looking at and both of them gazed into the image. Sophie felt the penis stirring and instinctively adjusted it against her thigh. This did not go unnoticed by her brother who began to smile. He felt the same stirrings, different from what he was used but recognized the situation. He reached out and grabbed what should have been his penis.

"Here, let me show you how it's done. "

Josh began jerking off his penis.

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   Sophie was taken a back but gradually leaned back on the couch and enjoyed the feeling, it was nothing like anything she ever experienced. Josh took his other hand and started rubbing the pussy and clit that he now owned. Sophie opened her eyes and saw Josh fumbling in her pussy, she gently pushed the hand away and decided to show him how it was supposed to feel. Josh noticed the difference immediately. Both were masturbating each other and breathing heavily. Sophie never felt this feeling before. The cock that was now apart of her throbbed with heat. She felt a need to stick into something, something tight. She gulped down her drink. Sophie in control of Josh's large muscular body grabbed her small figure and pushed her back in the couch. Josh didn't quit comprehend what was happening, at first he was enjoy the fingers manipulating the clit attached to his body then suddenly he was forced on his back with his body hovering over him. He admittedly was drunk but also realized that he was about to be raped by. . . himself.

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   Sophie thrust into her body, but it the cock just hit skin. She didn't know what she was doing wrong.

Josh felt the cock stabbing at him but he knew it would help the tingling sensation in his crotch. He reached down and grabbed the cock, placing it into the vagina. He looked up and saw his face grinning down at himself. Sophie enjoyed the feeling of her cunt holding the cock that she was now controlling. Suddenly it slipped out and the cool air ruined the feeling. Josh felt whole as the cock filled the void he felt. Then it was out. He desperately reached again for it shoving it back into his sister's cunt.

"Just take it easy, in and out. . . slow. .

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  . yeah. . . oh yeah. " Josh closed his eyes as he shivered giving into the sensation. He raised the legs on to his body's back controlling the thrusts and moving the hips in concert with the fucking.

    "Heck yeah. Oh yeah. " Sophie cried, now pumping the cock faster and faster into her own body. She looked down at her own naked body quivering beneath her. She was fucking herself, never in her wildest fantasies had she ever thought she would be fucking herself. She had "played" with other women, but this was, totally out of the world. Suddenly she felt something happening, it felt like she was cramping up, no it. .



    Exploded. That was the initial feeling. She felt the cock had exploded and an eruption of cum shot from it. The body she was in shuddered at each squirt of cum filled her very own cunt.

    Josh felt an intense heat and realized he was having an orgasm. It was an unusual feeling for him but extremely pleasant, he then felt the hot splashing of cum inside the pussy that he now owned. Both bodies now laid at rest, sweating and breathing heavily on top of each other. Josh feel right to sleep while Sophie still a bit shaky stood and looked at her naked fucked body laying passed out on the couch. She picked up the clothes and started getting dressed trying to make sense of what just happened. Did she just rape herself? Did she just have incest? Was it incest to fuck yourself? Sophie dressed; feeling confused and decided to go for a drive.

    Josh smiled and slowly opened his eyes. His body, well. . .

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       his sister's body, felt warm and good all over. He went back up stairs to take a shower. He was still feeling slightly drunk and after the shower he threw on his sister's robe and went back to the bar for another drink. He felt confused. He was fucked by himself; did that mean he was gay? He enjoyed it and that confused him even more. He drank his drink down. He fondled the breasts again and thought how lucky his sister was, she could get fucked all the time. He felt like getting fucked now and wondered where Sophie went. Suddenly the door bell rang. Josh was nervous; he didn't want anyone to see him in this condition. He looked through the peephole, it was Ross. Josh threw the door open, "oh thank god your here," he said as he pulled Ross inside. Ross adjusted the glasses on his head taking in the fact that Sophie, the hottest girl in the school was probably naked under that silk robe.

    "So. .

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      . I got your message and left the early to see what the problem is. "

    "Fucked up, that's the problem. The whole thing is fucked up and you gotta fix it. "

    "Oh uhhuh. . . sure. " Was Sophie drunk? He never heard her curse so much, guess hanging around her brother did that. Josh grabbed Ross by the hand and quickly led him downstairs to the basement.

    "Look. . . errr. .

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      . we started the experiment and it just quit, no power. You gotta get back working'"

    "Yeah sure Sophie, it's probably just the drive needs to be rebooted. "

    Ross pushed the small red button in the back of the drive and the small amber light went on. The digital clock on the microwave then went on as well. "There you go. Don't you remember I told you that? You gotta press the reset button each time. "

    Josh was relieved he went to hug Ross like he would his buddies, totally forge ting for the moment he was in Sophie's body. Ross was shocked and nervous. Sophie was always nice and teasing when she wanted something, but she was never affectionate. Ross immediately felt his penis get hard, so did Josh. Josh pulled away and noticed Ross open mouth gaping at the partially open robe revealing some of Sophie's body. Josh then got the idea. His sister would tease this poor kid all school year long until they graduated, why not do something for him. Why not do something for his itch as well.

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    "You know Ross, I think you deserve something special for coming out here and missing your movie. " Josh smiled and slowly dropped the robe to the ground standing naked before him. He could see Ross's glasses fog up and him swallowing hard. Josh undid Ross's belt turned and bent over the chair putting his hands on the seat and sticking Sophie's ass out for Ross.

    "Well come and get some. "

    Ross had never even seen a naked girl in the flesh before. he fumbled to pull his pants down to his ankles and nearly fell down as he stepped toward Sophie. He took his dick out and held it toward Sophie's bare butt. Josh assumed that Ross had never fucked a girl before so he licked his hands and lubricated Sophie's pussy. Reaching between Sophie's legs and becoming Ross to get closer. Josh finally felt Ross's cock and inserted it into Sophie's pussy. He felt Ross's hands on Sophie's firm butt and arched the back rocking back and forth. Yes, that was the itch he needed scratching.

    "Fuck. Come on Ross Fuck her.

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      . . I mean fuck me. "

    Ross couldn't believe it. Not only was he losing his virginity, he was losing it to the hottest chick in school. He thrust his cock into her pussy again and again thinking how this did not compare to his hand or whacking off to porn animie. Josh enjoyed the sensation the clit was giving him and just as he wondered what Sophie would think if she found out. . . he felt the warm cum spurting inside him. "What the fuck," thought Josh, he did not get to orgasm and he felt robbed.

    "Okay Ross, now get the fuck out of here. " Josh stood up, put on the robe and walked up stairs.

    "Oh jeez. I.

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      . . sorry I. . . I came so fast. . . this was my. . . oh jeez. "

    Ross was still breathing hard and began to feel embarrassed. He put his clothes back on and skipped up the stairs. Josh waited at the front door holding it open.

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       Ross hobbled toward Sophie.

    "Ross don't say a word, just get the fuck out. And don't you ever mention this to anyone. . . especially me. " Ross stammered but couldn't get any words out. Who would he tell this to anyway, no one would believe him.

    Josh closed the door and walked back to the bar for another drink. He felt frustrated and wondered where Sophie had gone.

    Sophie drove around. She considered going to Macy's house as her brother and give her what she wanted, a fuck from Josh, but remembered she was out with her parents. So she drove back to the house, she thought she saw Ross on his bicycle turning down the street but realized he was at the movies still. She pulled into the drive way, turned off the engine and wondered if Josh was pissed off at her for the rape.

    Sophie walked in and saw her body in a robe, still drinking.

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       Josh looked up at his body and ran to it.

    "Sis, where the fuck have you been?" He hugged Sophie and she hugged him back.

    "I thought maybe you were mad at me. "

    "Mad? Why. I thought it was cool. I never felt like that before. "

    Sophie felt relieved. She smiled with a twinkle in Josh's eye.

    "Does that mean you liked it better as a woman?"

    "Well not that it was better, but it was different. "

    Sophie looked at her body. The thoughts she had about fucking her girlfriend Macy no gave her more ideas. She took her hand and pulled her body to the middle of the living room and inside Josh's body she pulled her own body down to the ground. Josh followed Sophie's lead and laid back, the robe flowing open.

    "And now I am going to give you a real treat. " She smiled and stared at her own pussy.

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       She had sucked Macy's before and now she gets to suck her very own pussy. Josh couldn't believe the feeling. He knew women love it when he ate them out, but he had no idea that it felt so fantastic. Finally he had the orgasm he wanted as Sophie brought him to shivers.

    Sophie was proud that her skills were able to give her body an orgasm. She tasted her pussy juices, but there was something else, she realized it was probably Josh's cum still inside her pussy. With that taste on her tongue she wondered what a blow job would feel like. She undressed and brought Josh's erect cock to her bodies head. Josh let the orgasm sensation fade and he saw his cock in front of his eyes.

    "What the fuck," and he jerked his head back.

    "Come on, I want to know what a blow job feels like. "

    "Get the fuck out of here, I'm not a faggot, I am not going to suck dick, not even my own!"

    "hey I just ate my pussy, am I a faggot?"

    "It's different with girls. "

    Sophie knew she wasn't going to get anywhere but the hard throbbing cock hanging from her demanded attention. She then climbed on top of her body and pulled it on top of Josh's body. Sophie was still amazed at how strong Josh was.

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       She lifted her own body by her thin waist and lifted her pussy onto the cock. Sophie was able to easily lift her body up and down on the stiff rod. She enjoyed the tightness of her pussy. Josh enjoyed how full his cock made him feel and felt another orgasm tremble through him. Sophie quickened her pace and pulled her body down, clutching it as the cock exploded into several spurts.

    They stayed in a naked embrace for several minutes. Josh totally forgot to tell Sophie that the science project machine was fixed.

    "You fixed it?"

    "Well. . . I just. . . pressed the reset button on the. .


      . uh. . . box"

    Sophie then dawned on her that Ross had told her about the reset button. They both ran downstairs and put the helmets back on. Josh pressed the button and in several minutes the flash and daze repeated. When they regained consciousness they looked down at there still naked body.

    "It worked! Were back," Sophie yelled in glee.

    "Thank God. "

    Sophie took off the helmet and turned to place them back on the table. Josh took in the sight of his beautiful naked sister. He wondered if this whole event had changed there relationship. But mostly he wondered if Sophie would let him fuck her as himself.

    "I guess this was one strange day eh?" Sophie looked up at Josh as she said this.

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       Josh approached her and gently moved a lock of her blond hair away off her forehead and only smiled.

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    "Fuck no. Hell next time mom and dad go on vacation, it might come in handy. " Josh smiled and kissed Sophie.

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