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She suddenly stopped and looked down at the cum squirting out of the tip of my cock and just started playing with the juice. I was to stunned to say anything. She took some in her hands and put it to her mouth and tasted it. She said "Daddy, is this what you give to mommy when you to are playing tickle monster in bed alone? It tastes funny but I really like it. "I was a little embarrassed but excited at the same time and I said "Yes Wendy, some times mommy get this when we play. "Wendy said "She is lucky, I wish I could get this more often. " and then as if she was bored with the game, said she was going down stairs to watch cartoons. I quickly cleaned up before Amy came back to bed. ObservedTwo weeks later, again on a Saturday, I woke up early. This time I slowly pulled the covers down from Amy's body and crawled down between her legs. Slowly spreading her legs apart with out waking her up I started to gently kiss her pussy lips. She got a small smile on her face and with out waking up she spread her legs even wider. I then started running my tongue up between her crack and tasting the juice as it began running from her hole. Amy started to moan and put her hands behind my head to hold me in place. As she started to moan and leak even more I lifted my head slightly so I could reach up pinch her nipples, and that is when I spied Wendy peaking through our bedroom door. I didn't stop because Amy was close to an orgasm and I new she didn't see Wendy, so I started flicking my tongue even faster over her clit.

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   As Amy started to cum she started grunting, " You make me feel so good, I wish you could do this all day long, don't ever stop, I love you, I'm cuuummming!!"When she was finished cumming I saw Wendy smile and back slowly away from the door and just before she turned away I saw she had one hand under her night dress rubbing her little budding titties and another rubbing between her legs. I thought "our little girl is becoming a little women" and smiled and climbed up and kissed my wife. I told Amy I was going to go down stairs and eat some breakfast and she asked if I would mind if she would stay upstairs a sleep for awhile since she always slept the soundest after she came. I went down stairs and made myself some toast and poured some juice and sat down and read the paper. After about 20 minutes I decided to go upstairs and get dressed as it looked like a great day to work on the yard. As I was climbing the stairs I thought I heard a strange noise coming from our bedroom so I sneaked up to the door. When I first started to look in it looked as if my wife was having a dream, because her eyes were closed in sleep but she was moaning "Oh that is so good, I can't believe you are doing it again" and as I looked in farther I saw that Wendy was lying between Amy's legs just as I had done and was licking Amy's pussy like she was licking an ice cream cone. My cock sprang instantly to life as I watched my wife get eating by our daughter. Just then Amy started to cum and she opened her eyes as she reached her arms down to hold what she thought was my head against her pussy. She cried out in both pleasure and surprise as she say Wendy busily lick her pussy to an orgasm. After Amy finished cumming she pulled Wendy up to her chest and asked her where she had learned that and why she had done it. Wendy said "I saw daddy do this to you this morning and I heard you say that you wish he could do it to you all day and that you loved him for doing it to you, so when he went down stairs I figured that he was not going to do it anymore and I new you wanted it done all day and that you would probably love me as much as daddy so I just tried doing it. Was it as good as when daddy did it?"Amy said "Honey I love you as much as daddy with out you doing it and yes it was wonderful!"LessonsAt that moment I decided I was going to join the conversation. I walked in nude and my wife looked up in surprise and was slightly embarrassed. I just smiled down at her and she knew I had seen the whole thing.

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   Wendy then spied my erection and asked "Daddy are you going to give mommy some of that cream again?" Amy looked at me funny and I explained what happen the other Saturday. She looked at my erection then at Wendy and asked her if she had like the taste. Wendy said "Yes and I was wondering if I would ever get a chance to taste it again. Could we play tickle monster so that thing squirts again daddy?"Amy laughed and told me to lay down on the bed. She turned to Wendy and said "would you like to learn how to get the cream out of daddy 'thing'?" Wendy squealed and nodded her head yes. Wendy said "first that thing is called a Cock and ever boy and man has one, now bend your head down here and watch what I do. First you stick your tongue out and run it around the top and side to make his cock all wet. " I moaned at the feel of Amy's tongue as it swirled around my cock when I suddenly felt a new sensation of Wendy's tongue on my cock. She asked "mommy am I doing it right?"Amy said "why don't you ask your father?" and Wendy looked up at me and I gave her a big grin. Next Amy told Wendy to open her mouth and put as much of my cock in her mouth as she could. She could only put about 2 or 3 inches in but it felt wonderful. Amy said "ok now suck on it like a straw and slowly pull it our of your mouth and just before it slips out push your head back down. " As Wendy did that I let out a deep moan. Amy said "See you are doing it just right, that is why daddy moans like that and since you are doing so well I am going to give you a reward. Wendy stopped and looked up and smiled, I moaned again.

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   Amy said "you get up on your knees next to daddy and spread your legs and start sucking daddy again. Remember what you did to me?" Wendy nodded her head yes. "Well I am going to lay my head under your pussy and do that to you. "Wendy nodded her head even quicker and got a big smile as she put her mouth back on my cock. Amy then positioned herself between Wendy's legs and started to kiss her pussy. I could tell because suddenly Wendy sucked another inch or two of my cock into her mouth and started bobbing up and down even faster. This was such a good opportunity that I reached down with one hand and started pinching Wendy's small titties and with the other hand reached down and felt Amy's pussy. Amy was so hot that after about 9 or 18 strokes of her clit she started cumming. This must have made her tongue move even faster on Wendy pussy because within 30 seconds I could feel Wendy start to shake and shudder as she experienced what we found out later was her first orgasm. As her shuddering subsided she started sucking on my cock in earnest. Amy came around and put her head next to Amy and encouraged her on as she licked my balls. I could feel myself getting ready to cum and I told the girls that I was cumming. Amy told Wendy to put her mouth at the very end of my cock and start swallowing. As the first shot came out it went right down Wendy's throat and she started sucking so hard I thought my balls would be sucked up through my cock. After what seemed like 5 minutes of cumming I finally calmed down and watched as both Amy and Wendy licked up the cum that had slipped out of Wendy's mouth while I was cumming and when the had cleaned me up they started kissing and passing the last bit of cum between them in their mouths.

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