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Topic: A birthday to rememberIt was the evening before my 38th birthday.   My 18 year old daughter came over for a visit. I threw a movie into the dvd player and we sat on the couch. We each had a few wine coolers while we chatted and watched the movie.
I am 5' 4" Blonde, blue eyes, 126lb with a very nice figure if I do say so myself. I take care of my body and am very proud of it. My daughter is 5' 6"  Long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and about 120lbs. She has an amazing body that any man would die for a chance to get with.
We sat there and talked all the way through the movie.   Mostly about everyday sort of stuff but, as usual the conversation turned toward sex. My daughter and I have a very open and loving relationship. There is no subject off limits with us. We talk about everything and hang out together a lot. A lot of people have said we get along like best friends rather than like mother and daughter. She caught me by surprize this time though with the questions she asked.
She looked at me and asked, "Mom, have you ever had sex with another woman?" My face must have turned three shades of red but, I answered her truthfully.

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   "No, I can't say that I have ever been with a woman in that way. " I had thought about it many times since divorcing her father five years ago. Then she asked me, "Have you ever thought about having sex with another woman?" Now her face was as red as mine felt. I put off answering that one by asking her why the sudden interest in my sex life.   She told me that a couple of months ago a female friend of hers had propositioned her and that she had refused. "At the time, I had never given the idea any thought and when she asked me, my first thought was, ewwww gross!"
I could feel my nipples getting erect and my pussy was starting to get wet. So I said to her, "Ya know, that was the reaction I had whenever your father would suggest that I try sex with another woman. I had never thought about doing it with a woman before that and didn't actually give it any thought until after the divorce. "She kind of let out a little smile and said, "So how often do you think about it now?" I could she that she was as turned on by this talk as I was. Her nipples were very noticibly poking through her shirt, as were mine. She and I both put one leg up on the couch and turned sideways so we were facing each other.
I said, "Well, to be honest with you, I find myself thinking about it more and more and I often fantasize about it. Pretty intensely I might add. " My pussy was sopping wet now and I know her's was too. She had placed a hand between her legs and was unwittingly rubbing the crotch of her jeans.

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   I needed to do something and fast! "So then, I'm not a sick person or anything because I have thought about it and fantasized about it a lot in the last couple of months?" She asked.   "Heavens no, I think that just about every woman thinks about, or has thought about it at some point in their life. "
I then excused myself and went into the bathroom. As soon as I got in there I didn't waste anytime dropping my pants and soaking wet panties to the floor. I put one foot up on the tub and rubbed my rock hard clit no more than three times before I came with a torrent!. I got all my fingers covered with my juices and imediately put them in my mouth and licked them all clean 4 or 5 times. I then got my wits about me and pulled on my panties and pants and went back out to the living room. My daughter was sitting there, still rubbing her crotch without even realizing it.
"Mom, you have made me feel so much better about the whole thing. I thought I was losing my mind. " I said, "Aw baby, don't worry about it. Why don't you tell your friend that you've given it some thought and that you are ready to give it a try?" She then told me that her friend had moved away a few days ago so that wasn't possible. "Well then, where are two extremely horny women like us going to find willing partners?" I asked. "I don't know but I do know that I need to find one soon. "  I said to her, "I can see that.

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   You've been rubbing your crotch for the last hour now. " She gasped and turned all red again when she realized that what I said was true.

    Then I said, "Why don't you go into the bathroom and do what I just did?" She asked me what I meant. I told her to go in and take care of herself. "You mean masturebate? Oh my God! Did you just go in and masturbate?"  I told her, "Of course I did, I've been sitting here watching you rub you crotch and looking at your nipples poking throught your shirt. What was I supposed to do?" She got a look of excitement in her eye and said, I'll be right back. " She jumped up and practicly ran to the bathroom! When I heard the door shut, I snuck up to the door and listened to her play with herself. I heard a little wimper from her and my hand imediately shot down my pants and two fingers went into my dripping wet love hole. I stood there finger fucking myself while I listened to my daughter finger fucking herself. She let out a loud moan and I instantly covered my whole hand with cum. I pulled my hand out of my pants and hurried back to the couch and licked my fingers clean on the way.
    When she came back I asked her, "Feeling better now?" And she said, "Yes, soooo much better. " I told her that I too felt a lot better. She said that it was getting late and that she should get going so that she could get out of her wet pants. I told her that I needed to do the same and parted my legs to show her the moisture darkened crotch of my pants.

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       We walked together to the door. As she walked out, she turned and asked me what I would like for my birthday.   I told her, "What I'd really like is for you to lick my pussy and, for you to let me lick yours. Come back tomorrow with your favorite toy and your sexiest lingerie and I will be here waiting with the same. We can make it a birthday to remember. " She came back inside, gave me a tight hug, then a kiss on the lips, and put her hand in my crotch and whispered in my ear, "You got a deal. "
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